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Salomon Falcon Race Alternatives

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Hi all.  First post so I hope this is an appropriate forum for my question:

Having struggled with boots for years I have now found relative comfort in the form of Salomon Falcon Race and Zipfit liners.  I'm in the process of breaking a new set of Zipfit Grand Prixs - I have some from several years ago also.  I have custom orthotics and am happy with them (for the first time ever).  The only work done to the shell is 1. grind on side near little toe, 2. grind for heal spur and 3. stretch on inside ankle.

I have a low instep and am narrow round the ankle area.  The Zippys work well here.

I feel I should have more immediacy and feel laterally.  I also read a lot about the forward lean on the Falcon.  This could be contributing to other issues I have - too flexed - too far forward on the ski (I have to conciously work the back of the ski to prevent it washing out).

Now for my question: As I'm 7 hours drive from the nearest good bootfitter I know (CEM), I'm looking for a shortlist of boots to try to see if my problems are real or imagined.  The problem is the I'm right on the limit for 26.5.  I used to ski the Salomon Course 130 and lost big toe nails every season.  The Falcon seems much better in this regard.

If I stay in the Falcons, can I lift my toe binding a little to compensate for the foward lean?

Any advice?
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Replacements:  the falcons are a 98mm last, so

the nordica pro shape  (jah love, any "pro" black boots)
lange HP  (some blue boots, some banschees)

almost everyone else will make a 98mm shape too.

for work on yours:


an external boot toe lift, or a binding toe shim will keep the ankle angle  (foot to lower leg) the same, and tilt you back  (the binding shim is the best I think cuz you can change it back by removing it)

the F lean of the boot is changeable with lowering, or flairing back the upper cuff of the boot.  This will open up your ankle more.

both are doable, but NO IDEA what is better for you/

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Thanks for the reply.

I have tried the Lange WC130 HP.  It was far too high over the instep.  I guess what I should be considering is a lower volume last even if that means going to a plug boot or a 95mm and working on it. 

Most of the guys I ski with use factory boots and report increased response over shop boots.

Is there a boot out there just a little tighter than the Falcon over the instep and around the lower leg.

As far as lifting the toe binding, what are my options for riser plates?  How much should I start with (1-2mm)?

Thanks in advance.
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the X3lab is salomons narrower version of the falcon.

sounds like any of the ture WC shapes are the best for you, but will take some work, so talk to the person doing that work, and see what they have in stock.  Do you have a store near you that works with lots of real race boots?

for binding lifters, see what the shops have,  I'd go 5mm and see how that feels, then you know if you need more (7-8) or less (2-3)
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guessing you are around perth or slighty north

as Dave has suggested the salomon lab X3 is a possible alternatively an atomic TI may give a bit less voluem than the falcon without going  bone crushing, problem at this ime of year is finding any to try anywhere, currently i have atomic Ti in 25, 26, 27 shells and salomon X3 lab in 27.5, also a head raptor RD 150 in 26.5, 27.5 i will have next seasons race boots form atomic salomon and head hopefully by the start of may

Dave, there are about 3 shops in the whole of the UK who sell proper race boots and without wanting to big our place up, we are the only place with a planer, and a router......... and a flexi drive grinder... how the others actually fit race boots i am not sure
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Thanks guys.

I've tried a pair of X3s (red) - wow they are close!  I think I'll try to find some Atomics and Heads to try on.  If I think they offer some potential, I'll try to get down to see you sometime Colin.  I take it there is no real change in any model for next year?

BTW - You were close-ish... Ayrshire - the sunshine coast
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i was brought up (sorry dragged up) for 7 eary year of my life in Ayr
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So I've finally managed to try on some alternatives.  The problem has been they were all at different times and in different circumstances.



The X3 Labs without footbeds and with stock liner are extremely tight across the forefoot (both sides) but seem like they would be fantastic if they can be made to fit. (not sure about taking them off in the car park when cold though!)


The Atomic CS 130 with Zipfit WC liners (my current ones) and footbeds seemed a bit high in the instep and short.


Atomic Ti 130 with stock liner and no footbed seemed lower in the instep and longer (could be the Zipfit pushed my foot forward in the CS), but they were very tight on the outside of the forefoot (not as tight as the Labs).  They felt like they would be great on the hill though.


Head Raptor RS130 with Zipfit WC and footbeds was short and tight on the outside of the forefoot.


Fischer Soma RC4 130 (98mm) with zipfit WC and footbeds felt the best out of the box but like it would be soft and a little less responsive on the hill.


Some questions then;


What is the difference in the last between the 2 Atomics apart from the 95/98mm forefoot?  Did the Ti feel longer because I had the stock liner in?


Would either the Labs or the Tis be ableto be stretched/ground out significantly at the forefoot?  I may have to do this myself.


Can I buy a boot spreader/opener to acces the forefoot for grinding purposes in the UK?


Would I need to use Zipfit Gara liners in the Lab or Ti instead of the WC?


Thanks in advance.

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1)   3mm is the differance betweem 95 vs 98mm.   so it is a bit lower volume everywhere   ,  no idea why it felt differnt

2)  yes, any boot can be

3)  http://www.google.ca/search?q=boot+fitting+supplies&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

4)  maybe   see how they all fit.


can't you go on a holiday to someone that can help you with all this?  get some boot fitting and some skiing in as well?

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