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Bob Barnes Full Mailbox

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Is it all those Christmas greetings Bob?
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FYI, Bob is scheduled to be at Winter Park doing the Rocky Mountain fall workshop on Dec 9 & 10. He's coming straight from there to our evening movement analysis training tomorrow night (12/10) so he may be a few days away from getting to the PM's.
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Thanks for the info. I just wanted to send him a PM and wondered if he was unaware the mailbox was full.
Maybe I'll see you this week sometime too!
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Looking forward to seeing you too.

Finally a day off tomorrow (Tuesday) after 10 straight days on skis. Had a real interesting time with a 4 day "race" camp of United and Delta employees last week. Got my group from weak green skiers to finishing on an easy black. They were real fun inspite of all the company difficulties they are experiencing. Definitely reminded me why I bailed on the corporate world. The marshmallow fight at the Blue Moose will live in legend. I sincerely hope it all works out for them. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I'm already looking forward to their return next season.

I'm off Thursday but will be in Friday afternoon doing a ski school staff video shoot for anybody who wants to check out their early season form. After that back to regular ski school schedule.

If you are interested in doing any certification training shoot me a PM. We will suspend training as of Thursday until after the Christmas break.
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Bob B here, reporting in from Winter Park....

Thanks for the reminder, Nettie--I'll clear some room right away. (Sorry!)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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