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Bag or Sport Tube?

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Been reading some old threads on whether people prefer a padded bag or Sport Tube.  Me I have a Dakine Concourse single bag and a Sport Tube I purchased last year to ship.  Already took one short trip this year and used the Sport Tube but have another coming up and wondered what you all might think.  I know the pros & cons of each but what other experiences have any of you had? 

I was amazed how emotional the older threads got but with new airline regulations, things change.  However what doesn't change is how badly the baggage handlers handle the bags.  I'm a United 1K flyer so I have no illusions of how things work. 
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did you have problems with your sportube? I use it about 6 trips a season, not one issue. 2 pairs.
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No not really.  It is tougher to pack and you can't pack to many extras.  Frankly my biggest concern is TSA.  You take a lot of time to pack a Tube correctly and TSA opens it up to inspect it, which they did on my last trip.  Fortunately they were relatively intelligent and put it together correctly but I have heard stories of TSA messing up and the Tube, skis & stuff arrive on the airline belt separately.  As much as I love the Tube and feel it does a much better job protecting the skis, the bag is still easier for them to open and inspect.  FYI, just about ALL ski bags are opened at O'Hare and many other airports. 
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yeah, they always inspect mine too but I have not had any issues. I have a note on the tube asking them to please make sure the lock goes back in both the top and bottom but no issues.  if you value room for more stuff, get a 3 pair tube.
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I sent my son's skis to Steamboat last year in a padded bag along with other stuff. I wrapped the skis with bubble wrap to provide them with a little extra protection. They - and the rest of gear - went FedEx with no issues.
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A note on the Tube is a good idea.  On my last trip from Tahoe, after TSA opened it they just stuffed it back together.   When I opened the Tube everything fell out and none of the straps I used to secure it were re-attached. 
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I pack all my clothes, avi gear and a helmet in my padded double.   Can you fit this easily in a tube and how much does a triple tube weight?
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Next time your at the airport watch how they handle the ski bags, they actually throw them in the air and slam them to the ground. I have two tubes a single and a double. theyre the best protection out there
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