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Snowboarding at last!!

Went up a little late today, just as the sun was starting to break through. And I was on the snowboard!!!

First time boarding this season and I quickly realised how much I have missed it. Started off easy on my own on the Mont Blanc blue and a little off piste down the side, then over to the Cachette and the same again. Finally up the Clocheret Chair and down the blue and across the off piste to ...join some friends in the Snow Park. The park is still being added too. The mega jumps are just being finished. The wall, rails, red and green jumps and one black are all finished and there is an easy boardercross course as well. Plus the air bag of course (when it is open)!

The pistes were in great condition after the freshen up from last nights snowfall and the off piste was light powder sometimes untracked yet again.

After a few jumps in the park (my friends, not me. My knees cannot take that anymore. Doctors orders!!) we headed off piste for the rest of the day. Did some fun routes from above the Clocheret Chair off the Comborciere ridge, over in the national park off Lanchettes, down through the secret forest and finally back to the Funi via the Malgovert forest.

The off piste was in great condition again today and we were able to find plenty of places to make fresh tracks. More snow is forecast for tomorrow. This winter is just getting better and better!!! Hurry up and get out here.

If anyone needs a place to stay I know a few people that are willing to rent there places out. Sizes from 2 person studio to sleeping 12 and one that can take 24 I think. Send me a PM if you need to know more. But be quick as they are filling up fast. Hope that helps!


Hi Matt, yes I did, sorry I have not replied yet. I hope to be here till the end of the season as always, but I never can be sure! The lifts keep running until around 28 April and the snow should last till then I think. "300 plus cm above 2500m right now". Hope to see you for a beer and a ski as well. Cheers!!!


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SEASON 2012 - 2013!!
THE NEW SEASON STARTS HERE!!!!!! Time for a few details for the coming season.

The Funi and other lifts in Les Arcs / Peisey Valandry areas open on the 15 December 2012 and close 27 April 2013.

They could not confirm when the Villoroger lifts open and close, but they should be the same start date as the rest of the area if there is enough snow lower down. I will post details when they have confirmed them.

The Vanoise Express opens on 22 December 2012 and closes 27 April 2013.

The official Les Arcs web page link in English is:


Ski Passes can be bought here:

http://lesarcs.paradiski.com/ (You will have to wait for it to go live.)

http://en.lesarcs.com/paradiski-unlimited (You can also look here for prices and various options.)

http://www.nirvanalps.com/skipasses/season-skipasses-presale/?lang=en (For those wanting to get the pre-season sale price, but you will need to wait until it goes live and you must buy your season pass before the end of November.)
http://www.skialacarte.fr/en (Paradiski Zen Ski pass) Another option if you want to choose the days you ski.

For Ski school info check this link and those on the page you arrive at:


The official Webcam links are here:


If you want a piste map look here:

http://en.lesarcs.com/slope-map (Piste map)

http://www.paradiski.com/#/espace-glisse (Interactive map with lift times.)
Two options for on the mountain skiing/snowboarding Insurance. You can also buy the Carrie Neige card with your lift pass for the day or week at the lift office when you buy your lift pass..

For anyone coming out by train or staying in Bourg St Maurice or would just like to try some better quality skis or snowboards this winter check out Polaire Star Ski shop right by the bottom of the Funicular ticket office. You can also book online on the webpage.


Think that will do for today. I will add other links from time to time.

Hope that helps you all with your planning.
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Time for some more info updates as the time for bookings is now upon us.

As I always get asked these questions.


Getting the train to Bourg:

For anyone coming out by train to Bourg St Maurice, you can get off the train and use the free shuttle bus to get round to the Funicular bottom station when you arrive in the morning or when leaving at the end of your holiday. You can buy your weeks ski pass at the ticket office by the Funi if you have not done so already online. That way you will not have to pay extra to go up on the Funi for the first day. There are free shuttle buses from the top of the Funi to all Les Arcs stations.

Ski and Snowboard Hire when you get off the train:

If you need to hirer skis or snowboards, you can do this right at the bottom of the Funi at the Polaire Star Ski shop near the ticket office. This season they will be having mainly Kastle, Stockli, Volkl and Salomon skis of various lengths and widths to suit all tastes! They will also be having new snowboards from Salomon and Head plus all the necessary accessories. More details to follow.


I also heard this season Polaire Star will be selling beautiful handmade Mexican silver jewellery, nickel free from Angelica Fuentes – famous Rally co-driver – winner of the Carrera Panamerica! These would make Ideal gifts or just a treat for the ladies.Perfect for Xmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day or Birthday gifts – in fact right throughout the whole season!

Other useful tips:

If you need to leave luggage for the day, this can also be done at the ski shop plus if you are staying in Bourg for a small fee, you can leave your skis/snowboards at the shop overnight to save having to carry them to and from home each day.
REMEMBER: if you are coming out for the season, you must buy your ski pass before the 30 November to get the discount.

I will update these details when I hear more such as the if the snack bar at the bottom will be around again this season. Hope these details helped with your planning.
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SNOW down to the valley and still snowing. Even if the lifts are still closed, if this keeps up you will be able to use the road up the mountain and then ride back to Bourg just like last season. Time for the fun to begin!! I am very happy! Will try to post some pics later.


Also some other news.


The Red Bull Linecatcher @Les Arcs - 12 au 19 janvier 2013 event. This is an extreme Free ride comp. Should be fun! Take a look at the link.



Plus, how about trying something different!


Take a look at this link for Les Arcs.




And finally, it is the 2012 European Cinema Film Festival in Les Arcs next week. Follow the link below for more info.





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Glad to hear you are getting some snow over there Chris...Lots of good memories of BSM/Les Arcs...Have a great season...Matt

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Snow, snow snow!! Loads of it! Take a look at the web cams and follow the developments. It looks like we will have another start to the season the same as last year. I just hope everyone stays safe. Bad news about the avalanche in Tignes, (edited) very sad indeed to read that the girl died.


Take a look at the webcam for Arc 1950. George's Wine bar look's like the windows are going to be buried soon.

Next week is going to be amazing if this lasts!!

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Sorry folks no update this morning, the details did not arrive in time and I had to go out. Crying or Very sad

It is snowing lightly down to Bourg right now and although the vis was not the greatest today, the snow is amazing and loads of it. You can still easily ride down to Bourg from Arc 1600 if you know the way. But do be careful off piste, the snow is very unstable out there right now. Toofy Grin

I will try to add some pics tomorrow.

Anyone coming out by car will need to have chains as they are stopping people driving up to the stations as the roads are getting worse tonight. The roads are quite bad already higher up. There is snow settling on the side roads around Bourg now. snowHead

Tomorrow should be amazing as they 'SAY' the weather might improve. I hope so. Time to get the camera out!! Toofy Grin

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I really hope when I get back after Christmas the updates each morning arrive in time before I leave for the hill. Sorry no update again this morning. Next post will be after Christmas.


But!!!  What a fun day we had. Loads of fresh powder!! Blue sky and little wind. Perfect. We spent almost the whole day playing in the safer off piste areas.


Started with a few runs around the Arpette Lift to warm up. Then over towards the snow park to see what is happening. They should have at least some of it open very soon.


Then back up to the ridge and down to the Altiport for some great sandwiches. Very nice. You must go and try their special for 7 Euros!!


Over to Arc 2000 side after lunch and a couple of runs down the middle ridge. Fun, but they are putting in the sledge course again , very bad!!


Time to follow the sun, so over to the Vallandry side and in the bowls above the forests before going down through the trees to the Derby Chair. Made a couple of loops and then we headed off piste all the way back to Arc 1800 and the Vagere Chair, which had just broken when we arrived.


Finally the group split, some to the bar, whilst others skied down the blue track back to Arc 1600 and home.


What a great day!! More Photos in the new 'December 2012 album' over on my Les Arcs Winter page.



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First day back after my Christmas break and very nice it was too!!

Started over in Arc 1600 for a little warm up about 10.30am and then headed over to Arc 2000 bowl to meet the others for an early lunch (for me anyway, they had all been out skiing since first lifts) at the Bulle.


With blue sky and loads of snow after another 20+ cm a couple of days ago, we went searching for some nice snow.


Managed to find some good areas off the varet and up on the Grand Col before heading back to Arc 1950 and then Malgovert for a little play in the Piste Nature before finally heading back to George's Wine bar in Arc 1950 for a well earned drink.


Although the resort is very busy, it is still possible to avoid some lift queues and the off piste areas and some piste natures are not busy so there is plenty of room to enjoy yourself.


The bad weather they mentioned in the morning report never arrived and the blue sky stayed all day. Tomorrow promises more of the same. It is great to be back out in the snow!


Anyone coming out, the roads are clear and although busy, the traffic is moving around the valley without a problem. Right now you do not need chains to get up to the resort stations. More snow is promised in the next few days!! Conditions are excellent right now! Next update tomorrow with photos I hope. Sorry forgot the camera this morning!

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I hope everyone had a good New Year's Day!

The weather man got it wrong this morning. But now it is snowing on the mountain and raining in the valley.

What a fun day we had today!
Having agreed to being on the first lift up Aigle Rouge last night, well early this morning really (what a silly thing to do), I managed a few hours sleep and then made it for the first lift out of Arc 1600 with blue sky and little wind rather than rain and snow as predicted. I was very pleased the weather man got it wrong today.

We made it all the way to the top of Aigle Rouge when it opened. The snow was good, but it was cold on the top! My nice new heated gloves did the trick!! (I love Christmas presents!)

We managed to get from the top of AR down to Villaroger with a mixture of piste and off piste in variable conditions which woke us all up and made the brain focus. Finally having a drink at the Soillet before heading off to lunch.

Met the others from yesterday for lunch and then headed back up the Varet and all the way down to the Comberciere Chair and up to the Malgovert piste nature. We never get bored of this route. Finally all the way into Arc 1600 and up to the snowpark. A few jumps later and a quick video session with the new machine they have installed and down past Arc 1800 after a nice drink at the Altiport.

One more long run all the way back down from the top of the ridge above Arc 1800 and finally home.

The pistes are well used as it is quite busy, but they are still in good condition. The off piste everywhere is well skied, firm and grippy with a few powder areas still around. If you like moguls you will be very happy.

The bad weather only really arrived around 4pm and then it came in fast. Snowing up top right now. Take a look at the pics of yesterday in the Dec 2012 album and for today in the new Jan 2013 Album over on the Les Arcs Winter page.




( I will post them later tonight) ENJOY!!

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Powder days are here again!


Last night the snow started to fall just as we were heading home. By this morning there was enough to freshen up most areas.


A group of us headed over to Mont Albert and the Omelette restaurant for lunch. With poor vis from the start, we took the forest track to Peisey and then across the Vanoise Express (VE) and over to Plagne Bellecote via a few gullies before trying our luck on the Champagny side. Good powder, but poor vis forced us back over to Plagne Centre via the 'Indian Gully' and then up the new chair by the race course (very nice). Down the powder field off the ridge towards the Mont Albert chair and then lunch at the 'Omelette restaurant'. Always very good.


After a great lunch, back over to Plagne Centre via the powder fields near the chairs in poor light. And then a little more fun on the way down to the Arpette chair in Plagne Bellecote. Finally a last play in the waterfall gully on the way back to the VE.


After a quick ride over the gap it was a mad rush to get the last lift back into the Arc 2000 bowl. Some of us made it, others took the bus all meeting up in George's Wine bar in Arc 1950 for a well earned drink. He has some very nice British real beer right now as well as his usual selection of wines.


All the pistes today were in great condition in the morning. By the afternoon some had become a little slippy, but still ok. The off piste was excellent with powder everywhere. Now that La Plagne have also added some Piste Nature areas, there are plenty of safe places to play on the other side of the VE as well. Despite the poor vis at times, everyone had fun both on and off piste.


Take a look at the pics I have just posted in the Jan 2013 Album on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Enjoy!



Playing in the gully.


Powder everywhere!

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Today was one of those days you just do not want to end!


Everywhere we went there was fresh powder to be found, most of it untracked.


After a quick warm up going down under the Arpette chair and then from the top of Bois de l'Ours Chair off piste down to the Marmotte chair below Arc 1950, we headed over to the National Park behind the Aiguille Rouge and made a circuit of one of the shorter routes before some people had to leave to take part in a ski race.


Instead of stopping for lunch the rest of us headed back into the park by one of the longer routes making our own tracks in most places until it was time to head home via a nice forest run and finally off piste from the top of the snowpark back to Arc 1800.


The fresh snow has left most piste in an excellent condition. Only where it is very busy are the pistes becoming hard packed and tricky to hold an edge. The off piste has been transformed by the fresh snow and it was great fun today. However this surface will become compacted and firm over the next few days and could present other difficulties.


Here are two of the photos from today that I like.




If you are interested in seeing more, take a look at the latest photos in the Jan 2013 album of my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Enjoy!


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The 2013 RED BULL LINECATCHER ! Les Arcs 12 - 19 Jan.

This event is planned right now to be held in the off piste bowl looking down at Arc 1950 above and to the right of the Bois de l'0urs chair (sorry cannot remember the name of the bowl at this time of night). It is likely to run in the mornings quite early each day due to avalanche risk. But this might all change depending on the weather conditions.

You should be able to see it from Arc 2000 and Arc 1950 JUST!!, but to go and watch up close it might be quite hard unless you can handle riding in off piste.

Check out the trailer ! Red Bull Linecatcher 2013.


The event is being filmed and there will be pictures taken. It is more about the publicity the riders will get from this, but the standard should be very high with some crazy free ride tricks being tried.

If anyone is around and wants to meet up to go and watch send me a PM over on my facebook page.

Hope that helps.
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Today was another excellent powder day. I will write a more detailed report tomorrow with some photos.

Over 5000m of vertical decent today off piste mostly in untracked powder. Very nice!!


And the pistes we traversed to get there and back were all in very good condition as well.

More to follow, time for bed now!

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Photos from yesterday are now posted. Take a look in the Jan 2013 Album on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page.




As you can see it was one of those special days when almost everywhere we went we found fresh powder, sometimes up to our knees.


After leaving the Les Arcs area on the Vanoise Express we managed to get across to the Roche de Mio with only a few delays due to large queues. Starting with a warm up descending through the cliffs of the Roche de Mio we then headed onto the Bellecote and down the North Face. At first it looked like it was all skied out, but after descending the first section we crossed the avalanche area and found mostly untracked snow.


Take a look at the pics to follow the route we took. After plenty of time to play all the way down, we finally crossed the stream at the bottom and arrived at the 'Cheval' for a late lunch.


It had been a long trip, but well worth the effort.  A great way for those going home to finish the week.


These are my favourite photos from yesterday! Todays report to follow shortly.





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Should have posted this yesterday for all those just arriving, but it was to late last night.


Yesterday we travelled around Les Arcs checking out the whole ski area one last time before my friend headed for home.


Mostly on piste today, the conditions were still very good. With plenty of snow depth on all the pistes we used. Starting from Arc 1600 we crossed over to the Arc 2000 bowl, then up the Varet and over to Villaroger. A good descent in the sun almost the whole way to the bottom, then up again and through Arc 2000 before heading to Peisey Vallandry via some nice off piste above the forest area to get some good photos of the Freestyle jumping. A quick lunch then up top again using the Grizzly Chair and all the way back to Arc 1800. Straight to the snowpark for a bit more fun and photos before heading back to Arc 1600 and home.


The snowpark is almost finished now. The Airbag is a great hit as always and FREE. The new video jump area is very popular. The boardercross is good and the Red and Green jumps are busy.


It would be good if they built some blue jumps as well. The pro and blacks jumps are under construction.


The Speed test area above Peisey Vallandry is being well used.


In the Arc 2000 bowl, the Bordercross courses and the Sledge Rodeo run are open and also busy today. They have built an ice tunnel on the Sledge course again and down near the Arcabulle there is an Igloo being built for corporate events. Looks interesting.


The off piste is well tracked in most places now unless you go further away from the pistes, but the snow depth is good and there are plenty of places to find natural jumps and lines through the trees and open areas. All the piste natures are open if you want to improve your off piste skills without needing the safety gear.


Anyone coming out should have a great time as the sun is forecast to continue for the next few days. Have FUN!


Photos of today will be posted in the Jan 2013 Album of my Les Arcs Winter page shortly.




The photos I like best from today!



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With the weather on the change it was time to hunt for more fresh powder before the sun and wind destroy it all.


Met up with friends and as we had to be finished by 3pm for them to get back to work (sad!!) we headed up to the Bellecote again.


After various discussions we choose a route which had a very interesting entrance and the finish was a little tricky as well. But in between we found some excellent untracked powder. At least 2000m of the stuff. Just what we wanted!


After a fun descent over a cornice and across a number of powder fields finally finishing thorough the forest we headed to the Cheval for a drink and then home.


The snow off piste was still good, firm and grippy at the start, soft and light in the sheltered areas and very mixed lowed down. Watch out for the old avalanche ice lumps. They stop you without warning when you hit one that looks like soft snow.


If you are interested in the photos. They are will be posted in the Jan 2013 Album of my Les Arcs Winter page shortly. Not many today as we did not have time to stop and pose.




Two photos from today I like.



An interesting start!


A tight entrance, pleased I was not going first.



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You`re making me wish I was back in BSM Chris as things are pretty firm here in CO at the moment...Vail has 190 of 193 runs open, so hopefully this weekend`s predicted storm will soften things back up and cover the thin areas.

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Left early this morning to make the most of the good snow before it warmed up to much. Headed straight over to Montchavin to meet up with friends and then went as quickly as possible up onto the Bellecote Glacier via the Roche de Mio face as a warm up.


After a quick check of conditions with the pisteurs we headed over the back and  down to Champagny du Haut via a nice long powder field and some interesting areas where there had been a few slides which we crossed very carefully.


After negotiating the tricky path out we had a quick bus ride back to the Champagny Gondola and up to the restaurant by the Rossa chair for lunch.


Another quick ski and a few lifts later and we reached the Bellecote Glacier again. This time heading to the Friolin Bowl and a pleasant route down through mixed snow conditions to the Bauches chair. One final route through the forest above Les Coches and home.


Despite the lack of fresh snow for a few days now, we were still able to find powder in various places and firm chalky snow. First thing in the morning the pistes and off piste were hard packed and frozen in most places, but by 1pm the snow was more like spring conditions where it had been effected by the warm sun. If anyone is planning to go off piste, I would suggest doing so early in the day whilst the conditions are more stable. The pistes are holding up well and still excellent to ski in most areas. The warm sun makes it feel more like April than January right now.


Sadly there was an avalanche on the Petit North face of the Bellecote again today, but fortunately they were able to get both people out. I hope they are OK. Take care out there!


The photos i like the best from today!




On our way down the first slope. Very mixed snow early in the day.




Now it is time for powder turns!


More photos of today's route posted on the Les Arcs Winter facebook page in the Jan 2013 Album.


More to come tomorrow!

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After an early start to make the first lift again today we headed straight to the Bellecote Glacier and over into the National Park. This time climbing the steep face above the Glacier before descending an equally steep snow field with a nasty surprise near the bottom which needed to be jumped before stopping on the glacier field below.


Following a little rest to collect peoples composure we headed down through the snow fields and bowls to make our own fresh tracks in the powder which was still in very good condition and mostly untracked. At over 3000m the air was thin, but the temperature was pleasant and it was turning into another very good day.


Finally stopping at the Refuge for a quick snack after a long descent we headed on towards the exit and the waterfall at the bottom before a...rriving at the car park for a well earned drink and the bus ride down to Champagny.


Following a nice lunch we headed for home via some easy off piste going into Plagne Bellecote which was in surprisingly good condition and a little more fun in the forest coming down to Les Coches where we also still found soft snow hidden from the sun amongst the trees..


The pistes we skied today were holding up well even late into the afternoon despite the warm sun and the off piste whether tracked or untracked, if you took the right aspect, was enjoyable to ski.


A fine day was had by all and with the warm weather continuing, as long as the routes are chosen carefully this week still has plenty of good skiing to be had!


Here are the two photos I like best from today!



 Passing the waterfall, mind the holes!





Here is an extra photo to give you an idea of the scale of the back country area over here.




If you are interested in following the route we took today, take a look at the Jan 2013 Album on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page.





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What a great day!! They expected 15cm, maybe 20cm at most and we had 30cm by the time the lifts opened at 9.15am and it just kept on snowing. It was still snowing lightly when I came down at 5pm. I cannot wait for tomorrow.


Today we left from Arc 1600 as the links out of the Arc 2000 bowl were all closed at the start of the day and after a quick ride down through the trees and off piste into Arc 1800 we headed for the Peisey -Vallandry forests.


The snow was great although the visibility was very poor higher on the mountain. At times the snow was up to your waist. Even higher if you fell! The cold temperatures had kept the snow light and fluffy! AMAZING!!


When we reached Peisey - Vallandry we made a few different routes down through the trees on the right, left and centre from the top of the Derby and Grizzly Chairs all the way to the villages below and even one ride back up on the poma tow above the chapel run. Again the powder was in very good condition and the few pistes we crossed were also excellent. The new snow has really freshened everything up well 'on and off piste'.


After a quick lunch we headed back towards Arc 1800 through the forest again and then back over to Arc 1600. Some of us kept going and found more excellent powder in the Malgovert forest.


Before finally heading for home. Going down to the middle station of the Funicular was good and some people were going all the way down to Bourg. Not me today. New skis!


What a great day. Powder everywhere you went without really trying hard. Most of it untracked. Tomorrow should be another special day.


Take a look at the photos in the Jan 2013 Album of my Les Arc Winter facebook page. Did not take many pics today, to busy having fun!  Enjoy!


These are the photos I like best from today.



Canadian Powder in Les Arcs again!



You can spend a night in these in winter if you wish! Really fun!!


Powder power!

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Great conditions today! The sun shone and the powder was light and fluffy. The cold temperature kept the snow fresh and soft. The winds did not arrive and nor did the clouds or more snow as predicted by the French meteo. We were very pleased they got it wrong. There were smiling faces all day!!


After heading up the Arpette Chair we made a couple of warm up runs back down the same way in good visibility and fresh untracked snow under the lift. Then after watching the helicopter getting some shots of the Red Bull Linecatcher area above the Arpette ridge it was time to go start the days real work.


Down off piste to the Marmottes chair then up the Arcabulle and back down the middle ridge in more fresh snow. Then off the Col de la Chal to Nancroix. Again making our own tracks most of the way before catching the bus and crossing over the Vanoise Express to get to the meadows above Les Coches. The snow there was also in good condition.


Time for a picnic lunch in the sun followed by a number of runs down to the Bauches chair by different routes in more excellent snow. Finally finishing with a route from the Tow rope all the way back to just above Les Coches through the forest and onto the Vanoise Express.


Crossing from Peisey back to Arc 1600 by a mixture of pistes and off piste with one final run down the small hidden meadow above Arc 1600 to give us one last chance to make more fresh tracks after the lifts had closed and then heading for home.  What a fun day!!


The pistes we used were all in great condition most of the time and the off piste was mainly powder with a few hard patches mixed in to keep you awake. As it was a Saturday the resort was not busy so no lift queues anywhere.


Take a look at the photos in the Jan 2013 Album of my Les Arcs Winter facebook page if you want to see what the conditions looked like today. Enjoy!


These are the photos I like best from today.



What a great start to the day!



 Into the back country!



Nice Air!

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Today was a Blue Sky Powder Day AGAIN!!


The weather man got it wrong. The sky cleared and the wind dropped, the powder stayed light, fluffy and it was cold when you were out of the sun. We set off early and had a quick blast across the pistes of Les Arcs to reach the Peisey Vallandry forest. After a fun route down through the trees we headed over to La Plagne and made a quick run down off piste to the bottom of the Bauches Chair off piste. Then back up and over to the Bellecote.


We managed four trips down from the top through the bowl in mostly fresh untracked powder. No time for a long lunch on a powder day. Had a bit of fun with some jumps and found some routes that were still totally untracked. Could it get any better than this?


Yes!! we made a quick decision to go home via the North Face. Dropped over the back and after some careful route finding and avoiding a few avalanche areas including stepping away while some loose snow slide away below us before descending one passage (a good learning experience for everyone) we made it onto yet more powder fields below.


After more than 2000m of vertical decent on almost completely untracked snow the whole way we stopped at the bar for a well earned drink before heading back to Les Arcs. With only a few people around today we quickly went up the lifts and from the top of the Derby and went directly to Arc 1600 crossing various pistes on the way.


What a day. We arrived back as it was getting dark with all the lifts closed and headed home. Today was one of those day you will always remember! Great job guys!


For anyone planning to come out. Hurry up!! The snow is falling again tonight and the forecast for the next few days should produce excellent conditions on and off piste. Hope to catch up with some of you in George's Wine Bar in Arc 1950 after skiing.


If you are interested in looking at the photos from today take a look in the new Jan 2013 Album Two on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Enjoy!


Here are the photos I like the best from today.

Time for a bit of air!


The Bellecote North Face

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What a day! Right now the weather conditions seem to be changing all the time! A bit of blue sky, then fog, then low cloud, light snow, then heavy snow! Cold!


Got up early to find the weather had closed in overnight.  I still headed up to the 'Red Bull' Linecatcher event to meet up with some of those competing and get there opinions on the area being used for the competition and take some photos.


After taking a look from lower down at the area of the bowl, it was clear with such poor visibility that the event was unlikely to go ahead today and taking photos was a none starter.


I went  back up to the top of the Arpette and spoke to a few people. Quote " Oakley from the USA (Ranked 5th in the Free Ride World Tour last year) said the area was great and if the event can take place it should be possible to pull some sweet moves."


Other competitors echoed his opinion, so despite the poor weather following the course inspection earlier most seemed very happy with what Les Arcs had to offer for this event.


Having had another short ski off the top and back up Bois d' l'Ours Chair I then attended the briefing where it was announced that the event was now being postponed, but hopefully would take place on Wednesday. This has yet to be confirmed due to the current weather conditions.


I thought my new Salomon Rocker 2 skis were big ( I love them), but looking around outside the pisteurs hut on the Arpette ridge where everyone was crammed inside for the briefing. The size of some of the skis was well over 122cm under foot. Off piste backcountry riding really has changed since I first started on my slalom skis. Am I really getting that old.


Having heard the news that the event was being postponed. I headed over to Bar King Mad in Arc 1800 for a coffee down the pistes which were in excellent condition after the fresh snow and then to visit a friend before heading home via the Altiport just as the lifts were closing. Although most of the day was taken up with the Linecatcher event, I did manage a few runs down through the trees above Arc 1800 in the fresh powder and across the meadows in Arc 1600 on my way home.


Take a look at the photos I took today in the Jan 2013 Album Two on my Les Arcs Winter page to see the change in the weather from yesterday.


I hope conditions improve tomorrow!


Todays photos.



Looking down towards Arc 1800 and the valley below.



Looking down towards Arc 1600 and Bourg St Maurice below.


 Oakley ready and willing, but the Redbull Linecatcher event in Les Arcs has been posdtponed for a few days.

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Powder! Powder! Powder!


We could not see much up high on the mountains today as you will see from some of the pictures, but when we skied down from the Arpette Chair to look at the Linecatcher Course from the bottom of the bowl to skiers left of the Bois de l'Ours Chair the powder was great. Having shown the others where the Red Bull Finish marker was located and the couloirs where the competitors plan to ride just about visible though the clouds we headed down to the Marmottes Chair and then up the Varet Gondola. No racing today due to the weather so not much point in hanging around.


They say the Linecatcher competition might take place tomorrow morning if the weather improves. One thing is for sure, there is plenty of snow for the event this year.


Once up at the top of the Varet lift we skied down to Arc 2000 in poor light, but on great powder well up to our knees.  We then decided to head towards the trees where we could see better and made a route called the Par Avalanche down the ridge from the top of the Lanchettes chair and into the forest above Villaroger. The snow down this route was in excellent condition and we could see most of the time.


Once we arrived at the forest we realised we were in for another amazing powder day. Everywhere we went the light fluffy powder was up to our knees or higher and most of the time there were very few tracks.


It kept snowing lightly most of the day, but that did not spoil the fun. We just kept on going until the legs ached and the stomachs cried out for food and water.Time for a break at Le Ferme. After a good lunch, back up again  to continue the fun. After several hours we finally had to head for home.


Back up top towards Arc 2000 and then down the right hand side of the Droset piste Nature in more great snow and up the Comborciere chair. When we were sitting on the chairs we started to realise just how protected we had been in the forest. It was very cold and windy.


After our good byes we split to leave for home and a well earned rest before we begin again in certain powder tomorrow morning. AND maybe if the weather man gets it right, blue sky. We did not use many pistes today, but those we did were in excellent condition after the fresh snow of the last few days had settled.


If you are interested in seeing the photos from today. Take a look at the Jan 2013 Album Two on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. Enjoy!


The photos I like the best today!



In the forest the powder was great!



Coming down towards Pre Saint Esprit in the powder was very good as well.

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Blue Sky and Powder up above your knees, what more can you ask for. Well maybe that it could be a little warmer. It was the coldest day so far this season, but then that is what has kept the snow so good.


Went up today and headed straight over to the 'Red Bull Linecatcher Competition'. Now that we could see the course, it did look rather hard!!! Stayed there taking photos until my fingers could take know more and then headed to the Aiguille Rouge for some back country riding.


For those interested in the event today, take a look at the photos I have posted in the Jan 2013 Album Two on my Les Arcs Winter page, it was quite impressive. Sam Favret from Chamonix won with Parker White taking second place on the podium followed by Nicolas Vuignier in third. Many of the riders now move to Courmayeur this weekend for the World Free Ride Tour and in Chamonix the following weekend. Well worth watching if you are out on holiday in either of those resorts.


Now back to today. When we reached the top of the Aiguille Rouge we headed over to one of the higher couloirs and had an amazing ride down the steep gully onto the wide powder fields below.


After a great ride all the way down to Villaroger making our own fresh tracks almost the whole way we headed back up to do it all again by another route. We did this three times, 'no time for lunch on a powder day'. Each run down was by a different route mostly on untracked snow, although I did manage to hit a few rocks with my new skis (very sad!).


After three great runs we headed down through the forest to Comborciere Chair and then down another Couloir (renamed Paulie's Couloir!, he knows why!!).  Finally we headed over to the Altiport for a drink before heading home through the meadows of Arc 1600 in more untracked snow even at 5pm. What a day!!


The bad news, sorry no photos of the places we went today. After taking the shoots of the competition my camera did not like the cold weather anymore and refused to work for the rest of the day. The battery was dead, I hope after I have recharged it tonight it will be OK.


Another POWDER Day is promised for tomorrow!! I am very happy!!



The Bowl area.



 Looking up at the whole area they used. (not mine)

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Evening all!  Just got home so a very quick update tonight and I am off to bed.


Today was blue sky, very cold and great powder again. Despite the cold I managed to take a few photos today so I will post them tomorrow and I think they are worth waiting for!


Having spent the past few days on the Les Arcs side of the Paradiski area we went over to the La Plagne side today hunting for more untracked snow.


We found some, loads of the stuff in fact! After making our way down to Champagny via a long off piste route which was almost totally untracked, we headed over to Plagne Centre with a detour down the face under the Verdon Sud chair. Then back up and down the face on the other side finishing with the Indian gully into Plagne Centre for a bit of fun! We are all big kids at heart!


Headed back to Bellecote La Plagne and up above Les Coches before making a few runs on that side then down through the forest to the Vanoise Express.


A final quick route from the top of the Derby Chair above Peisey Vallandry all the way down to Arc 1800 then back up and down through the meadows above Arc 1600 finishing at the Mid station of the Funicular and home.


Another great day comes to an end. The many pistes we crossed today were all in great condition following the recent snow and anyone coming out is in for a treat. The off piste is amazing right now, the cold temps are keeping it light and fluffy everywhere.


Photos will be posted later tomorrow. Take a look at the waist deep powder at times. I am not joking!! Enjoy!!.

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Here are the photos I like the best from yesterday.



Not perhaps tthe best picture of the day, but I love the atmosphere this one creates at the start of the trip down into the valley far below.



Powder everywhere!!



Some of us dream of powder like this!




Now that is deep powder!


Hope you like these few photos. There is more snow on it's way so we will get to do this all again next week. Quite a winter this is turning out to be!


If anyone from over in North America is thinking about coming to Eurpoe this winter. Now is the time to get here. The condition are amazing right now. So hurry up. If you get in touch with me by PM you too could be putting first tracks down some of these places!!

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You are making me jealous Chris- how are your knees holding up?

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Hi Matt, knees are good. Just have to be careful with the shoulder. You should come back for a trip. the snow is amazing right now.


Although it's nice to visit other places, it is good to be back and what a nice way  to be welcomed home today. 


'POWDER DAYS!!'  What more can we ask for.


It was another blue sky powder day. Started off a little cloudy, but the sun broke through and then it just kept on shinning!!


On our very first warm up we managed to find fresh untracked powder where normally it would all be tracked out. It is not very busy! That was the start and we did not look back. Found more good powder off the Arpette ridge in both directions and then headed up the Varet gondola and more untracked snow.


After an excellent start to the morning we headed into the Col de Chal by a different route and had more fresh powder most of the way down to the track in the forest although as we neared the forest the sun had done it's job and the fresh snow was starting to turn under it's glare.


Finally arrived back in Peisey and headed to 'La Vache' for a very nice lunch.


Then it was time for more untracked snow if we could still find some. Although within the resort area most places are now tracked, the snow quality was still excellent and we did manage to find a few untracked places hidden away. After a play in the soft snow amongst the trees it was time to head for home and a well earned drink.


Another fun day comes to an end and more powder awaits tomorrow. If you are thinking of coming out, hurry up and do so. The pistes are in great condition everywhere right now and the off piste is really light and fluffy.


If you are interested in seeing what we did today, take a look at the photos in the 'Jan 2013 Album Two' on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page, I think one or two of the pics today are the best yet this season, but then I guess I would.  Enjoy!!


The photos I like from today!






Steep and Deep!

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