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Les Arcs season thread.

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If anyone is coming over to ski or snowboard in Les Arcs (paradiski area) this season, post here to let us locals know if you fancy meeting up for a drink and to play in the powder. We have loads right now. They are even holding some of the big air comp's here in this area, a few free ride challenges and a number of FIS races. Get in touch if you want any info by visiting my facebook page.

Visit my facebook page to see pics of the places we go.

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The crowds have arrived but it is still possible to get away from it all. Felt mean first thing this morning and went to two of my quiet places without taking anyone and made some fresh tracks. The peace alone in the mountains was very relaxing. Have a look at the pics for Feb on my facebook page if you want to enjoy the tranquillity with me. 

Back in resort met up with a friend, had a great lunch at EAST, a restaurant in 1950 serving Indian, Thai and Chinese food then played around on Genepy for the rest of the afternoon. Great powder and loads of space to improve those turns even if it was tracked in most places. 

Another great day in the sun after a very cloudy start. It is forecast to continue like this for a few days now. Very nice. If you want to meet up to snowboard or ski check out George's Wine bar in 1950, I am there most days from 5pm to 6.30pm. or send me a PM. 

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Today was one of those days you live for. Blue sky, just the right temp not to hot or cold, light fluffy powder to make those fresh turns in, great company!! What more can I say.

Went up early, empty pistes at 9am. Across well groomed runs to the van express, started to get busy. Made our way to the middle bubble of belle plagne via a couple of nice powder fields that were not to tracked out. Gave up on the queue and went to the chairs in bellecote la plagne.

Made it to Roche de Mio, over the back behind the restaurant down some nice but well tracked powder fields to the lower chair in the bowl below. Up to the glacier and onto the North Face.

What a sight, plenty of un-tracked areas to put our lines, the wind had not been there. Only one word. Excellent. After a great trip down, look at the pics if you want to know more. Better not tease you. Took the shuttle back to Peisey and late lunch at the Arpette restaurant.

After lunch, up arpette, down off the top to combonciere. Up the slowest lift in the whole world (well maybe not but it sure seems like it). Almost done for the day. Down the back valley, still had good powder but well tracked. Up maybe an even slower lift back to Arc 2000 bowl. Then a little off piste route to George's Wine bar for a few well earned drinks.

Although it was a full on off piste day, getting from place to place meant crossing or using a few pistes. They are busy. Lifts are busy. To many people out of control. Much safer off piste in Feb. But the pistes are all in great condition and they say it will snow tonight although there is know sign of this happening right now. Another great day on the hill, hurry up and get out here if you can.
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Thanks for the report snowcrazy.  I looked into skiing Les Arcs when I came over in December, but skied Zermatt because conditions were much better there.  Hopefully I will get out your way one of these years.  I have two more free passes to Geneva that I am looking forward to using the next few years.  
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A great day in the Bellecote bowl. Fresh light un-tracked powder in many places. Great conditions and loads of pics to follow, but not tonight. Time for a beer. Boy was it cold on the way back home. My hands froze, I need new gloves.


The pistes across to la plagne and the glacier were in excellent condition, firm but not icy even on the way home. The same over in Les Arcs, great conditions on all the pistes from Arc 1600 to peisey and back to Arc 1950.


Remember if you are coming out, pop into George's Wine Bar in  Arc 1950 any evening after skiing from 5pm to about 6.30pm for a chat and a beer. Maybe even to arrange a ski or boarding day out.


Go to my facebook page to see my photos.



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Nearly time to kick start the new season, only a month to go and as I am stopping by tonight, thought I would just say hi and post a link to my new Les Arcs Ski and Snowboard Info group on facebook.


If you have any questions about Les Arcs, post here or take a look in the group page. Loads of links, vids, pics, details on insurance and much more. It is public access so enjoy.



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Hi, We are 2 families skiing at Les Arcs from Feb 12-18th. We have registered our 4 children (ages 7-11) for a private lesson (4 children with one instructor) with Les Arcs Aventures ski school (@ Les Arcs 1800). I was wondering if you know of any great instructors with Les Arcs Aventures that we could request for these private lessons (2 half-days). Also... we would prefer a french-speaking instructor. Our children are pretty advanced for their ages. The youngest has been skiing for 5 years already - so it's a matter of challenging them and improving their technique.

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Hi Nadine


If you are coming to Les Arcs and have booked with Arc Adventure, they are all French speakers so do not worry. As for being good. most are ok, some better than others. My friend no longer works for them. Pity you did not contact me first as he would have been happy to take you all.


Hope you have a good stay in Les Arcs. If I can help with anything else or you fancy meeting up for a beer or going out for a ski and I will show you around whilst you are out here, let me know. Cheers!!

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Hey Snowcrazy!


I'm going to be in La Plagne from tomorrow through until next Saturday.  Got any advice of where to go or specific trails to hit?



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If Snowcrazy Chris doesn't check this before your trip, check out snowheads.com as he posts more frequently there along with a lot of Brits on the Les Arcs thread. 


I am not as familiar with La Plagne as the link w/ Les Arc was down the year I spent in Bourg St Maurice, but would encourage you to check out both sides, including 2000.  For the best stuff you will want an experienced off piste guide like Chris, but there is some nice ungroomed in Arc 2000 off the Varet lift that is marked on-piste (w/ av control work done before they open the lift).  It tends to bump up quicker than the true off piste stuff (for which a guide and av gear are recommended), but can offer some nice snow after a storm.


Storm days should be spent down lower- probably the trees on the La Plagne side, since that is where you are staying.


Enjoy- its a great place to be when the snow is good!

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Hey MEfree!  Yea, Les Arcs is pretty cool!  I got to go for a full saturday earlier in the season with a group from the Université de Savoie.  The glacier was intense!  I, unfortunately, didn't spend too much time around Arc 2000.  The pass I have for La Plagne is a 6 day pass with one of the days a pass for both Les Arcs and La Plagne, so I'll have to check that area out some more when I'm there.  Anything else you can suggest?  I'm probably going to stay in bounds for the majority of my time, so any runs like the one you were mentioning would be great!

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And you spent a year in Bourg St. Maurice!?!?  That's intense!  Was it a study abroad thing or were you working a season?

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Sorry dennyn, just noticed your reply...I was working from home with a flexible enough schedule to ski about 60 days (but only 1 at La Plagne late in the season with SnowCrazy who gave me a nice tour of the place).  


If you haven't used your Les Arc day yet, and want a full day on piste, I would probably head over first thing and pick a run to take down to the Trans Arc lift.  From the top, traverse over to the Grand Col lift for a run, then head down to the Varet gondi (Arc 2000) and take that up to the Aiguille Rouge cable car.  From the top of the mnt (3200 M) you can ski all the way down to Villaroger (1200 M), but skip the last section if there isn't enough snow.  Some people would recommend La Ferme for lunch in Villaroger, but I like other places better. 


Then take 2 or 3 (depending if you did the last section) lifts back up and ski down Droset (black ungroomed)- there are two restaurants at the bottom below Arc 1950/2000 that are good if you have the time (especially when the weather is nice).  (For more lunch options that could be quicker, but not as good IMO, you could take the traverse to 1950/2000 from the top of Droset lift, but you would miss the Droset run, which was one of my favorites (with both on piste black ungroomed options and typically better snow off piste just outside the sticks) 


From there you can take Comborciere and ski Malgovert (funky, ungroomed red run) into Mont Blanc and the 1600 base.  From there, take Cachette up and traverse over to Acr 1800.  Take Vagere or one of the other lifts at 1800 and start traversing back over to the Vanoise Express to the La Plagne side.


If you think you will have time and the legs, ride the Varet gondi twice- skiing back to it the first time and onto Aiguille Rouge the 2nd.     

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Hi dennyn, if you want to meet up for a ski or snowboard let me know. Post a message here or PM me. You can also check out my 'Les Arcs Ski and Snowboard Info Group' on facebook (public access). Loads of info on Les Arcs there plus daily updates. Hope to see you some time.


Mefee, how you doing, long time since we spoke last. The conditions are not as bad as some are saying. Check out the pics in my facebook group to see what we have been up to out here. Good powder in my some of the places I like to ride. Still hope to come out to your side of the pond one of these days. Hope you are having a good season.







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Les Arcs 2011 / 2012 starts HERE!!!!

Hope everyone had a good summer. Time to start planning for next winter.

The summer season is over. All the lifts are closed. It is raining right now and there is even a little fresh snow falling on the mountain tops today so I thought it must be time to kick off the coming seasons new thread.

How many days is it till the season starts, not counted, but the lifts are scheduled to open 10th December with hopefully the film festival that week as well.

Here are some links to help everyone with there planning, but some are not online yet for 2011/2012 season, check back again in October:

I will post details of the latest developments from Les Arcs later today.

For anyone that is interested, you can see photos of what some people were doing in Les Arcs this summer over on my 'Les Arcs Summer' facebook public page. If you ever fancy a different kind of summer holiday. Les Arcs is great for all kinds of activities. Even the golf course is quite a challenge!!



Arc 1800

Arc 2000

Arc 1800

Peisey Vallandry

Peisey Vallandry

Arc 1600

Arc 1600

Arc 1950

Ski Area Info piste maps etc.

Ski Lessons all ages.

Weather Forecast.

Lift Passes.

Film Festival 10 - 17 Dec

The latest news from the resort:
Over on the Peisey Vallandry side the piste from near the bottom of the Combe piste started last season is now finished and links to the top of the Parchey Chair and across to the Grizzly so you do not need to go lower to get back to the main ski area higher up.

The new Chair lift coming out of Arc 1600 replacing the Mont Blanc and Deux Tetes lifts is well on it's way and should be finished in time for next season. They have built a new blue piste connecting the top of this chair across the top of the Deux Tetes Black piste and bottom of the Malgovert Red piste to join the Mont Blanc Blue piste giving easy access back to Arc 1600.

For all the pics and technical details about this new chair lift visit the link here which is produced by a guy working on the lifts. Much better pics than I could take, well worth the look. http://www.remontees-mecaniques.net/forums/index.php?s=cae7ede99832cb8762fe915d702b8e92&showtopic=12457&st=40

There are various upgrades of the snow canons going on around the resort.

The bottom of the Vagere Red piste has been re-laid with mud, hopefully this will make it safer when the snow cover is thin.

The building work for Edenarc is going ahead well, but the new buildings DO interfere with the beginners piste leading into Arc 1800 despite the guarantees that it would not, typical!! Link to the web page: http://www.edenarc1800.com/english/

The building on the other side of Arc 1800 near to the Charmettoger piste is continuing, but will take some time to finish although this work does not appear to be affecting the pistes on that side of the station.

There is a new building in the Arc 2000 bowl which may become another snack bar I am told, waiting to have that confirmed.

That seems to be about it for now, I will post again when I receive any further news.

For those coming out to Les Arcs, hope you have a good holiday and if anyone wants to meet up for a beer or join me for a ski / snowboard send me a PM.

For those that would like to see Les Arcs paradiski ski/snowboard pictures and/or read other info about Les Arcs, need links to other stuff in the resort stations or want to get the daily snow conditions update once the resort opens please visit my 'Les Arcs Ski and Snowboard Info Group', public access on facebook.


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Thanks for the update Chris...did you hang around BSM this summer instead of making sure everyone was safe at the UN?

We will be in France this year, but I don't plan to do any real skiing until April as I am currently rehabbing my new acl

By the way, this is Epic, not SH
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Update for Les Arcs 23.09.2011

The links for lift passes are out, though not working yet.

Just a quick update re. lift passes. If you go to the following link you will see the details of lift pass prices for the coming season. Seems to not be online yet, but worth giving them a call next Monday to ask more.


I will try to find out more re. last seasons special 'Ednearc' pass and whether those not in La Plagne still need to get this for the full discount. Hope to post more early next week.

Regarding Nirvanalps points and possible discounts for owners. Go to the next link, as always they have not put it all in English. There are two systems, Classic and Premium. You need to read it all, still not that easy to follow. Good luck! Anyone that uses this, please post what happens as this would be helpful to everyone.

Link for Nivanalps Points



Here is another link to add to your list for ski pass info.


For anyone into off piste. Here is an 'Off Piste Les Arcs' vid. See how many of the places you know. If anyone wants to come ski or ride these places with me when you are out in Les Arcs, get in touch before you come out. Best to send me a pm or email.


(Thanks to Tim for making this Vid)

As I get more news I will share it here.

It look's like the facebook Les Arcs ski and Info group pages are changing, for those that use my group as well, keep a look on the link as I might have to change it.


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For all you Mountain Bikers, here are the new VTT videos from the summer, one with Kenny Belaey and another made by the local boys. Both worth a look. Enjoy!




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Ok folks, now that the snow has arrived in the alps it is time to get this thread going.
Here are some updates of conditions during the last few days. Enjoy.
Here is something to help you buy your ski pass on-line.


And now that they have changed to ADS here are a couple of other promos they have made.



plus these ones re edited.



Enjoy, and let's hope it snows soon!!!!!
If you want to see more videos of Les Arcs and the Paradiski, including my passion for off piste. Check out the video link on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page. I will be adding stuff their all season as we make them I hope!


Hope you like them.
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The heavans have opened and it has been dumping down for two days and still snowing right now higher up. Here is a mini trip report of some fun I had last week.

A Trip to Remember, Les Arcs to Bourg!

What a fun day it turned out to be. When I looked outside this morning. last nights dump did not let me down. There was loads of snow, up to my knees as I cleared the path. Did a few jobs then time to go and play.

Tried out the downhill skis with the step-in 'add on' touring bindings. If you have never tried this system, it is fun, but you do need to have OK balance and watch your knees. (Ask at Polaire Star Ski and snowboard rentals by the funicular if you want to find out more about these, they turn your normal downhill skis into touring skis.)

After a good warm up, my first time on skis since last winter. Had some lunch then made up my mind to go out even if the vis up the mountain was bad. The snow had finished falling a few hours before, but the mountains were cloaked in cloud and fog getting ready for the next dump tonight I hoped.

Managed to hitch a ride up the mountain to Les Arcs 1600. The higher slopes were not visible and with so much snow about (around 30 - 40cm, I guess) it was better to take a safer option. There is a great route back down to Bourg so time to go. After 2 hours or so of a mix between downhill and traversing I made it from Les Arcs 1600 right back to the lake in Bourg, only taking my skis off to cross the roads and to avoid the odd fence or tree.

Really fun. Knee deep powder, maybe even more at the start. Then slowly as I got lower crossing the meadows and passing farm buildings to avoid the forest where possible, the snow started to get heavier as the vis improved. Even below half way the snow was still Ok and nearly up to my knees right until I reached the lake. The final meadow smelled of cattle, it was still green fields three days ago, but now a white untracked carpet.

I did not do this route last season. What a treat today was, fresh tracks the whole way, nobody else around, just what skiing is all about. Might even do it again tomorrow in better vis I hope. What a great way to start a season. All alone in the white expanse of the mountainside above Bourg.
P1010002 (2).JPG

Here is one photo, more can be found on my Les Arcs Winter page of this trip and conditions last night, link below. Hope you enjoy them.

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A few days ago I had another little trip. Was really fun. Here is the report.

Another trip into the back country, this time with a scenic photo shoot in mind.

Blue sky, fresh snow, an empty mountain and no tracks in sight. What more could I wish for.

As I shall be based in Arc 1950 as a ski host for the Film Festival VIP's again starting from tomorrow I thought it would be fun on such a nice day to get high and look across to Les Arcs ski domain and get some photos of the whole area.

Time to head up to La Rosiere and into one of the back valleys looking across to Les Arcs.

What a great day. As always with La Rosiere you need to choose where you ski quite carefully to avoid wind slab, but there are some great off piste areas if you plan your route. As my idea for today was to get good photos plus finding some off piste. I headed high on skins and got onto the ridge away from the pistes. If only the lifts were working to get me half way up. Oh well!

Having made the ridge, I had a photo stop and then headed into the valley. More untracked snow with great vis, but did give myself a little scare when the snow started to make strange noises. Ops!!! Time to get onto safer ground quickly. All alone on unstable snow is not a good place to be.

(Remember folks, like they say on TV, do not do this yourself. Well that covers me anyway. As I do enjoy being out in these places alone sometimes it is a risk I am willing to take. Please do not copy what I do unless you really know what you are doing. Ok I think that's enough, now back to the report.)

Once heading into the valley, on a very safe line I skied down towards the forest, stopping on the way for more photos and then finally arrived back at La Rosiere after a bit more skinning. Once I got away from the wind effected unstable stuff the snow was great. Managed to put fresh tracks everywhere I went and really enjoyed the calm peace of the place before the lifts open on Saturday.

Looking across at Les Arcs ski domain. The runs down to Villaroger are complete and they are getting them ready for skiing. The whole of the Arc 2000 bowl looks great and the off piste into the national park looks very tempting, but I think it might be very unstable right now.

Here is one of the photos, the others can be seen on my Les Arcs Winter page. Link below.





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Sunday 11 Dec
Another fun day I had earlier in the week whilst I have been the official Ski Host for the Les Arcs European Film Festival. 
Managed to hit the slopes today with a group of skiers and a snowboarder that were up for most anything.

Started off with a few warm ups on the pistes going up to the Grand Col which had just opened. Most if not all pistes in the Arc 2000 bowl are in very good conditions, but the piste natures all need more snow to save your skis from damage. Once up on the Grand... Col spent of the morning putting fresh tracks down various places and finally a fun line cutting back towards the Aiguille Rouge and Arc 1950 for lunch.

A good lunch in Luigis and then a grand tour of Les Arcs by a route including both on an off piste runs from Arc 1950 all the way to Peisey Vallandry taking in Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 on the way. The new Mont Blanc chair opened and does work well making a quicker journey out of Arc 1600. So as a link lift is is good. But you also get a great view of the off piste which I think is a real shame for our quiet little corner. Oh well!

Although still closed we also skied the new piste at the Peisey end and all the way back to the Vallandry lift which allows you to miss out the stones down into the Peisey lift.

Overall today, with most lifts now open, it showed how much fun can be had in Les Arcs in the first week of the season and more snow is forecast for tomorrow and the next few days. We shall see.

Other good news, the ESF is now in Arc 1950 with a new ski school office. They have a full range of options which link into the school in Arc 2000 with the added bonus that they guarantee all English speaking clients will get an English speaking Instructor, whether for private or group lessons. they are also cheaper than Spirit 1950 school in all areas. Other discounts are being discussed and I will post more info about this once I here.

The link for booking online is currently still through the Arc 2000 ESF office:


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Monday 12 Dec
A white out above the trees, very windy in places, cold, BUT it kept snowing all day!!

Despite the poor vis, I ended up with quite a big group again on this day to hunt out the best places to ski. The Peisey forest was good as always and we spent the morning over that side before heading back to Arc 1950 for lunch with near zero vis at the top of the Transarc lift.

In the afternoon another group came along and we headed to Arc 1600 and the new Mont Blanc lift. The Cachette red was interesting with fresh snow building on a very icy frozen cruddy base. But the new top of the Mont Blanc blue and the powder fields to the sides back down through the forest to Arc 1600 were very good. Much as it hurts me to say it, they have done a good job with the new pistes and it does not really interfere with the Malgovert red piste nature. The Deux Tetes black piste nature is still there, but needs more snow to make the start safe from rocks. But once over this problem (they seem to have dumped a lot of crud there) the rest of the run seems to be ok still.

Going back up and over into the Arc 2000 bowl was not fun in the late afternoon, cold and windy. But the snow has kept falling, although only lightly now most of the evening and more is promised for tomorrow and later in the week. If this keeps up, the holiday period should be really fun for everyone.

If you are driving out shortly, you will need chains for the car. The roads tonight are quite bad. More news tomorrow.

Remember, if you want to read the daily morning update direct from the pisteurs, plus details of weather and what's on in resort. I will be posting it around 8.30am each morning as long as I get up in time (otherwise could be a bit later). Go to my 'Les Arcs Winter' page on facebook. You do not need to be a member of facebook to view this page, just click the link below.

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To give you a flavour of what it is like out here right now. I am posting a copy of the report of the last few days below.
Here is a report of the last few days, enjoy!!
Tuesday 13 Dec, Wednesday 14 December, Thursday 15 December 2011.

What a last few days. Tuesday the morning started off quite clear and calm. We were able to get up to the Grand Col and play in the fresh powder until lunch time again.

After lunch the predicted storm started to arrive, by 2pm most lifts were closing and only the Bois de l'ours stayed open which gave us access to the black piste nature back down to the bottom of the lift.

For the rest of the afternoon we made various routes down this sheltered face in poor vis, but good snow. Finishing with an untracked run down the closed red in knee deep powder blown into the gully by the ever increasing wind. Finally we stopped at around 4pm when the vis was almost down to zero. What a way to spend my birthday!!

After a great meal and a lively night, went to bed with the storm still going strong outside. They had forecast for the weather to improve for a while on Wednesday morning, but I think someone forgot to tell the weather gods.

I awoke Wednesday to the storm blowing strongly in the Arc 2000 bowl and although they had hoped to open more lifts, by the time we hit the slopes at 10pm only the Marmotte, Pre St Esprit and the beginner lift were still open. Just enough not to give lift pass refunds!!!

Even round the other side there were few lifts open. The new Mont Blanc could not open as it now goes to high and was effected by the wind so we have lost the whole Mont Blanc forest area on windy bad weather days. NOT VERY GOOD planning!! unless you know the secret traverse!!

We went out and made a few runs, but with the wind still gaining speed. We called it quits by 11.30 or so and went in for lunch.

The afternoon has been a complete white out. The group choose to hit the sauna etc and then go to see a movie, then dinner. I must say on a day like this the facilities of Arc 1950 are great.

Early Thursday morning before going out. It has been snowing without any let up since I posted 8 hours ago on my twitter feed. It is still snowing now outside and they say it will keep going all night and tomorrow. They may close the road up to Arc 1950/2000 tonight, that will prove interesting.

Thursday after going out, we did manage a ski again in the morning for a few hours in near white out conditions, but the powder was good and even going down to Pre St Esprit was fun. Fresh tracks the whole way. As you would guess we had the place mostly to ourselves, not many people out skiing over on the Arc 2000 side.

As those that followed my tweets saw, we stopped by lunch time and that was it for the day. The whole of Arc 2000 side was shut down by 1.30pm. Even the Cabriolet closed early afternoon.


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Friday 16 December
Back home nice and safe!!!

What a drive down that was. Having kicked the idea of skiing on the head today. I visited a few friends in various Arc stations and then headed for home. It was snowing when I left Arc 1950 after lunch having been up in Arc 2000 and it was still snowing as I passed La Grange having called into Arc 1600 and Arc 1800 on the way down a few hours later.

I did hear they were not wanting people to go to other ski areas, but that was more about not overloading the lifts in those areas than anything else. The road was only briefly closed in the morning and the buses were running until after lunch. But they stopped around 4pm and the road over to Arc 1950 and 2000 was closed around 5pm until tomorrow morning. You could still get up to the other Les Arcs stations after 5pm, but maybe later tonight they will close the road from BSM as well, although that has not been annonced when I was out in town earlier.

After visiting the other stations I set off again and just after La Grange the snow turned to sleet and then to rain. But there was plenty of snow all the way down to the valley and right into my garden.

The roads were crazy!!! I watched a guy in a 4x4 going to fast coming up the hill straight towards me having misjudged the bend and bounced off the barrier before just gaining control again. Thank god I was going slowly or we would have hit head on. I just stopped and let him pass on my side of the road!! . He was very lucky, if there had not been a barrier he would have gone over the edge and crashed.

I then came across a shuttle bus, still in the ditch and the driver just arriving in a car to start digging it out. The shuttle buses are now stopped until tomorrow morning when they will review the situation. So if you need to use them, you should check.

Up in Arc 2000 there was high banks of snow on both sides of the road. Down towards Arc 1600 the road was still covered in a layer of fresh snow and without winter tyres would have been a nightmare. Even the slush lower down was so deep that your steering locked and you had to take real care on the corners.

I have posted the pics of the drive down in the December folder on my Les Arcs Winter facebook page and you can now also follow me on Twitter.

If you are driving out do take care. There is more snow on the way. This drive was a real challenge today.

As for the skiing, if the lifts open tomorrow and the weather improves there is going to be some amazing snow out there. Where it has been windy, the conditions could be very difficult, but in the more sheltered areas I hope to find some deep powder.

I will post again tomorrow evening.


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Saturday 17 December

Despite the 'Level 5' avalanche warning they did manage to open the Funi and the beginners lift in Arc 1600 plus the Transarc 1 and Chantel chair in Arc 1800.

This meant we could get up from the valley and head straight to Arc 1800 (I was very pleased I drove down yesterday, the road looked even worse this morning).

On our way to Arc 1800 by bus, as we went round a corner in Arc 1800 another 4x4 skidded in the snow and hit the side of the bus. Nobody hurt and after a few words by the bus driver (not his fault), the bus moved off so we did not waste any ski time. Crazy drivers going to fast.

Up the Transarc 1 and straight into the powder in the trees and over to the Vallandry chair. Up top and back down under the chair almost the whole way in more powder to the Vallandry chair again. Then up and over to the Peisey side of the forest and down through the forest until I hit the new Combe Ecureuils piste. Interesting that the top half was great powder and the bottom section coming onto the new piste had started to go 'off'.

Then down to the VE and over to Montchavin for lunch. There were suppose to be musicians and Vin Chaud at the VE, but it did not happen when we passed through in both directions. On the way down to Montchavin the snow higher up was good but as you approached the village it had become very crusty off piste and hard packed on piste.

After lunch over on the Montchavin/Les Coches side we headed up as high as possible and found some nice untracked powder through the meadows back down towards Les Coches and then on down back to the VE at the sides of the pistes.

Finally heading back through the trees of Peisey Vallandry to the Derby chair and back to the Chantel Chair, then across to Arc 1600 along the Gollet forest piste. Loads off snow everywhere and looking up from the Gollet piste the snow looked great, just waiting to be skied.

Just for a change we headed down the Granges red to the lower Funi station. We had considered going all the way to Bourg, but even before La Grange despite there being loads of snow, the top surface had gone off and turned to breakable crust so we jumped on the Funi and home.

Despite the very high avalanche risk, if you go where there is NO risk of anything moving, you can have real fun off piste. Now let us hope they can get it safe enough to go higher tomorrow before the next snow arrives in a few days.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about the first week of the season here in Les Arcs. I will update this thread every few days.
You are also welocme to visit these links.

http://www.facebook.com/LesArcsWinter and Twitter https://twitter.com/snowcrazychris
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Today I made it a late start as the lifts did not open until after 10am. The snow was ok at first, but started to go off by the afternoon. The vis came and went all day and did not improve much. The snow falling started to turn to rain at 1800m by around 3.30pm, but has now changed back to light snow higher up I have just been told.


The top of the forest area was ok off piste, but with a level 5 ...warning you had to be really careful and on the shallower slopes the snow became heavy and wet going into the stations.

They are hoping to open more of the higher lifts tomorrow. We shall just have to wait and see what the weather does!


Bourg St Maurice was a carpet of white snow today with cars sliding around everywhere. If the snow on the roads freezes tonight you will have to take real care driving anywhere. The route between Aime and Bourg was closed due to an avalanche today, but is reopen now. My friends took between 2 and 4 hours to get from Moutiers today, but I think the traffic is moving a little better now.

Hope you all have a good NEW Year's Eve tonight and best wishes for the coming Year!!

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For those that have just arrived or who are arriving today. Here is a summary from this morning taken from my Les Arcs Winter page. If you want to read the full version with lift details etc. visit the link below. You do not need to sign into facebook to read this page.

Looking outside this morning, the cloud and mist are still hanging around the valley and I cannot see the mountain tops. The road outside has a light covering of a few cm's of snow, maybe 5 cm at most. It looks like it may snow again. It is very cold. Higher up the mounatin you can see the peaks between the different layers of cloud, but it is flat light. The main roads in the valley are ok, but the side roads are not so good. The roads up to resort stations are open, but you should take care.

TIPS OF THE DAY: (Pisteurs)
Welcome to ski paradise!
With a cloudy sky and the return of wind from the South East, winter (very cold)has arrived again!! We recommend skiing in forest edges for better visibility and protection from cold and wind. Cover up well, and consider making regular breaks to hydrate yourself with hot drinks. Moderate your speed and the sensation of the cold conditions will be reduced.

100% of the ski area (200 km of marked pistes) is open with "good" conditions everywhere: soft, velvety snow on groomed pistes and the few inches of fresh snow yesterday to freshen up other areas. Ski the blue runs in all these areas and at high altitude to start your stay by warming up carefully.

If you are bothered by the lack of visibility and prefer tree skiing. Arc 1600: very beautiful red Arolles or blue Mont Blanc pistes. The area of Peisey-Vallandry offers a wide selection of pistes in the forest. Arc 2000 Villaroger section also has a number of pistes passing through the forests. For holders of the package PARADISKI opportunity to ski in the forest of Montchavin / les Coches.

SECURITEE TIP: Be aware of fluorescent banners planted on the slopes, they will
cite passages, gradients, intersections and are there to make you slow down. Please be prudent at all times. Control your speed and remain able to stop a safe distance from others. Always the respect nature!!

Have a nice day Very Happy

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Here are a few photos to show you what amazing conditions we have been having over the last few weeks. Hurry up and get out here whilst the snow conditions remain so good!!

It's another POWDER day. Playing in the trees above Peisey! Jan 20



Jump Number Two. Taking a bit more air. He landed this one as well!!! Jan 21



You can see many more photos of the current conditions on my facebook page which is public access.






What a view!! Jan 26

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Its temping to join you Chris, but I am trying to be good and give my knee plenty of time to heal this second go around- otherwise I would already be there.  Some of my best skiing days have been at Les Arcs and it truly looks like it is going off in a great way this season.


Did you get my email?  My April plans are a bit up in the air.



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