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Marmot ski jackets - in the UK?

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Having tried on a couple of the Marmot mountaineering/climbing jackets, i really like the fit and feel of them. The long sleeves (longer than my TNF Plasma jacket) are good for my long arms and all the pockets are in the correct places.

I'm trying to find out where to buy a Marmot SKI jacket though, as everywhere only seems to sell the climbing range in the UK.

I guess i could always wait until our summer trip to Seattle and pick one up in the summer sales, but it would be good to get hold of one for the remainder of the ski season in Scotland.

Anyone know where i can get one?

Looking at one of these four; Back Bowl, Mainline, Mt Blanc or La Grave. 
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I use a marmot troll wall for skiing (shell), what makes a climbing jacket unsuitable for skiing? they are usually cheaper too since you avoid 'ski tax'. Bought mine at ellis brigham.
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 I want a ski pass holder in the lower sleeve... only their skiing range seems to have this.
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 I have now come across the Marmot Torre jacket... it has a sleeve pocket so all is good. Has anyone any experience of skiing in this jacket. The only thing that i can't see it having is hand warmer pockets that the Marmot snowsports range seem to have.
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No, but I've tried out two different Marmot jackets over the last three seasons and they've worked well in terms of fit, cut and sealing against snow and wind.
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 Cheers for that Fallliner...

any idea what's happened to snowheads today... i can't get past the home page. 

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Bought the Marmot Troll Wall last year and its a great option if you prefer to layer up.


Comes with a removable snow skirt, pit-zips, sleeve pocket and a hood that can easily fit a helmet (Giro Seam). Ticked all the boxes I wanted it to. Also has two large side/chest pockets that accomodate the wearing of a backpack. Short athletic fit in the body also.


The sleeves may be slightly longer as with all alpinist jackets (arms above your head when ice climbing). The main difference between this and a ski jacket is just the lack of insulation.


The hood is excellent if you want to wear a helmet, and has plenty options for a presonalised fit.


Only gripe is the sleeve pocket. Ideal in size for a lift pass, but I can't open or close it without assistance. Is this just me?


Anyway, great SKI jacket!



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