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Tecnica Icon X Questions

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I have been looking into purchasing a new pair of boots here lately and have a few questions for you Tecnica Icon X owners. I have tried on several different boots but unfortunately, I live in Augusta, GA and our local shop does not carry upper end performance boots so I've been searching in Atlanta, Columbia, SC and the internet. I'm starting to see great prices on this boot on the internet. The two fits that I liked most were the Dolomite Sintesi 8.5 and the Tecnica XR. Both have great performance features and offered me a good but rather tight fit in a mondo size 27 while wearing a thin dress sock (I usually wear a medium thickness ski sock). My toes were snugly up against the liner but backed off slightly when the boots were flexed. My feet measure to a mondo 28, are slightly wider than average and I typicaly wear a 10-10.5 street shoe. I'm leaning towards Tecnica but the shops I've visited did not have the Icon X and I feel this would offer a little more performance while being slightly stiffer than the XR. The problem comes with the X having different liners than the XR and I'm worried the size 27 X may be a little small while wearing ski socks.

Anyone out there know about sizing the X compared to your mondo and U.S. shoe size? Go with the actual mondo size, half, or full mondo size down? Any fit differences with the X v.s. the XR? Pros/cons of this boot or the Dolomite Sintesi 8.5?

I'm 6' 175 I skied alot in my younger days and have really gotten back into it thanks to this new equipment. Skiing is now more fun than ever! I ski the whole mountain from steep bumps to wide open cruisers and, according to my last instructor, rate a solid level 8... whatever that means.

Thanks for any help.
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I can't give you any first hand experience with Icon X or the other boot that you mentioned, but I ski the XR in a US 11, exactly my street shoe size, and I am quite happy with that length. I know you are supposed to use thin sox, but I use a medium wt. pr. and haven't had any problems with my heel lifting or other internal movement. Obviously, everybody's feet are different and YMMV.

FWIW, I really like the performance and all other aspects of the XR as well.

Tom / PM
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I wear a 8.5-9 street shoe, but squeezed into
a 25.5 Icon Carbon. They were really really tight, but after punching them a few times they fit great.
Boots are such an important part of skiing that I would be reluctant to buy on line.
Paying for a good fit is well worth the money.

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I'm 5'8" = shorter_than_average lower leg/calves...etc.
The IconX felt like a different animal than
the other Tecnicas..and probably the Sintesi
(I HOPE!..cause I'd like to try this one)..in that the heel pocket is rather deep..with a
rather low, tight instep. Anyways, it just isn't for 4me...but there sure are a lot of
pretty happy owners....lots of instructors & patrollers with em'!! The XR and my Atomics put me in a great stance from the word GO...
although I've had to tweak the Atomics a bit (the Sintesi's instep & toebox looks absolutely ideal 4me). :
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Tecnicas pack out in width at the heel pocket, but not really in length. They don't have a lot of padding behind the heel. If your boot feels short in the shop or at home, it's going to stay that way.

I learned this the hard way with a pair of Explosion X (the Icon predecessor). Lost a big toe toenail as a result.
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I ski the Icon X in 28.5. I love the boots, they an amazing mix of performance and comfort. Also I find that for me, they are the perfect stiffness. I'm 6'0 and 180lbs. I am an ex racer / advanced/expert instructor. I generally wear size 10.5 or 10 street shoes. I have a pair of 10.5 vans, and a pair of 10 Asics runners. If I was to buy another pair of Tecnica's, I think I'd probably at least move down to a 28.0, if not a 27.5 (to get into the smaller shell). I like my boots to fit snug, and although they felt snug at first, I'm on the third season with them, and I wish they were a little tighter. I have a flat, wide foot. I used to wear Lange, but I find the Tecnica's do an amazing job of keeping my heel in place. Hope you can relate to this somehow. I too bought my Tecnica's without ever trying them on, and luckily generally happy with the size I chose. My advice would be to go with the 28.0 or if you feel like living with a really snugh fit at first, go all out and get the 27.5 . Anyway, good luck. You'll Love em'
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Thanks all for all of your help. I think the 27.5 will be the right size for me.
I'm heading to Salt Lake this Friday for one last trip of the season. Any suggestions on local shops where I might find the Icon X?
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