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Le Massif, Quebec

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What's Le MAssif like? Am considering going next week but not sure whether there's any cheap accommodation in the area?
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Try this link from tourism Quebec.  It will provide links to all the hotels/lodging around Le Massif.  I am always able to find something pretty reasonable using this.  I have stayed at Hotel Baie Saint Paul previously with the dinner plan and we all quite enjoyed it.

We will be in the area this weekend as my son has an I2 event at Le Relais.  I am hoping to get to Le Massif on the Sunday or Monday with Mont Ste Anne being my fall back plan.
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I read and responded to your other thread about Montreal ski areas.

Le Massif is by far the best hill in QUebec. I actually prefer it to all the hills in New England as well, but I am biased that way. There is excellent tree skiing, long cruisers, good bump skiing, incredible views, some interesting backcountry skiing, and the hill is in a strange micro climate where they get a ton of snow. It truly is still a skier's mountain and has not gotten too touristy yet. (Although they are going to start to upgrade local facilities to try and improve the hill as a destination resort.)

When you arrive at the hill, the parking lot and main lodge are at the top of the mountain. The base of the mountain is actually right down on the St Lawrence river, so the views are fabulous. Also, the way they have cut the trails, cutting back and forth across the mountain, the hill seems to ski way bigger than the 2500' vertical listed.

The only downside is lack of local lodging. You will have to drive 20 minutes each day to ski (at least). Check where your hotel is before committing to booking it. Quebec city is 45min-1 hour away. There are some B&Bs at the bottom of the hill, in Petit RIviere ST Francois, which is about 5 minutes to the hill, but I have no experience with them, so cannot comment. I am not sure if there is actually a town, or just a bunch of old homes converted to B&Bs for skiing.

Are you going during the week? If so, they have some incredible deals right now for Sun-thurs. SKi and stay for 2 days and the 3rd is free. Lots of options in the $65-$70 range (assuming double occupancy). You can stay at the Hotel Baie St Paul, includes 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, and 3 lift tickets for $192 before tax. Works out to $64/day. I have stayed there and it is basically a room and a bed beside a highway. The breakfast is okay, and there are enough restaurants around that you have many options for dinner. If you just want to go skiing and sleep, this fits the bill. Basically, it work s out to paying for your lift ticket and getting a hotel and breakfast for free.

Alternately, there are also hotels in the Mont Ste Anne base area participating, but a little more expensive. The Hotel CHateau Mont Ste Anne is very nice, full service hotel. It is $267 for the 3 day/3 night package. No breakfast, but I believe the rooms have a kitchenette. There is more to do in the evenings there, so if you want some nightlife in your trip, this may be a better option.

The full list of hotels in this promo can be found on the massif website at:

Great hill, do not let the lack of onsite lodging dissuade you from going. That is one of the reasons it still is a great hill. I used to go there when we had to take school buses back to the top of the hill. They didn't even install lifts until the early 90s. You will not regret planning a trip to Massif.
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Thanks HudsonHacker - I will check it out though so far, the only 1 or 2 day options for lodging seem pretty expensive. Maybe its only the 3 day options?

This looks off piste enough for me :)
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I concur with Hudson.  Le Massif is 800 miles from my house.  It was worth the drive! 
Great place:
If you don't get to that region often, Mont Sainte Anne is very much worth a visit too, but if your focus is Le Massif I would stay in Baie Ste Paul.  Not often you can visit a seaport, art colony, and skitown in one place.
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Yeah, short term options for lodging aren't great. I am pretty sure Hotel Baie Saint Paul can offer a room for around $60/night, but without a lift ticket. I have not found anywhere to get discounts on Massif tickets other than the Passe Partout Card, but since the card costs $37, it may not work for your situation. Plus, not valid most places on Saturdays, btu if you ski many different places, it is useful.〈=EN

That is the problem when you ski alone or as a couple; you cannot take advantage of lodging savings offered by condos. I know of a condo to rent at Mont ste Anne for $90 / night. It fits 4 people and is 30 mins to Le Massif and at the base of STe Anne. If there are 3 or 4 people, it is a great deal, but single or a couple, you do not save that much. Then again, you do not have to go to restaurants for meals.(I am a good cook, so prefer to go the condo route since I eat that much healthier.)

A final option is the Ski Express. It leaves Montreal early in the am, you go to Massif (as well as lots of other choices), and come home at the end of the day. No driving stress and costs from $69 to $73 depending on the day.  They schedule a trip up there every 4 or 5 days.
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That condo could be good. Is it 90 split between 4 people or 90 each?
I hear the nightlife is a little better in Mont St Anne?
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The Condo is $90 whether you have 1 person or 4. So, if you have a bunch of other people to ski with, it cuts costs fast. If you are interested, just let me know and I will send you her contact info.
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A day too late - damn. Oh well :) Le Massif was beautiful and has some really long runs compared to the rest of Quebec - more like what I'm used to in the Alps. However, what I will say is that I will not be going there on the weekend again and if I do, I will only be keeping to the black runs. The place is way too small for the amount of people on the runs and the chalets are too small too cope with the amount of people there. On a weekday this would be an awesome place.
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