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Anyone else drive their Motor Home to the Ski slope.  I have a couple of resorts I love, mainly because I can park my MotorHome right at the resort in the parking lot.

Last season I took my MotorHome to southern Colorado and went to a number of resorts.  Colorado for the most part is not very MotorHome friendly and I recommend planning ahead before going.

I love Taos, they don't mind if you spend a couple of nights and have an RV parking section right in the employee parking.  There is a RV park just down the hill that is open year round so you can dump and fill your tanks.

I am good for about 3 to 4 days then my wife uses up all the water taking showers and I have to find an RV Park to reload and unload.

Wolf Creek while not very well set up for a MotorHome will let you park and you can ride the shuttle from the parking lot.

Most places stick you in bus parking.  Unless they have parking lot shuttles its a long walk.

One of these years I plan on taking a month and hitting the Utah resorts.