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Pics on Resort Reviews

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Is there a way to post photos on the resort reviews? 'Cause I've got some. I'd think that would be very helpful to give people an idea of what the resort is all about.
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 Jer that is a great idea.

When I did my review of Kastle FX84's I did it in advanced mode and was able to include pics using the normal upload feature.
Seen here.

I think you should be able to edit your review and insert the picture(s).
If there is no "insert image" button in the edit setting, then you should be able to copy and paste the actual image from another post. 

I went your TR and highlighted the image you posted then copied it, and pasted it here.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks - I didn't even see that it was just like posting in a thread. I'm not to bright on tha computer.
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 Let us know if it works in edit mode.  
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