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Twin Tips

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So im 15 now and ive been skiing ever since i was 6. I want to get myself a pair of twintips because i want to try something new , like park and stuff. Ive looked around on the net and found a couple of skis which im interested in. One of which is the K2 Extreme 2010. One thing thats on my mind is the reviews that people have posted up about the skis. Almost every review says that the skis scratch extremely easily on the top and the sides. Does this make it a crappy ski or is it still worth getting. Mainly what im wondering if anyone could give me some reccomendations on a all mountain twin tip that are good in the park but also good for other things.


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Info everyone will need before making recomendations; height, weight, ski level, where do you ski. what's your (or your parents) budget?
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Height : 172 cm

Weight: Inbetween 65 and 70 Kg not sure :p

Ski level: Ive been skiing for 9 years so id say Intermediate/advanced?

Where i ski: I ski in Norway

Budget : no budget

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Well, you & I are about the same size but I'm significantly older.  Can't speak much about Park Specific but I have tried the Volkl Bridge on & off piste and it was a solid ski (similar to my Mantra).  I'm a currently a Volkl lover so I'm partial and Volkl calls the ski the best for park and slopes.  I'm sure lots of others will jump in with ideas but the best recommendation you will get is to demo.  Your asking a lot and a great park ski won't be great on the slopes and a great slopes ski won't be as good in the park.  It's really what your looking for that is the question.....  Good Luck
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