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Ive been fiddling arround with canting for a few years now. My free skiing improved a lot and also club racing. Ended up with 1,5deg (boot sole thicker under big toe edge). I got more or less rid of the A-frame and my skis started to carve much cleaner and there was significant improvement in outside ski not skidding away from underneath me in tight turns. However, on national level SL and GS competitions on FIS prepared slopes I had no hopes of surviving. I backed off the canting for this year to 1 deg and found it to be quite good for running gates at practise. Hopped back to 1,5 to see if there was any difference but it turned out to be way too radical. Anything but 100% edge locked carving became impossible and I cannot carve every turn in a race. Whent back to 1deg but this weekend at the SL races I felt like I was on 1.5 again. It seems even 1deg is too much for me when the course is very hard or icy. The way they usually are when you start with number 54.

The feeling I have on a very hard course is that my ski aggressively carves and lock onto its edges before I have inclined enough to get away with the edge hold. The more I project myself into the turn the quicker the froce kicks in and Im pulled out of the turn. On soft surface this is no problem.

So could it be that Im over canted when racing? Do I need different boots for racing and freeskiing?