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Volkl AC30 2009 vs 2010

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So a month ago I demoed a pair of Volkl AC30's (2010 version) in a size 177 at Squaw Valley. Conditions were such that there was maybe 6-8 inches on new snow in the last 24 hours. I took them out and had a blast, from fast GS riding to moguls, steeps and some tree skiing. In nut shell, they were the best skis I've ever used. Almost like I was cheating. So, I went on line and bought a pair of 2009 AC30's (new) and skied them this last week-end at Heavenly Valley on hardpack/ice. I was only able to ski perhaps 4-5 runs since I had my kids with me, but I noticed that these skies behaved differently. They initiated a turn the same, but perhaps they felt a little less stable at speed, and had some chatter, which did not exist with the 2010's.

I'm just trying to figure out if other people have experienced this as well, or if it's all in my head. Yea, I know, I should have just bought the 2010 model and be done with it. But the 09's were heavily discounted, and I'm cheap, as my wife says. btw- I'm 155lbs, 42yrs, and an expert skier. I used to race in high school and college, but got burt out skiing and took a ten year break.

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I have skied the 08-09 version about 20 times and did not notice any instability at speed.  In fact it's one of the most stable ski's on the market.   Perhaps the snow conditions were a little more hard pack when you went out the second time?    I will tell you that they are stiff in the bumps so you have to be right on them.   Thats the only reason I haven't bought them is I want a ski that can handle the bumps just a little better.  But everything and I mean everything else about that ski rocks.    Powder no problem,  trees no problem, landings no problem, steeps no problem. 
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I have read the only difference is graphics...  Could have been the snow or the tuning.  If they were new but over a year old, get them re-tuned and the bases ground, as shop that has a stone grinder is best.  It's possible that sitting at the shop the ski might have warped a little, which would have effected the way the ski reacts.  Not to worry and this is not uncommon for even a brand new ski of the current season. 
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Was it 2009 or 2010 that they changed the AC30?  If your 2009 are 76mm instead of 80mm at the waist then it was 2010.  I think whenever they changed it (I thought it was 2010), it is different both in dimensions and construction.  Other than shape, I thought they changed from Titanium to steel in the construction.

I have the 2008 76mm waisted titanium version and haven't found any chatter at speed on our eastern hardpack.
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2010 was the first year with 80 mm waist.  Prior to that AC-30s had a 76 mm waist.
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That's what I thought and may explain the different ski feel. 124-80-107 vs. 118-76-104, steel vs. titanium, and the wide ride bindings on the 2010.
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Another difference is the wide track binding,that in itself will give the ski a different feel for what it is worth.
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anyone know if the 2010 is same firmness?
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