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Do skis still break?

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Yesterday at Sugarloaf (Maine) I skied over the very spot some 40 years before where I fell and snapped that pair of Javelin XXL's in 205cm. I was 13 yo at the time and was only consoled by the fact that there was a two year warranty aganist such tragedies. And well there should have - they cost $210 in 1969.
Of all the reviews I have read, and experiences of folks on various ski brands, I can not recall one report of snapping a ski. Seems that it happened rather frequently in the old days. So either my conclusion is just misinformed or skis just to do not break like they used to. If so, materials, size (smaller on avg so less leverage), ski technique, more effective bindings create faster "separation" ?
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We still see bent/broken skis at times. It is less than it used to be, but still happens.
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Ive got two cracks on either side of the tips of one of my skis from stabbing a mogul and sending myself flying in the process, ive been skiing on it for about a year and the cracks havnt extended at all.
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Any more questions?  That's me on Goat at Stowe a few  years ago

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I rode a lift up with a woman 2 years ago who had rented skis from a local rental place not affiliated with WP. She was a first timer and we talked about WP all the way up. I was still deciding which run I wanted to do when she skied up and asked how to get down without skiing-it seems that the tail of one of her skis had taken a core shot so, even though the PTex was still intact, her ski wiggled at that broken spot like a loose tooth. I got her back on the lift for the ride down.
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Speed skiers break skis a lot. More often than not they bend them, although given the right circumstances they will blow apart from tip to tail. If I have the misfortune of seeing some this weekend at a Ski Cooper DH race, I'll take a picture. Interestingly, bent skis can be straightened by a pro. They won't be perfect, but they'll do all right for an inspection ski or trainer.

It takes a lot to break a modern ski. If you break a ski these days, you have probably hit something pretty hard and are happy to (hopefully) be in once piece even if your skis aren't.

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Many skis bend. Its caused by the metal sheets in the skis. If fact many people have bent skis and don't know it. A close look looking down the edges and down the base many times will revel a small bend in a ski.   

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