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Utah trip 2/13 - 2/20 - where to ski, staying in Park City

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Hello -
I will be making my first visit to Utah.  We will be staying in Park City.  I am trying to decide where to spend the time skiing - I am open to suggestions.  I am a Killington skier who prefers Killington's trees and older trails.  When at Heavenly, I've enjoyed all the tree skiing on the Nevada side as well as Mott & Killebrew Canyons - but not a big fan of narrow chutes - When at Vail, I head straight to Blue Sky Basin.

Based on what I've read about the areas in Utah - I am gravitating towards the Canyons & Alta.  I will have my 17 year old daughter with me who will follow me anywhere I take her within reason.

Should I not waste the time at Park City and concentrate on the Canyons and Alta/Snowbird?  I prefer not to spend a lot of time driving from Park City to the other canyons.  So my preliminary thinking is the following - maybe 1 day at Park City, 3 days at Canyons, 1 or 2 days at Alta/Snowbird, and what about Deer Valley?

Suggestions are welcome particularly as it relates to best gladed skiing and terrain. 
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You may want to do a search as this type of question has been asked and answered many times.  Your schedule looks good  but I have been to Snowbasin and if you have a car I would take the opportunity to spend a day there.  Solitude (BCC) was nice as well for a day.  I have only skied Deer Valley and not the other two PC resorts but the convenience for you makes it worth while to spend most of your time there.
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wannabeskibum.  - Utah doesn't have much of the gladed skiing you might had had elsewhere, it has its' own kind of skiing, much of it raw and rugged with innumerable nooks and crannies to explore.  Personally, I like Park City MR better than the Canyons, i think you will likely find 1 day at the Canyons is good. 

All three Park City resorts are big with your kind of skiing at all of them, what will matter most is how the snow is.  If it is cold with recent snowfall, they will ski just fine, but if it is warm and hasn't snowed for a week, then the Cottonwood Canyons will be noticeably better.  The CC.'s get more snow and hold what they get for better conditions, usually. But if it is snowing, then stay in Park City and don't suffer the hassle of getting up the LCC.  (But then of course you could be missing terrific powder, it's a tossup)

Alta and Snowbird rule in Utah, personally I would recommend a day at each, nothing compares, if that is your kind of skiing you shouldn't miss either on a week long trip.  It will be almost an easy 1 hour drive each way.(more coming back down)  Next consider Snowbasin and maybe? Solitude(probably better to save for next time out).  What I would do is ski a Park City resort the first day, then go for a ride the next, and maybe alternate.  Alta opens at 9:15.  The gondolas, lodges, locals and big cruising terrain with lots of nooks and crannies makes Snowbasin a very special place. 
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2 years ago my first trip to Utah was a ski trip of a lifetime. The trip really was something special.

My buddy and I skied 5 different mountains in 5 days. In this order....Snowbasin, Deer Valley, Alta, Solitude and then on Monday, Snowbird.

We stayed in Kimball Junction, just down the road from Park City. Great location.

Stay around PC if the weather is bad. If the weather is good head for either Snowbird, Alta or Snowbasin. Deer Valley was a blast but couldn't keep up with the high alpine veiws that Alta or Snowbird offered. These mountains are a must.

I wouldn't ski any of the PC mountains more than 1 day each. In Utah the variety is there. Move around and enjoy all Utah has to offer. Ski SBird or Alta multiple days. You're a good skier, you will appreciate the terrain at Snowbird and Alta. Snowbasin, too. 

Driving is easy in Utah unless it is storming. 

Here's one each from DV, SBird, Alta.....   
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 Thanks all for sharing your experiences and suggestions & pictures - I am looking forward to the trip 
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