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 i've been using these bad boys for about a year now.  they are great.  however a few problems have arisen:

1) the clamp strap on the top of the boot has been gnawed making it very difficult to strap in securely.  if there a homedic way i can fix this?  the clamp tooth is all gnarled up and it just stays in limbo

2) i have crazy soreness in my legs all season now.  i had the liner cooked when i got them last year, from a friend, but started to notice this this year only and it's not good.  it could def be due to technique but i just wanna ask if there is a way i can adjust anything in the boot to alleviate this pain.

3) how do i know i've adjusted the position of the buckles where i want them to be.  i'm blind in knowing everything is square

4) should i just buy a pair of Full Tilt Hotdoggers?