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Switzerland in March, anyone?

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Will be in Davos March 5th to 7th and then will be in Lenk March 11th to 14th.
Thereafter, might be skiing more in Switzerland depending on weather conditions.  If anyone else happens to be in Switzerland in March or April, feel free to drop a line.  
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I'll be in Verbier on the 5th, then possibly zermatt around the 15th or 156th.
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 How long are you staying in Zermatt for?
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Only a day or 2. Won't decide on final plans until close to that date. Looking like Verbier-Chamonix-Courmayeur-Zermatt, back to Geneva.
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man im jealous of you guys right now.
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Ah ! Some european presence

I am going to be doing Switzerland either March or April. Basically me and a big group of friends are gonna be in Austria for one week around mid-late March, and I'm doing some more skiing before and after that around europe

My plan is Cham in France, Cortina in Italy, and a pick from Verbier/Zermatt/Davos Klosters in Switzerland

How is Davos ? Never been there but heard there is good skiing and a charming village
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i will be in verbier until may  but on slow days I take a day trip to zermatt or cham 
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Im in Verbier 24-28 of March.
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