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Such an excellent forum

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I just wanted to say, for a newbie instructor who is also a net-head, this is just a brilliant forum. I get so much information here, I feel sorry for my collegues here in ski school who just have to rely on their wits and the training they get in our ski school (don't ask. I cannot wait to return to the States).

The responses I get to my questions are fantastic, and humbling. I print them out, of course.
But other threads, like the tip-lead one, are illuminating and have me planning to think and try things out in my next day's skiing.

I love teaching. I'm 37, with a comfy well paid gov't job, and I'm going to give it up and become a year round instructor. I'm actually a careers professional and HR expert, but teaching skiing is what I have to do, I love it so much. I become a different person when I teach, and I become happy.

This forum allows me to go outside the narrow parameters of teaching where I am now, and get input from a really talented and diverse group of people, including analytical students like Lisa Marie, and legends like Bob Barnes. I treasure every response and read the threads avidly.
I just felt I had to bore you all with how I felt about this forum! It has helped me so very much. Thank you all, I so much appreciate what you put in.

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Ant, I am so touched that tears are rolling down my face.

Not a boring post at all!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Glad you find us engaging. you also add much to the forum..
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nice post ant... cheers!
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heee heee, malted one...

make turns for us ant!

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver
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Nice post. I too have found this forum an excellent and informative place to spend time. Good luck on your career change. So, where are you teaching, or is that what I'm not supposed to ask?

Are you in France? Spain?
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I'm in Australia. I taught for the first time last US season at Mt Snow...didn't know if I'd crash and burn, or succeed. Seems I succeeded! I'm headed to Summit County next, and I'll be giving up my gov't job of 14 years for that. Scary, but sometimes you just know what you have to do!!!!

This forum is unique and invaluable, there's nothign else like it that I know of. Buzzword is good, but this is easier to use!
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Hello Bob, Todd, and Ott. It was like comming home last night when I found Epicski. I have missed all of the discussions from the old Compuserve forum. I look forward to catching up on all the posts here.

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Any friend of those 3 is a friend of mine! Welcome!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Hey, Tom, we are all here since about a year ago and there have been so many super threads, especially during ski season, you better put a month aside just to read them.

Since I last saw you, how did your Winter go?

I'm glad that you have found us, there is so much talent here, both from the learning and teaching side that I, who usually don't even think about skiing all Summer long, hung around weekly and sometimes daily...

To everybody, Tom has been a great contributor in the Compuserve and a subsequent skiing forum and I'm sure he'll continue the sanme here...

Now if we can persuede Wigs to participate more, then the old gang's all here

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Wow thank you all for the welcome. Ott I passed level 2 at Boston Mills last spring. Walt Sappington was the examiner.
I have become more active with flight instruction this summer, teaching at Delaware(DLZ).
Mad River Mt. has a new run and new beginners area. Our first meeting is Sept 23. It should be a good year, weather permitting.

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Pierre eh!
Do you fly? I don't find skypark on the chart. None in Ohio anyway. I enjoy sking at Boston Mills. Maybe I can get up there again this season.

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welcome Tom Dew
As LM says
any friend of ....

Hope to hear more...
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Pierre eh! Now I see it. It's on the chart as Weltzien.

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I have to agree with everyone, this is best place to learn and talk about skiing since the CompuServe Forum. Tom Dew just let me know about this yesterday and I've really enjoyed reading many posts. Hello to Bob, Ott and Todd. I'm looking forward to a great season here.

Bill R.
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The skiing/net world can be a small one.
Todd I met first on rec.skiing.alpine, and later at Mount Snow, where he is a trainer.
I hope to meet some of you in Colorado, especially Bob!
Our winter here continues, it's a late one with blizzards etc happening even though it is technically spring. which means the US winter cannot be far off.
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Welcome Bill R
It sounds like you all know each other from the CS forum. I look forward to hearing more.
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Hi Bill, though the CIS forum was great, this one is the BEST by far, and don't be shy to jump in amytime, you'll love it

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Welcome Bill!
Ant, I'm sorry I didn't "know" you when I went out to Mount Snow last season. Did a weekend of meeting 2 of my "cyberinstructors" for real, and I was not disapointed. If you trained with Todd, you should feel extremely secure about both your teaching and skiing skills. Hope to catch you at Keystone some day.
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Todd mainly took us down moguls, and we did some video too. Who was your other cyber instructor at Mount Snow?!!! I shudder to think, quite a bunch of characters there!

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Welcome Bill R, Do I Understand correctly that you teach at Keystone? What part of Denver are you in?
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Ant, it was Dave Kuhnert (SP?)
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Thanks everyone for the welcome.

I taught part time at Keystone for 2 season (99,00) and still consider it my "home" area. Previously I taught at Mad River Mountain in Ohio. I was a "gang" member for 4 or 5 years but have since let it expire. I knew both Tom D. and Bob B. via CS prior to meeting them in person and have subsequently skied with them, and became friends. I’m also quite familiar with Todd and Ott from CS, but have never had the pleasure of meeting them in person.

I currently live in Parker, but I'm planning a move to Highlands Ranch in the near future. (It's 25 minutes closer to skiing and fishing!)

P.S. Bob, yes the family is doing very well. Alexandra is now 9 months old and I'm wondering if this spring will be too soon to get her on skis! I'll give you a call or send an email.

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