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Me: 6'2", 195 lbs, 54 y.o. X semi-pro GSer.

Skied these out of the box, factory tune, wax and on the factory centerline, on packed powder surfaces for starters.
First impression was that it had some weight to it, but it was my first turns of the year, and on new Langes as well.
Turn initiation was spot on, requiring no effort but rolling your ankles. The tips come around real easy for nice round turns when you want or need them.
We got to Vail late in the afternoon so I had only an hour and a half to dial in.

Next day was a fresh 6" waiting for us on top of the 30" from the previous weekend. WOW!!! Tree runs down Shangri-La Glade were effortless. Now the skis don't seem to have a weight issue, but my friggin' old Smartwool socks won't stay up. :(
These things laugh at the cut-up as well.

Over to Champagne Glade and my two buds are blown away by my assault. First run was one of my all-time best tree lines, right down the OB rope. The softish tail really make these babies easy to work. Remember I'm in new boots that are factory as well.

Skied all day 'til 4PM and have plenty left for the Riva Ridge valley plunge. I will say that the factory bevel is okay for firm snow, but after the third day, I hit a good rock on an outside edge on the tip, so I went for a 3* bevel tune. WOW!!! Now it is as solid on firm as anything out there.

Trees, trees, trees. My bros were riding a new obSethed and AC50s, quite a good cross-section of boards for trees that started to rut-out. The ACs are too stiff when you tire, but the obSetheds kept on truckin, even in the three day old stuff.

I LOVE these MOJOS!!! 20 meter radius I figure, my old First Bloods were about 24 meter, but you had to wait for them. This is a better ski for an older racer,,,,,,,a fun performance minded ski. I can't think of any short-comings. Oh, they seem durable as well.
Good float and spin for a 94mm wide mid-fat.

Should be interesting in deep POW to see if I will move my Railflex back, always a nice option, but for my new BIG mountain board, centerline is fine.

Buy these boards, good mojo to all!!!