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Breaking out of a funk?

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The past couple times I've been out skiing, I've been in something of a funk -- I just haven't been skiing very cleanly at all. I know physically what I'm doing wrong -- I'm not engaging an early edge angle, so I'm skiing rather defensively. Defensive skiing, of course, is based off of a skidding motion, so every time I enter another skid-based turn, I'm essentially re-inforcing my belief that the skis won't hold, which is just reinforcing why I don't want to engage early edge angles (i.e., they won't hold, so I'm going to face plant this, and...). In other words, I'm caught in a cycle that's just re-inforcing reasons why offensive skiing movements are so counter-intuitive.

This has been going on for about three days now -- every now and then I'll piece together part of a run where it all "clicks" again and then I'll hop on the chairlift again and it's lost. I've been trying to stick to the green and blue cruisers until I get "it" back (i.e., to remove the "fear factor"), but it doesn't seem to be working. Anybody have suggestions for "clearing the mind" of a really bad spell, or tricks for "turning off the thinking" of "how to ski" and just "do it"? I feel like I need a psychologist more then anything at this point... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Kevin. I have not seen you ski recently, but I know that you do ski very well. I am guessing that you are not really in a funk. Since you are developing more of an awareness of what good skiing is, you are becoming more self critical.

Given that you are more advanced than I am, I can't give you technical advice. But you asked more mental advice. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Weems would have us end our day with what he calls a "gratitude run." You ski whatever run you want, however you want to ski it. You give mental thanks to the mountain, the day, your body, etc. No judegements, no critque.

It sort of brings you back to what skiing is ultimately about. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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LM, I'm so happy you remember that piece so well. It's a wonderful way to close the day and step out of the thought world.

Kevin, you might also think about getting your mind off of technique, and approach it from the point of view of tactics. What kind of a line do you want your skis to trace in the snow. Move them that way.

Another version is to hop into a turn by hopping the tails uphill. Then try hopping into the turn by hopping the tips downhill. They're so distinctly different: The former creates the skid, the latter opens the door to the carve. So how do your skis move at the entry of the turn? Choose a tactic that supports your technique. This is all about Bob's "choose to go fast along the slow line".

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Kevin - I try to use the fencing mind trick we used to use.... You need to focus really hard on what you want to do BEFORE you do it... then when the time comes to start - you forget about it...

So maybe think what you want to do - all the technical stuff- on the chair ride... then when you start the run think about nothing more than "nice easy turns to those trees"

This works well for me much of the time....

I find when I ski TRYING HARD I do very badly....

Other tactic (more fun) - I find 2 Maissels & 2 Glacier Eis work well too.... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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