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Debates getting old, SCSA

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SCSA, since Tuesday, you have posted the following:

May 22 9:15pm "Steering, Yes or No" thread:
I'm not qualified to debate with you guys. I only know one story. Edit: Heck, I don't even know all of that, yet.

May 23 13:33pm "The HH Debates:An early one (long)" thread:
I'm not qualified to talk about PSIA and even instruction, for that matter. And I'm not going to. Slap me if you see me doing it.

May 24 12:23pm "Lito & Harb break Bread" thread:
Please, you guys. Go take a course - get certified. I promise, you'll love it. Then go bitch at your ski school directors. It won't be long before skiers like me will demand a change - WE WON'T YOU TEACH US A BROKEN SYSTEM. I WON'T LET YOU TEACH MY SON THIS BS! WE DEMAND THAT YOU TEACH US TECHNIQUE THAT'S UP TO DATE WITH THE EQUIPMENT.

May 22 9:41pm "Steering, Yes or No" thread:
But I'm not learning to be a racer. I'm learning to be a great all mountain skier. My stance works anywhere; bumps, powder, the whole bit.

May 22 10:26pm "Steering, Yes or No" thread
Then boom! Next year I'm going to join a Masters racing program.


**** pick a platform and stick with it. You wouldn't also happen to be a senator from Vermont, would you?

**Due to the power shortage, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off indefinitely.
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I'm not just a guy who's tried to lighten things up around here fairly recently with some lame attempts at humor. I've been skiing for 40 years, and I do find most discussions about evolving ski technique very interesting. I have been following all these threads the last few weeks, and I have great admiration for the patience, experience, intelligence, maturity and commitment to the sport so clearly exhibited by Bob, Ott, Pierre and others. I will now exhibit my own self-control by not adding my own additional 2-cents to the discussion, except to say that JohnH is right: This is getting old - very old! On the other hand, I certainly would be interested in viewing an unbiased report on how SCSA ends up doing in a nice icy slalom course!

BE the skis!
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Hey Tominator
Where's those t-shirts?

Thanks for all the laughs.
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Though I tend to agree, it sure beats some of the discussions on the relative merits of the ski socks.
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The vast majority of us in Vermont feel that ALL persons in our Congressional delelgation are effective, representative, intelligent and highly principled. If you must disagree, that's your right, but please be aware of the opinions of the majority in Vermont, who know them best. Any one of the members of our Congressional delegation would be elected by a very substantial majority if a vote were to be taken tomorrow.

P.S. edit: Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords has not changed his platform. However, the Grand Old Party - the party of Bob Taft, Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, George Aiken and the many others who would today be called "moderates" - has moved significantly away from its principles of "less government interference" and more toleration. If you will insist upon making political remarks on this forum, you may expect that some of us who have spent a lifetime "working in the vinyards" will occasionally respond.<FONT size="1">

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Having read my above tirade a few more times, it has occured to me that it's misplaced and an over reaction to the remark about being a "Senator from Vermont". Sorry. We're just kind of worked up here over the whole thing, and I needed to vent. John H just gave me the "red cape" I needed, and I was off and running. Thanks for catalyzing my relief, John. Apologies to all for the tirade.
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Yuki - please provide the link to the thread about the relative merits of ski socks!
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Hi ya doin,

I just got back from watching 4 straight days of Downhill Racer - it's the greatest movie of all time.

"Director Michael Ritchie makes his feature film debut with DOWNHILL RACER, an adrenaline-soaked sports drama that features another alluring performance from Robert Redford. Redford plays David Chappellet, a cocky, undisciplined young skier from Idaho Springs, Colorado (I'm from Denver, close enough)".

1) SnoKarver. Change your name to "FenceRider", would ja.

Damn straight. But I ain't racing against you. I'm racing against the clock, pal. In bicycling we call it the "race of truth".

2) Ganzo banzo. You said the people here were nice - you're not including me in that list are you?

3) Barnes. We're skiing together as soon as that mountain fills in. If you start training now, I won't have to carry your skis, or help you to your car.

4) And don't be coming round with your short skis either. What's up with all these 160's and 170's? Short skis are for skiers with short skills. It's the short syndrome all over again. You might as well be using your little sisters skis.

5) And why is it that every time there's a mention of a fanatic, everyone assumes it's me, eh? Ohhhhhhh. So now I'mmmmmmm the only fanatic here...Well, if that makes you feel sooooooo much better...

Besides. Haven't you heard? "Be like SCSA"

6) Where's my boy Rusty?
Yo Rusty. You training? And get some longer skis while you're at it.

Ahhhh, but you guys are right, I belong in the cheap seats - more time to work on my skills, which are getting better,,,,all the time. I'm out there today, balancin on my edges. Yeah, Friggin Whooo!

Hi ya doin

We can change the world --
Re-arrange the world

It's dying - if you believe in justice
It's dying -- and if you believe in freedom
It's dying -- let a man live his own life
It's dying -- rules and regulations, who needs them?

Lyrics from "Chicago"
Graham Nash.

I have an authentic Dennis Rodman jersey. Now theres's a great one.

Hi ya doin
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Barnes, what up!

I knew you guys hated that movie.
Selfish, arrogant, obnoxious. All my most positive traits.

Ahhhhhh, it's good to be different.
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That's what I'm here for.
Flame me baby, flame me.
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##### As many of you know, Mr. PoundKey has been declared dead...perhaps retired is a better phrase. This is his parting shot...

SCSA or PMTS or whatever the hell your name is...you have got to be the most annoying waste of band width this side of Great Britain (or Austria). Now whether you think of the techno geek babble that sometimes goes on in this part of the forum is interesting, bizarre or pathetic (MPK is on the fence here), what is apparent is that you are a troll who can't let go...hell, even MPK knows when the horse is dead (usually).

So here it is in a nutshell: you believe that PMTS is the best teaching system. Others disagree, but concede that there may be some merit to some of the concepts. ALLRIGHTY THEN....that's it, the sum and substance of your obnoxious ramblings and the replies that try to remain civil. Now...shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd call you a moron, but AC frowns on such, so I wont. I am thinking though that you might be helped by some therapy at LPSG, you obviously are under the delusion that you are the biggest swinging d*** around. (take it easy AC, its a literary reference).

Last thing...qouting Graham Nash???? Figures you'd go for a whiny ass Brit. Well, if you are going to rely on pop music as a source of inspiration, remember what the poet once said: "...every night I become my enemy, in the instant that I preach...". Now:

<font size=+20><marquee>SD& (for the love of God, please)SU!!!</marquee></font>

Well, adios all...illegetimi non carobundum!!! And Danger Baby... your cliff line awaits, practice junior, practice...I look forward to meeting your women.

You know what, I've changed my mind: SCSA is a moron, and an obnoxious one at that.

"Pissing off the planet, one person at a time..."

<FONT size="1">

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Yeah yeah.

The guy figures out how to get a marquee going and now he's a hero.

Can you say, html 101. "I'm so thrilled that I have the skills of a 6th grader and I want everyone to see".

<FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by SCSA (edited May 29, 2001).]</FONT>
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You forgot to include selfish and arrogant. C'mon, get it right.
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in case you missed this in the other thread..

Didn't anyone teach you to respect your elders. Since your the one with the large pie hole, shoot'n off about your wealth etc., why don't you fly all those you've challenged to your home mountain. I am quite sure it would be a humbling experience, for you that is.
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Ahhhh, c'mon.

Can't a guy have a little fun? You gotta be able to laugh at yourself.

Next time you come to Colorado, look me up. Just make sure you leave, though.

Here's my favorite bumper sticker.
"Colorado is full, go home".
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Yeah, and you're not very nice, either. And your shoes and socks don't match. You snore. (I'm sure of it.) How 'bout that bad breath, too? You never like any of my friends. You have cooties. You never laugh at my jokes and I laugh at all yours. It's rumored you're a terrible lover and a cheap tipper. You cause trouble and force me to reply to posts when I really don't want to. Go. Stay. Go. Stay....
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OK Wacko m' boy..............

Just what kind of skis are you riding? Enquiring minds really want to know!
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Hey Yuki,

Head Super Cross Ti - 180. 180's are too short for me now, my skills have improved. So now, I'm getting a pair in a 190.

For me, this ski goes anywhere. Tight bumps, steeps, crud, powder, you name it. Man oh man, I love them skis.
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Uhh, I better go duck for cover in the cheap seats now. I feel some flames coming my way.
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Pierre, eh! For the record, when I met you in person, you definitely appeared to be taller than 5' 9".
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You are too much the gentleman to be in on these threads..... and, you are that voice of reason (held in reserve).

But when the Vermont barrister gets pissed...
...... Head for the White Mountains?
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SCSA: 180's are too short for me now, my skills have improved.

SCSA, could you explain why you would like to go to a longer ski because you skills have improved? What will a longer ski do for you that a 180 or shorter not do for you? What are the advantages of a longer ski as your skills improve?

I'm just curious as to your thoughs, since I was considering going a bit shorter.

Also, what your height/weight, so that I have a reference point?

**Due to the power shortage, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off indefinitely.
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Oboe: When I met him, I thought he was barely taller than my 5'6", but maybe my boots are taller than his? I also thought he was a lot lighter than my 215 pounds because he looked almost skinny. I figured him for 180-190. Possibly Pierre is really a mystical maverick?
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Kneale and Pierre, they say that perception is reality. To me, Pierre appears to be a giant. His knowledge of skiing mechanics [which is apparent on these threads] and his insite in general [which was apparent when we had dinner] are remarkable.
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Other than the most obvious reasons, he's going to a 190 because they only make 180's or 190's.
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You said you met this SCSA,
Were your impressions simular to Rusty guy?
Did you ski with them too?
Most of us agree he should be fairly good with 180 days in 2 years but....

Too bad his attitude doesn't match his skiing ability. <FONT size="1">

[This message has been edited by dchan (edited May 30, 2001).]</FONT>
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I'm 6'2" and 195. For me, I just didn't have the confidence with the 180's in deep snow.

The side cut is: 110, 72, 100.

I was a little worried that my bump skiing would suffer, but I tried a pair in a 190 and didn't really notice any difference. So, I'm thinking the 190 will be better in deep snow.
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Paul, forget about longer skis. Get a pair of fats for the poder.
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One of my favorite ski movies is Maltese Flamingo...

And, almost ANY Warren Miller flick..

Warren undertands the spirit of skiing better than most.

And ummm

I have just "railslid" your stupid fence on a "wimpy" pair of 160 twin tip skis SCSA!

mooohaaa haaa haa haaa haaa

I found a great bumper sticker for you at a truck stop in the middel of Nebraska.

Put it on your skis, please....

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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dchan: My response was regarding meeting Pierre,eh, not the Terror of Epic.
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