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Ski/Mountain Artwork

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Hey all, just bought a house and have been looking for some ski/mountain artwork (for the bar)

...asked while at Snowbird and also Solitude the last few times I've been up in UT, but no luck.  Not really looking for posters, and probably not photos, was thinking original artwork.

Anybody have an idea where I should be looking?


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Well, not QUITE posters, but there are custom signs here:  http://bearmountainmercantile.com/home.php?cat=279 (page down and you'll start seeing them).   Some of them are less "sign-y" than others. 

My personal favorite is this one

Also came across this:  www.skipaintings.com/
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Those are both great links, thank you!

Anybody a Utah local that does original artwork out there? 
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