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Alpine Meadows Feb 1st, 2010: No School = skiing.

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My oldest (7 yrs old) had Monday off do to a Teacher Development day. So we stayed in Tahoe for a 3 day weekend, while my wife and younger daughter drove home with a friend.

We skied Alpine Meadows. It was very quiet with no lift lines and plenty of places to sit at the mid mtn Chalet.

The 1st hour or so was blue bird with the perfect packed powder. The kind of day that the tourist bureau wants you to think every non powder day is like. Some high clouds moved in later in the morning and kept the snow cold until we stopped skiing a little after 1pm.

After looking at the snow below Estelle, we decided to skip any hikes and stay with easily traverse to north facing terrain. Both of us (her w/ her development team) had skied that area when it was good the day before.

After a couple warm up laps. We went out to Lower Beaver. Snow was very nice in the shade.

LittleMissStormDay #1 shows she can find the right kind of snow:

Back out in the sun the snow was still pretty good with the 1st signs of crud starting to appear.

Happy I got her the beefer skis as she worked her way out below Beaver:

Next we decided to move over to Scott Chair.

I decide we should traversed in below High Yellow to ski some soft bumps. Next she decided we should ski Hot Wheels Gully. I was shocked...

The one that will go to the grandparents

A nutritious snack was required after that:

Once refueled it was time for LMSD #1 to ski a new run:

Snow was a few days old cut up that needed a little more traffic to be packed powder.

She handled the funky snow very well:

Snow was nice edgeable chalk lower down:

I was very impressed with how she took her time in the steep funky snow and found good places to turn.

We had pretty fun day. She was still very excited about the Lower 40 run at bedtime.
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Wish I could ski like her! 
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She's GREAT!

Cool photos. 

She a little ripper fer sure.
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She's just-a going.!! Cool.

Alpine Meadows looks like a lot of good varied terrain.

Tahoe is next on my list...a very short list.
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