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What a day! Amazing! Awesome! The best ever! These are just some of the things I heard being said on the way down in the funicular at the end of the day.


We went up a little late today at 10am and after one run down under the Cachette Chair in deep powder (well above the knees) they opened the Mont Blanc Chair so we headed up top and into the Malgovert Forest and all the way back off piste to Arc 1600 including parts of the 'hidden piste'.There is something special about being the first down a route, even when it is easy. We enjoyed it so much and with very little else open we made a second lap by a slightly different route. More fresh tracks with powder that was well above your knees, sometimes even your waist.


The Arpette chair was still closed so we did a run down to the Vagere chair with powder even at the bottom to the side of the piste. They then announced that the Arpette Chair was opening so we headed up top and down the easier couloir looking towards Arc 1950 on the right side of the 'Linecatcher Bowl'. More deep untracked powder. This was turning into one of those special days.


Once more up to the top of the ridge, this time on the Bois de l'Ours chair and then back down to Marmottes chair off piste again.


The queue at the Arcabulle was starting to grow and they had just opened the Lanchette Chair and the Genepi piste Nature area looked great with only a few tracks. Made one lap of this and back up the chair again. The powder was really nice here as well, but by the time we arrived back at the chair people had heard it was open and a queue was forming.


Time to check out the back country. At the top of the chair by the 'Nature Reserve Gate', the pisteurs were advising against going down the valley over the ridge due to wind slab. There was a 'closed' sign across the entrance. However the left ridge was ok, so we headed that way. What a great choice. Powder from  the start of the route off piste all the way to the bottom  of the Violettes Chair above Villaroger.


No time for lunch on a 'Powder Day'. After a sandwich on the chair we decided to do the route again as it had been so much fun. We did notice that the Varet Gondola had now opened, but stuck to our plan as the queue at the bottom was crazy! If anything the second run was even better. The powder was light and fluffy! Up to your waist.


If you have ever had the feeling of floating on air, that is what it was like. The powder was almost lifting you into the air. It really was that deep. BUT watch out, there are rocks as I found out. Hit one at high speed and did a flip! Ouch!! Skis stayed on thankfully and got up and carried on.


It was time to head for home. But first we had to find another untracked route. Went from the top of the Droset Chair down to Comborciere Chair off piste. Really fun and very few tracks. Deep snow again. But watch out for the 'air holes' behind the big rocks. I almost went down one today. Very close!! Two falls in one day, what is happening to me??


Finally, from the top of the Comborciere Chair off piste all the way through the Malgovert Forest back to Arc 1600 for a nice hot chocolate and then home.


What a day!! Ended up skiing from 10am to 5pm only stopping for a rest on the lifts and a few photos.


If you are interested in seeing what we did, take a look in the March 2013 Album Three on my 'Les Arcs Winter' facebook page. I think you will enjoy them.




Like I said at the beginning. Today was AMAZING. With about 70cm of fresh snow around the mountains (official figure) the pistes are now in great condition again and the off piste is ridiculous! If you do not have any, rent some 'all mountain fat skis'. These are the conditions for them. You will not regret the extra cost. If you are passing through Bourg or near to the bottom station of the Funicular, ask at Polaire Star Shop. They have a great choice of skis and snowboards to rent for these conditions.




Hurry up and get out here whilst this snow stays in condition.


Powder Days are here again!







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That is amazing! The link is off to your facebook page, have to go to "timeline" to find this year's album.


Love this one posted March 5:


"Aiguille Grive below"



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TOG, I just tested the link above in my last post for the photo albums and it works just fine. Not sure why you are having any problems.


Here is todays report.


Thursday, Untracked powder all day!


Went over to the Bellecote and managed to arrive just as they opened the chair into the Bowl. Spent the day making laps of the bowl and then down the North Face and home.

What a day, untracked powder almost everywhere! With over 70cm of fresh snow higher up conditions today were amazing again.


With all the fresh snow the pistes are in excellent condition everywhere and anyone coming out is in for an excellent weeks skiing. If you like the powder, get some all mountain skis.

Conditions are perfect for them right now.


If you are interested in seeing what it was like today, take a look at the photos I have just posted in the March 2013 Album Three on my Les Arcs Winter page.









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Originally Posted by snowcrazy View Post

TOG, I just tested the link above in my last post for the photo albums and it works just fine. Not sure why you are having any problems.


Well here's what I get when I click the link. I have to go to the dropdown "Photos" then highlight "Timeline" to get to your albums.



This link works directly:


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Wednesday. What a day! The sun came out and there was fresh snow on the ground. Time to head for the glacier and see what powder we could find!!

As expected, the Aiguille Rouge Glacier was predicted to be late opening an therefore very busy so we headed over to the Bellecote glacier instead.

After a very fast ski across to Roche de Mio, headed over the cliffs and into the bowl. Fresh snow most of the way down. Light and soft. This was going to be a good day!

Then up top and made two more laps of the bowl in untracked powder most of the way and some steep gullies to test every ones nerve.

Then onto the North Face for more fresh track first in powder then spring snow. Finally hitting some breakable crust towards the finish.

After a late lunch took the bus back to Peisey and a ski over to the Waterslide above Arc 1600 for a bit of fun in the sun before a drink at the Arpette and home.

A really good day. The off piste was very good again after a little freshening up of the last few days. The piste were firm, but good to ski and held an edge well. They say the weather is on the change again. Shall have to wait and see in the morning!

Photos of the last few days will be posted later in the March 2013 Album Three of my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Enjoy!



(Tog, try this new link, should be better.)

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What a day! Tuesday 2 April. Fresh powder mostly untracked and much better visibility than was predicted for most of the day.


When I left the station to go home it was snowing lightly at Arc 1600. I hope it kept going all evening.


Today we went across to the Bellecote bowl and played around making a couple of laps finding some fresh untracked snow and a few steeper sections. We then headed onto the Petit North Face of the Bellecote and down to the forest, finally out along the river path. Then a nice late lunch and back to George's Wine Bar in Arc 1950 for a well earned drink.


What a treat the conditions were today for one of the group who had his first trip over the back at the ripe old age of 13, He did very well.


The pistes we crossed on both sides of the Vanoise Express were in great condition after the resent snowfall. The snow was still a little unstable in the afternoon sun, but it was holding up well.


More to come tomorrow we hope!


The photos from the last few days have been posted in the new April 2013 Album on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page if you are interested in seeing what conditions are like. Todays photos will be posted later. Enjoy!




Here are a couple of photos so you can see what great snow we have right now.





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Here is the report on the last couple of days.

Very Happy Yesterday (Thursday) Smile was a real mix. Started off by going up Aiguille Rouge with clouds about although the light was not to bad. Then decided to head over into the National Park as reports were that the snow high up was still ok. Saw a group heading for the Valdez Couloir. Hope they had fun.

We went down Genepy with good snow at the top, but it quickly became very mixed as you came out onto the meadow. Did not go lower and headed over to the Lanchette exit on a very cruddy traverse then a bit more ok snow before hitting the breakable crust lower down.

Quite an experience for some that are still learning to deal with the mixed conditions, but all made it down safely. Then up the lifts and through the forest to Pre St Esprit for Lunch.

Met up with others and had a little play in Malgovert before a run down Arolles on a very nice empty piste and then over to the Waterslide. A few wet people this time.

Finally back to George's in Arc 1950 for a drink. The off piste everywhere yesterday was very mixed with all kinds of snow to deal with. The pistes were in very good condition in most places although wind blown and hard packed on the exposed areas or coming into lifts and stations in the busier areas.

Very Happy Today (Friday) Smile , we had a fast ski over to La Plagne in poor visibility and then a fun play in the gullies going down to Plagne Bellecote. Then up to the top of the Roche de Mio and down the 'hidden valley' for a little off piste in very mixed snow on the way to the 'Tunnel of Dreams'.

Through the tunnel and back over to the 'Les Coches' side and into the 'Waterfall valley' for another fun off piste run all the way back to the Vanoise Express.

Finally back up the Peisey chair and a fast ski on the black ecureuils piste down to the Vache restaurant for lunch and a birthday party.

After quite a few drinks amongst many friends, old and new, some of us headed to the waterslide (no one fell in today) and then home. A really nice day was had by all and for the lucky ones another day tomorrow before late flights, the eurostar or a long drive home.

All the pistes we skied today have remained in good condition with only a few hard packed areas. The off piste is very mixed, but in the more well skied places it is now starting to turn to spring chalky snow which I like. They have forecast a little more snow in the coming days. I shall have to wait and see.

Just posted the photos from the last few days in the April 2013 Album on my Les Arcs Winter page. Only todays photos left to post now. Will try to catch up the rest later tonight. If you want to see what the conditions are like or have been out with us. Take a look. Enjoy.


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What a winter we are having!!


After a nice rest yesterday, it was first lift up this morning and met up with friends for a fast ski over to the top of the Roche de Mio in La Plagne. The Glacier was closed today due to the weather so we headed to the Bauches Chiar instead. Very mixed snow all the way down. Not many people about anywhere.


Then with poor light we decided to stick to the trees and found a challenging route from the top of the Salla Chair down to the Mont Blanc piste. Then another route through the forest back to above Montchavin and time for lunch.


After a nice long lunch (it was raining/snowing outside), headed back to Les Arcs and finally a drink at George's Wine Bar in Arc 1950 before going home.


The fresh snow today made the pistes quite pleasant and we even found some good spring snow off piste. Unfortunately the poor light for most of the day, did make it rather hard to see where we were going at times and I only managed a few photos. Those I took today will be posted shortly on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page in the new April 2013 Album Two.




The forecast for tomorrow is not great, might mean a tree skiing day. It was snowing up top when I left so there may even be some powder about! Hope so!!!

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What a day Tuesday was!! It started snowing yesterday and it just kept on coming. There was 10cm by this morning and at least 30cm I would guess by 5pm this afternoon in the sheltered areas. Not bad for April.


Looks like being another great end to the season, I just hope it does not get too warm or start raining! YUK!! and make all this new snow go off before we can put tracks everywhere!


This morning I was on the first lift, Surprise! surprise!! Headed straight over to join some friends and explore more of the Montchavin forests. Went up top and played a little in the powder fields above Les Coches and then back down through the forest a few times by different routes until lunch. Found a few cliffs in the forest today. Interesting route!! Made it out safely!! Deep powder helps to make little drops safer!!


After meeting up with others for lunch, two of us went to play in the powder again. I never can get enough of the white fluffy stuff!!


By early afternoon it was snowing so hard all the tracks of the morning were covered and everywhere we went we found untracked powder. After quite a few routes through the forest we finally had enough and headed for home. Tired, but very happy!


Did not have time for photos in the morning, but have posted a few photos of the afternoon session in the April 2013 Album Two of my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Take a look if you fancy seeing just how amazing conditions are now.




On the way home the snow was starting to go off on the lower slopes and became quite heavy. The clouds cleared for a few minutes and the sun even tried to push it's head through so I managed to grab a quick photo of the valley below.


The pistes everywhere are now in excellent condition although a little sticky lower down. The off piste is amazing again. But may go off quickly. If you have the chance, get out here while these conditions last and bring your all mountain terrain skis!! (You can rent various models from Polaire Star Ski shop by the Funicular if you do not have any.   http://www.polairestar.com/  )


I was told it was snowing right down to the valley at one point during the day and I just heard it is still snowing up top right now. Tomorrow should be another excellent powder day.


Here are two photos I liked from today!





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This season the snow just keeps on coming and coming!!  What a great few days we have just had! First a trip up the valley to 'Tignes and Espace Killy ski area' for some good off pste powder skiing, only 30 mintues away. Then a trip down the valley to ' The Three Valleys ski area' and a ski around the Meribel and Courchevel off piste areas in more great snow only 45 minutes away. Now the last two day back in Les Arcs and La Plagne and more excellent off piste in spring powder!!


Two days on the Bellecote and powder again today (Sunday). We had to get over to the Bellecote as quickly as possible this morning to get the best snow, but it was worth the effort.


After leaving Les Arcs we headed straight to the Bellecote bowl via Roche de Mio face which still had some soft snow in one of the more sheltered gullies.


Then a quick lap of the bowl on another untracked face with some good powder. Well worth the extra work to get into the face.


Finally over the back of the North Face down to the Cheval restaurant for a nice refreshing drink. The snow from the top of the ridge into the couloir was powder and in many places on the route we took, still untracked. A bit of a challenge today as we had quite a steep line into the face and needed to take care not to cause any slides. Going down through the cliffs was fun and the snow stayed good all the way down to the meadows below.


Then the hard work really started with soft, slushy and heavy snow mixed in with crud and 'death cookies' from the avalanches above all the way to the bottom of the river exit. You can still easily reach the bus stop without needing to walk which was great, but the snow lower down is very wet right now.


Despite the heavy conditions at the bottom, the snow higher up made it a great day out in the warm sun. We may just go back again tomorrow to make another route.


The pistes around Les Arcs and  La Plagne that we skied today were holding up well in the warm temperatures and in the morning firm and great for carving. In the afternoon they were very soft, slushy and sticky in places, but you can still get everywhere without any problems. There is still loads of snow around and all stations are open although they have now closed a few lifts permanently and some pistes are also closed due to soft snow in the afternoons and the risk of avalanches onto those pistes.


If you plan to go off piste, take care and best to go in the morning when you will find typical spring conditions.


I am still very behind on all the photos, but will try to catch them up shortly.



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Thursday 18 April. I went up a little late today. Good to have a rest sometimes. Blue sky all day and warm. Great for the suntan, but the snow gets very soft and slushy by the afternoon.


Met up with friends and skied around 'on piste today', first in Les Arcs for a while, then over to Peisey and across the Vanoise Express to the top of Champagny. Finally up the Roche de Mio for a look over at the Bellecote Glacier and then back through the tunnel and lunch on the way down to Plagne Bellecote.


In the morning the pistes started off firm and good for carving, but quickly became soft and slushy. After lunch they were wet and heavy, but still ok to ski as long as you kept your speed going.


The good news is that more snow is forecast higher up for the next couple of days which, as long as it gets colder will be good for the off piste (maybe), and the piste should be freshened up nicely. 


As there is still plenty of snow coming into the stations and you can still ski in almost the whole ski area. For those people coming out or staying for the last week of the season, you should be able to have a good final ski. Not bad for the end of April!!

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NEWS FLASH!! IT IS SNOWING IN BOURG again, about 5cm so far and it is still coming down. LOADS more up on the mountain.
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Originally Posted by snowcrazy View Post

NEWS FLASH!! IT IS SNOWING IN BOURG again, about 5cm so far and it is still coming down. LOADS more up on the mountain.

Glad to hear you are having a great season over there.  Whenever is snows in BSM, you know the mountain will have some nice snow.


Our season turned around here in CO with lots of March & April snow leading to many of the resorts to extend things a bit, so I am not as jealous as I was early season.

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Today (Saturday 20 April) was one of those special days. It was like Christmas all over again. Fresh untracked powder everywhere and no people around. We started early and although many lifts were closed, we managed runs in Arc 1600, Arc 1800, over in Peisey Vallandry and even in the Arc 2000 bowl down the untracked race course. What a day!


Every where we went the snow in the morning was light and fluffy 'on and off piste'. At least up to our knees and sometimes even a little deeper. By 2pm many lifts and pistes linking Arc 2000 with Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 had opened for a short time and then closed again as the avalanche risk increased and the snow became wet and heavy. The wind picked up later in the day. Later in the afternoon the only way out of the Arc 2000 bowl was either by bus or down lift on the Transarc Gondola.


The sun came out at one point, but it has now clouded over again and more snow is expected tonight. Tomorrow should be another interesting day. There are people here even talking about another storm on it's way later in the week. This really is the 'Never Ending Winter!'


Just added the photos in the 'April 2013 Album Two' from last Saturday on the Bellecote. Powder all the way from top to bottom. Wait till you see the photos of today, a week later and we had untracked powder on every run we did today as well. What a winter!


To see the photos check out this link.



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Geez, seems like every day has been a special day!

Some year.

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Today (Wednesday) I was on the first chair out of Arc 1600 again. Met up with friends and we went straight for the Bellecote Glacier. Some might disagree, but I think  this is the best place for fresh untracked spring snow right now.

Once on the glacier we made a run down the bowl to the Bellecote Chalet chair and found some good spring snow. Just as good as yesterday!! Some then headed for La Plagne and  two of us went down the Cairn Couloir on the North Face of the Bellecote. You had to be careful, but it was fun.

At the start, the snow was soft and easy to ski. Further down it became more spring like and then as we neared the meadow it was heavy. Once on the lower meadows, if you kept your speed up you could make good turns all the way to the avalanche debris in the river bed.

By taking a careful route round the lumps of snow we made it back to the bottom of the valley and a bus ride to Peisey. Finally a beer and then home via the snowpark.

Another good day in the sun. The snow higher up is still good to ride and even lower down although challenging it was fun! The pistes are much the same as yesterday. Hard and firm in the morning, soft and slushy lower down in the afternoon.

The forecast for tomorrow is for another good day in the sun. Hope the rain holds off until the lifts close on Saturday.

Sorry for the delay in posting photos. I am having problems with my computer. Loading the photos is very difficult as it keeps telling me I have NO space left on my hard drive. I will try to get last weeks photos loaded as quickly as I can, but it may take a while.  If anyone knows how to fix a 'hard drive' problem. Please send me a PM.

You will need to check the 'Les Arcs Winter' page photos link  over the next few days if you are interested in seeing how the season comes to an end. There is still loads of snow about. The 'Never Ending Winter' continues!!

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After a day like today, even if the bad weather does arrive tomorrow. My season has come to a peak in the last few days. Today was a treat. It is amazing how many kilometers you can cover in one day when not in a big group.

Started off in Arc 1600 on the first lift as it opened. Down to Arc 1800 and up the Vagere, then over to Peisey and  across the Vanoise Express. Over to Les Coches. Up the chairs and down to Plagne Bellecote. Past Plagne Soliel and Plagne Village to Plagne 1800. A  few more lifts and into Mont Albert. It had been good snow the whole way. Firm and fun for carving first thing in the morning with few people around. Why can they keep Mont Albert open until the end of the season and not manage to do the same for Villaroger? Well done La Plagne!

Then back up the chairs out of Mont Albert and all the way down to La Roche. Up to Aime La Plagne and then through Plagne Centre. From the top of the Grande Rochette all the way to Champigny and the Borseliers chair. Finally into Belle Plagne. Up the Gondola to the Roche de Mio and then onto the Bellecote Glacier.

The pistes the whole way round La Plagne were in very good condition and it was great to cover the whole domain in just a few hours.

Time now for some off piste. What better way to finish a good day than to go down the North Face of the Bellecote by one of the steeper routes. After a short hike, dropped over the ridge and down between the middle couloirs to avoid any avalanche risk. The snow higher up was soft on top with a hard base. Typical spring conditions. Lower down on the meadows and coming out by the river bed it became slushy, but still easy to ski. You could still get all the way to the parking area without walking. Not bad for the end of April.

By 1.30pm the bus arrived and after a few more lifts made it to the snack bar above the Peisey chair for a few beers and to say goodbye to those leaving shortly.

Finally back down to Arc 1800 and across to the Waterslide for one last go (stayed dry) before the Altiport bar closes today. Then down to Arc 1600 and home as the lifts were closing.

The conditions today were very good. Blue sky, still loads of snow and not to soft off piste. I hope I get the chance for a couple more days skiing if the weather holds, there is still plenty of untracked spring snow around. I shall have to wait and see what the morning brings. I even  heard from one lift technician that more snow might be coming by the weekend.

The 'Never Ending Winter' seems set to continue a little longer!!

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Nearly over!! Only one day of the season here in Les Arcs left. I did go up today even though it actually started raining as I was on the first lift.

However, the rain stopped and the sun managed to break through for a short time. Headed straight for the Aiguille Rouge and made a couple of routes down the North Face. The snow off piste was already soft by 10am although in the more sheltered area it was reasonable to ski. By my second trip to the top it had started to snow lightly and the wind had picked up a little. I did manage to find room for some fresh tracks which was nice.

When I arrived back at the cablecar for a third ride up, they had just closed it due to avalanche risk and said it would not open again today.

With the highest lift closed, I went over to the Grand Col chair and made a few laps on both sides and although the snow turned soft quickly it was still ok. As the weather is predicted to be worse tomorrow, after the second lap it was time for a tour of Les Arcs.

For those interested, here is the route around Les Arcs I took. First to Arc 2000 from the top of the Grand Col and then up Lanchette to the top of Villaroger. Back across to Peisey, then up the chair and down to Vallandry. Up the Vallandry and Derby chair then the Transarc.

From the top of the Transarc, down to the Mushroom bar (one of the few still open) for a quick drink then through Arc 1950 to the Bois de l'ours chair. Down Clair Blanc in soft slushy snow just for fun then all the way to Arc 1800.

Back up the Vagere chair and across to the snowpark and finally down to Arc 1600 and home.

All the pistes when I started in the morning were firm and good to carve, but quickly became soft and by the time I arrived back at Arc 1600 were mostly soft and slushy. The weather was a real mix today, sometimes raining, then a little light snow then a few sunny patches. By 2pm it really was time to head home with the snow becoming more like heavy soup.

It was worth the effort to go up for a ski today. There is still plenty of snow around and those that enjoy touring should be able to continue well into May. Tomorrow is the last day of the season so I shall try and make the effort to go up one last time.

I will keep uploading the photos from the last weeks, but my computer is very slow and needs medication so it can only manage a few uploads at a time. Those waiting for your photos, sorry for the delay. Please check back at the Photo link regularly. Enjoy!!


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Saturday 27 April 2013! Last Day of the Season in Les Arcs!!

The last day of the season in Les Arcs is now over. It turned out to be not much of a day for me. However Friday was great so I do not feel I missed anything.

They only opened three lifts in the Arc 2000 bowl and a few more over on the Arc 1600/1800 side. The sun did come out for a while and the rain stopped, but it was hardly worth going up. Very soft wet heavy snow and almost impossible to get above the freezing line as all the higher lifts were closed.

I spent most of the day fixing my computer. It seems to be working OK again now.

I hope to get a few more days skiing in Val d'Isere/Tignes and maybe Chamonix. Even a few of the higher Swiss areas are still open so I might still be posting again next weekend.

Thanks to all those that have posted messages. I have enjoyed keeping you all informed about the season. It has been a really good one for me even if I did miss most of December. Only skied 104 days so far this season, mostly off piste. Shall have to do better next winter!

It has been great skiing with so many of you this winter. I hope you all enjoyed our days out as much as I did. We certainly managed to do quite a few powder days this year. I look forward to skiing and 'snowboarding (I hope)' with many of you next season. Thanks for the company everyone, it has been fun!!

I would also like to thank Polairestar Ski and Snowboard Rental shop at the bottom of the funicular in Bourg for all there help and support this season. They have done a great job looking after my skis and helping me out with other skis when I needed something different. I strongly recommend them to anyone coming out for a holiday. They have been great. Thanks Rosie, Gordon and Tom!   http://www.polairestar.com/

Now that I think I have managed to get my computer working better I shall try to catch up on all the photos from the last weeks as quickly as possible. Still have some good ones to post. Keep your eyes on the photo link as they are uploaded if you are interested or have not yet had the chance to download your pics. Enjoy!!


PS. I have just heard it is snowing up on the mountain again tonight. The 'Never Ending Winter' goes on!!

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All done!! Finally finished uploading the photos!!!  That's me finished posting for this season. See you all next winter!!

All the photos for this season are now uploaded. The last ones for Les Arcs are in the April 2013 Album Two. Take a look if you want to see what the snow was like at the end of the season or would like to download your pictures. There was still loads of snow around!!

The photos of my day in Espace Killy (Tignes and Val d'Isere) are in the Val d'Isere and Tignes 2013 Album. Plenty of snow there as well. I might manage another day our later in the week before it closes. Hope you enjoy the photos! Very Happy

snow report
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Hi everyone. I managed to get as few days over in Les Arcs at the weekend. The weather was great, blue sky and warm so spent most of the time up in the mountains.

Also managed to get across to Montchavin for the Motor Sports Day. Very fun and had a ride in one of the cars (a rally RS Focus) down the mountain at 130 km/h round those small bends, PS. 'the road was closed to normal traffic!' Not a good idea to do it yourself, and I was not the driver. One car did crash on a bend during the day, so even the experts can get it wrong sometimes.

There is still snow about above 2000m and in some places the snow drifts are still quite deep. Take a look at the photos. In the sunny places the snow has all gone, even high up, but if you had the bottle to do it, there is still a narrow strip down the North Face of the Bellecote. Tempting, but not for me!  

If you go hiking it is easy to reach the snow line above 2500m and many of the mountain refuges are now open around Mount Pourri and in the Vanoise National Park.

The Arpette Restaurant seems to be the only mountain restaurant open up the hills this summer, but there are many others open in the resort station. Bar-King-Mad in Villars Arc 1800 village always does great food and drinks.

I did not get over to the Arc 2000 bowl this weekend so did not see what is open on that side of the resort.

There are many new mountain bike tracks this year (some old ones re-named). I tried a few of them. Some are easy green and blues. Others are harder reds and the Black down to Bourg has been diverted again while they continue with the pipe building.

In Arc 1800. the golf course is open and is in good condition. With the warm weather the swimming pool is very  nice. Everything else is gearing up for opening during this week. The Parcour Adventure tree course for large people and the kids one is also about to open.  Look on the Les Arcs web page for all the info. There are loads of things to do here in the summer.

The White Water rafting, canoeing, canyoning and hydro speed on the river in Bourg has already started and lots of fun. They have an easy section for the kids and harder sections for anyone over 13 years of age. There are also a few lakes to play in or fish around the valley or up in the Arc 2000 bowl.

On the construction side.
Despite all the gossip of last winter there is no real work taking place on the lifts in the Arc 1800/1600/Peisey Vallandry sections. They are building a new restaurant above Arc 1600 near the side of the cachette piste and also a restaurant between the race piste and the blue piste coming down into Arc 1800 and that seems about all the work going on.

As I did not get over to the Arc 2000 bowl this weekend, not sure about that side. If anyone is going over that side please do post an update.

That's about all for now. Take a look at the photos if you want to see what the conditions are like during the summer or see some of the activities you can try.

The mountains are a really fun place for an activity holiday in the summer and it is normally very warm in the valley around 30+ degrees and a nice 23 - 28 degrees up the mountains so you are sure to come home with a nice suntan if you wish. BUT it can change and it does rain sometimes.

Hope you all have a good summer what ever you are doing and see some of you next winter.


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Season 2016 - 2017.


For anyone heading to Les Arcs or the Paradiski area. If you are interested in meeting up with us or have any questions about the ski area. It is worth following this thread again as I will try and update with things to help when planning your trip. 


At last some great news from Les Arcs.


Wednesday 8 Feb. POWDER, POWDER, POWDER! When will it stop snowing? Today it was cloudy and overcast all day, with only a tiny glimpse of the sun and light snow falling most of the day! 

Where to go and find good snow and be able to see where we were going! Time to head for the forests above Les Coches and get away from the crowds. 

In the morning we made a number of off piste runs down from the top of the Salla Chair and in the afternoon from the top of the Dos Rond chair. Both areas gave us great riding in powder up to our waists at times with plenty of room to put down fresh tracks. 

After a great day we headed back to Les Arcs and a fast ski on piste across to Arc 1600 including the narrow forest trail, natural border cross course in the trees and some fun rollers on the way down. 

Despite the poor vis it was a really fun day! 

The Off Piste is still soft and light higher on the mountain, but lower down it is starting to transform and become heavy sticky snow. There are plenty of places to put down fresh tracks so take a guide and have some fun! 

The On Piste runs are mostly in very good condition although in places with heavy traffic they are becoming worn. If you can avoid the busy lifts then the skiing is excellent and hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and all lifts will be open again. 

Photos from today will be posted in the Feb 2017 Album on the Les Arcs Winter page. Scroll down towards the end. So many good shots to choose from again, it will be hard, but they are worth waiting for! Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/pg/LesArcsWinter/photos/ 


Anyone wanting to join us for some riing any day, you need to send me a PM and be prepared to be on the lifts by 9.30am if the weather is good. Always bring your Arvi gear as with all this powder we will be going 'Off Piste'. 

If you want to try some powder skis then contact Polaire Star Ski Shop​ at the bottom of the Funi, they have some great skis and snowboards to rent. They also do an excellent Ski service. My skis were flying today. Thanks Gordon! http://www.polairestar.com/

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