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vertebral compression fracture healing?

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 i did a search but found little.

on a run this weekend, at the bottom of hill i hit a unmarked rise and got serious air.before i knew it the ground just dropped out from under me and i was flying super g style (expect with out the training and know how). i landed on my back and compression fractured L1 verterbrea. Ouch, it hurts like hell, but the doc says in a few weeks i should be fine.  any advice on how to properly heal this?  is there anything i should do.  when can i get back skis?

thanks in advance.
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Your best bet is to go see an athletic therapist or good massage therapist. Even though this was a contact injury, having a strong core will help support your back, but you shouldn't engage in any corrective approach without input from a professional.  Getting the right help can really speed up the recovery process, and following that up with the right exercises can help support your back in future.  But I can't stress enough that you should get help with this: even the right exercises done too soon or done incorrectly will flare you up. 



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The most important question is, how bad is the fracture?  If there is a 30% or more wedge compression, you may need to have a procedure to stabilize the vertebral body (Kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty).  This will prevent unnatural angulation or kyphosis of the spine.  If the fracture is less severe than that, I would recommend a rigid brace and good physical therapy for 8-12 weeks.  The bone can take several months to heal, so I would strongly advise you to stay off skis until next year.  Also avoid non steroidal anti-inflamatories like ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, etc., as these can delay bone healing.

Excellent core strength can help prevent these in the future, but you need to be sure that your bone mineral density is normal as well.


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