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How Tight is Tight?

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Got a question in regard to how tight I should buckle my boots:

A little background. I recently got back into skiing after a 20 year layoff. Back when I used to ski it was only for 4-5 seasons and during that time I got to be maybe a strong intermediate skier. Last season was my first back in over 20 years...needless to say, it was like starting over again. I skied about 10 days last year skiing on rentals and the last few days I started seeing some semblance of form return (although slight lol).

This year I decided to invest in my own gear. First on the agenda was to buy some proper boots. I went to local well known ski shop that a friend recommended and tried on at least 5 different boots till I found "the one". I ended up purchasing some Salomon Impact 10's had them heat fitted. I was sized at 27.5 but after doing a shell fit the fitter recommended 26.5...anyway the boot fits snug and comfortable and I'm happy with them.

Hopefully this isn't a real stupid question... but my question is how tight to run them?  When I buckle them lightly they are reasonably snug and comfortable all day but I can definitely feel an improvement in my skiing and ski control when I run them tighter and tighter...only problem is my feet start hurting after a couple runs and I resort to unbuckling them in the lift line. Is it just something you put up with when you run the boots tight?

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Just buckle the lower 2 so they will stay hooked---tighten the ankle(2nd from top) till it starts to hurt then back off till it doesn't hurt but is as tight as it could be.  Put the power strap inside the overlaps of the upper shell around the liner only if possible(on the Impact 10 you might have to have a slot cut in the shell to do this) and then snug up the top buckle.  When you push your knee forward you shouldn't see any gap open behind your calf, if the boot is buckled properly.
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Thanks Mike...I'll try that out.
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