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After the great week everyone has had, I was a little worried when I woke up this morning to foggy grey skies & no new snow.  Would it be a flat light day at Snowbasin where we would be stuck on the groomers?

As it turned out the sun popped at the top of the hill, & the "power inch" of snow that fell over night made the skiing pretty good.  Really fun to meet & ski with a bunch of Bears that I only recognized by their handle's.  A great time showing you all around the mountain.


Here are a few pics from the day:

Top of the tram or top of the world?

Our tracks in Easter Bowl

Hiking up No Name ridge

Easter Bowl

Sunshine Bowl

TR ready for the tram

Smiles all around, & thanks for the beer!
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You guys couldn't have had a better guide for Snowbasin.

Nice report, 4ster.

Looks fun.  I miss that place!
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My first of hopefully many Gatherings to come,  what a great time!  I enjoyed meeting and skiing with everyone. 

Special thanks to JohnL for showing myself and others around the trees at Snowbasin on Sunday and not leaving us there and to Uncle Louie for pointing out the rocks and chutes to avoid the entire week, because, as we all can see, I found enough trouble in the wide open stuff!  Looking forward to next year!

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Originally Posted by greg1s2ski View Post

Here's a few clips from Snowbird off Little Cloud lift from Monday -
Cirquerider, ....

  Originally Posted by StormDay View Post

Looking good CR

Hooray!  Finally a shot where I'm not A-framing
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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

So what the hell is the storyline with UL's Kerma poles? 

Horror … a terrible thing to see on video...I could not paste it here.

Some gear should not meet bad circumstances or such a catastrophic end.  I’ve seen those poles with him since I first skied with Uncle Louie years ago.  His characteristic method of strapping them on along with the double tap behind the back before take-off...now... 
 In the vid it appears the pair bent identically and cleanly.  Was there any pain?  Could the grips and baskets be salvaged?  When is the memorial service? 

These are important inquiries...we are anxiously waiting any updates back home

Well if you must know.

I was working with one of the Intermediate Bears on her skiing.  We boarded the lift and headed up. The lift had a mid-station and I was watching her tips closely which were quite low and in danger of auguring into the mid-station ramp.  I was asking her to quickly raise her tips (which she did) quickly.  Suddenly we were at a 45 degree angle facing downward at the ramp with this terrible scraping noise.  You guessed it......the poles (on my wrists----but with a strap release) were dragging and against the seat.

They actually lasted a few seconds and did a great job of holding us up for awhile.....but finally failed. 

I've had them since (at least) 1979 as best as I can remember, but may be even older than that.  It is somewhat an emotional loss, but I was laughing at how stupid I was.  The rest of the day was spent with a rental pole.  Yes....I am once again a Gaper !

I tried to salvage the handles and stashed the poles in the locker room area, but they were found and taken by somebody.  Who ever has them, please take care of them.  They have been a part of the family for over 30 years.

No "official" memorial service has happened yet.  Might be a good way to start the 2010 Gathering.

RIP my friends.

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I think we have a pair of Kermas in the basement, UL. Want me to check?
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UL, I've still got the pole I dropped off the chair at Snowbird during the gathering a couple years back.  I can also send you that one along with it's undamaged mate.  That one got run over by a groomer!  It's still nice and straight but just has a set of teeth mark dents along it's length.  I think gatherings chair rides can be very dangerous to poles due to the variety of unusual distractions they can create.  
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Very nice gestures from nolo and Si but I’m suspecting that the folks attending the gathering are a step ahead and have already gathered a few greenies in gratitude of his leadership role…now in the process of obtaining a new pair of Kerma or equivalent poles... 

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OH MY GOD! I can't believe I spaced this out.... I got my dates confused (not unusual, unfortunately) I was planning to meet up with you guys at Alta Wednesday and worked !?! instead.... I have one question: DID THEY OPEN Devil's Castle? did they? did they? It's been closed all year and they were on the verge of opening any day... those shots of Snowbasin and Bird's Mineral Basin are just sick....
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I had a really good time Skiing with Bears.  I know there is allot of Pictures and Video out there.  Can't wait to see more.

I was unable to catch up to Cirquerider on the Dive accross Nevada.

So right infront of the turn into my driveway, I got pulled over by a Sheriff and cited for 45 in a 35.    go figure
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I refuse to post pictures of my decadence...and I can't believe that you got nailed just as you arrived at home.

For this trip, I set the trip log at Snowbasin and had a total moving time of 8 hours 38 minutes at an average speed of 76.4 for 659.7 miles.  Excluding the Canyon coming down from the ski area and the chain controls over the Sierra, it was probably closer to 90.  My peak speed was similar to this from a trip earlier this summer.

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Greg1s2ski really should have won an Edge of Never dvd for this!



Thanks to all the bears that let me tag along.  It was a great week! Special thanks to UL for the awesome tips that helped me take my skiing to a new level and to CR for setting up the Edge of Never viewing & for all the turns.

Wish I could post some pics, but my photography skills are worse than my skiing...  I'll take a look when I get back and see if any of them are worth posting.

Hope to see ya'll at next year's gathering!


Mike E

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Would also like to add my Thanks to what was the Best Ski Trip in a long time!

 UL- You the MAN!!
Encoded (Eric) Thanks for the Lead to the GOODS! Hope the core shot heals!
Cirq  Movie & the stickers Milkbones for you when your out in CO for the 2011 event!
4ster  Hats off for a grand time @ Snowbasin Will be back, Your Mt. has it all & then some!
 To all that joined in on the event, Let's do it again!

 Will be posting more photos,


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Greg1s2ski is one of the most popular guys on the forum right now.  I made A LOT of turns with him.....how did I manage to miss that move. 

Glad the cameras weren't out when I stuck a tip into the ledge and sort of flopped over....or when I was making my pass at the mid-station.  Many Bears here will never know the things they missed (or will they?)


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Thanks for the offer on the poles guys, but it's time to move on ! 

The G/F of the Bear I was skiing with did offer to replace them, but I declined.  Thinking about it, I'm amazed they lasted this long.  They were my "offpiste pair",  the ones I took when I thought damage was possible.  Kerma made one heck of a pole in those days and I'm thankful for it.
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Warm up Day @ Powder MT. (pre gathering) No new snow, but the Apres Ski @ the Shooting Star in Huntsville made up for
  In photo, L-R John L. Scott, Gary & April
 On the Way to Copper & the Hardpack, more stories & photos to follow tonight......
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Bob, you and 4ster are like twin sons of different mothers.  I mean that in the nicest way possible, superb ambassadors of your home hills, very similar guiding styles. 

Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

You guys couldn't have had a better guide for Snowbasin.

Nice report, 4ster.

Looks fun.  I miss that place!

I'll try to post some pictures tonight, but I'm in a time crunch to get my 'p00p in a group' for my Big Sky Montana trip  (headed your way, Rio).  I do have a video of a ragdolling Garyskr that needs to see the light of day.
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Pictures?  You want pictures?  Ok, but I need some help in captioning.

Picking up where we left off, it was a powder day at Snowbird

Greg turned around and shot this video of me.  Much appreciated.

So we all stood there and posed for a picture.

After the UL Bklyn meet and greet

This happened, and I still haven't figured it out.

mmmm! tastey!  Lady Salina showing good form.

Anyone missing a glove?

Not everyone chews on a glove.

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More powder please...

Nice view!

Making plans at Alta Goldminer's Daughter


Is Uncle Louie ready, or is there unfinished business?

The other half of the group, and Lady Selina making her Trekchick impression.

Loud powder day...I like Mike!

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Is there a pattern here?

Um, yes!  I think so!

More skiing please....Mdskier

JohnL, slow down dude!

4ster on the edge

Hmmm, counteracting.
Pulling an estimated 10 G's


Back to the edge

Going in a straight line doesn't throw much snow...MTT

Only the background is blurred

Come-on! turn!

MattL on cruise control.

I heard this guy can ski..Gathermeiser 2010

No, he didn't drop his hand, he is simply pulling the uphill ski back.

Perhaps if you rotated a little?

Ready to set up for a tight turn?

Oh yeah!

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I enjoyed skiing with this guy all week.


I call this shot "Determination"...MTT

Making crud chunks look easy.

Back over in Strawberry, ATNYC gets going

That red jacket is easy to find

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All I can say is, this leaves me wanting...


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Mike, what do I owe you for photoshopping this to make me look tall and thin? (Cirquerider on right)

Originally Posted by MTT View Post

OK, now that I posted the GOOD STUFF (Thanks Greg)

Other shots of Epic Bears.  I am not going to name each. You nguys can pull your photo's and identify your own selfs.
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Thanks for the pics Cirquerider, MTT, Mr. Vertical and others.  I have some - not as good as the above - that I'll post when I get home, whenever that turns out to be.
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I can't get these videos to embed, probably since I'm using photobucket instead of the 3 recommended versions.  View 'em if you want.
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MDSkier lining up his next high speed turn.

Who's next?

A rare photo of 4ster standing still.

This photo reminds me of George Jetson taking Astro for a walk:
"Help Jane....stop this crazy thing.....Jane!"

Sweet conditions at the top, glad to be above the haze.
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The pause that refreshes......

Three for one shot here.

Uncle Louie blazes by.

JohnL - you rock!

A shot from our OB run.

Thanks to all who posted photos of me sking in Snowbasin yesterday.  Now my wife believes I actually went skiing (rather than other activities planted in her brain by catty girlfriends).  Duh - what's more fun than skiing?
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Some guys have all the luck!!!!! 

MTT and Cirque........You guys are killin me.
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 wow..sick. I wish I could have been there. 
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Well I've taken quite a few lodge and lunch pictures over the week but very few ski pictures.  I was too busy skiing.  I have a few here from Snow Basin and I thought I'd post and a couple of Uncle Louis giving Lily lessons at Snow Bird (not sure on what, how to properly fit your poles?).  You be the judge.  Snow Basin was great food, a fabulous stone and log luxury lodge and some gorgeous scenery.  Glad to have made it there.

I'll get all the pictures up in an album when I get home this week and post a link.

Uncle Louis teaches Lily  how to mold your poles to your body, using the chair lift and at the same time, using the leverage created by pushing the chair back when you lower your poles one foot below the off ramp to propel you forward as the poles bend, standing with the correct timing to allow the pressure build up to propel you from the chair forward and down the off ramp.

At the start of Lily's lesson, Uncle Louis demonstrates to Lily how to mold your ski poles to your body while at the same time making dislodging from the chair easier. Place your poles lower then the off ramp about one foot, wait for them to push your chair backwards until the pole gives and bends about half way, then as the chair shoots forward against the pole pressure, stand and use the leverage to help propel you from the seat and down the off ramp.

Step two, how the new poles will be more aero dynamic to assist you with your speed control on the down hill (note the run name on the sign, Bassackwards)

On to Snow Basin yesterday, nice resort.  The inside of the day lodge.
The lunch room in the day lodge.

Some bears like their skis too much to be parted with them on the Gondola.
Carry your skis everywhere?
Matt, Lily, Old Boot and Myself (I know some names and some bear names now, you can fill in!) at the top of Snow Basin
The view from the top of Snow Basin

Lunch in the sunshine.  Beware of Uncle Louis' fork.

Beward of the fork.

Three tables of bears in the lunch time sun at Snow Basin.
Lunch at Snow Basin
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