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Wildernest Sports in Jackson Hole

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I have a question about renting from these guys for anyone with experience out there. I know I should have decided to rent from Jackson Hole Sports and I still may, but Wildernest was a little over $100 cheaper and I am on a budget. I was doing the Demo skis for myself and my 2 sons and I did an online rental form. I was afraid that I forgot to add something and I called the store to discuss my form and I was told that "the form doesn't really matter. They don't really use them. Make sure I call the night before to see if they have some skis"

Well, what in the world is the point of ordering online? Is that the norm for all ski shops? I have always brought my own skis, but we thought we would try some demos this year for a change and also due to airline baggage rates. I don't want to fly out there and arrive and be told we have no skis left.

Jackson Hole Sports has always responded to my emails and this store has yet to respond to any email. I am probably changing stores but wanted to hear other reports.

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 I am an ambassador for JHS and would hope that if you reserved specific demo skis, and presumably prepaid for them, they would be available when you arrived.  If you had a problem like that I would make sure that the manager heard about it from ME.  SIJ also works there as a CPED Bootfitter extraordinaire.  Wildernest Sports is also great shop and I am surprised to hear that you are having problems with them.  They demo a lot of the same lines as JHS and seem to do less volume, so sometimes the ski you want might be out at JHS and available at Wildy.  In your situation, I would call and make sure that the skis that you specify and prepay for will be the ones you get with no surprises on arrival day.  How many days are you going to demo for?  Is the price difference significant in the short term, or only adding up over several days?  PM me and I will give you my info and it should be worth a 10% discount on your demos and other purchases.  Make sure and tell them how great your lessons were!
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Funny, I too am considering renting from Wildernest because the price is a little lower.  It is $7 less per day for the ski only demo package.  I contacted both via email and both offer a 20% discount off of these listed rates via online registrations and coupons.  I'm skiing with a group of 11 over 3 days so this adds up to a pretty large amount for the group, but I consider ~$21 per person to be pretty much irrelevant when you consider the overall cost of a ski trip from TX.  I'm interested in going with the shop that has a larger ski selection and offers other advantages such as a better store location and perhaps a free overnight ski check option.  IMO that is more important than $20.  By my research, Wildernest and JH sports seem about even in this capacity so I was leaning towards Wildernest becuase of the pricing.  TPJ, any advice?

I have filled out online reservation forms for other rental shops at other resorts in the past and usually they don't ask what specific ski you want, just what package (basic, demo, etc.).  I've never run into an issue with a shop not having something I was looking for when reserving a demo package.  Wildernest has been responsive to my emails so service hasn't been a concern for me.

I was hoping to demo some Blizzard skis but it sounds like nobody out there has them.  Now I'm researching other alternatives to the Mythic Riders I went with last year at Alta/Bird.  I saw Kastle's were popular in the JH gathering thread but know nothing about them.  I'm open to suggestions from the locals here.  Obviously the snow conditions next week will be a factor too.
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I'll just add something to TPJ's excellent post.  This is not specific to any single shop but seems to be common across the board.

Shops that demo skis seem to have a real problem getting their skis back when it's snowing.  By that I mean that if it snows quite a bit on Sunday night, hordes of people will show up when the shop opens on Monday morning and take out pretty much anything that even smells like a powder ski.  This goes to the extreme that on a BIG day, every fat demo ski the shop has is rented.

If it KEEPS snowing, lots of those people from Sunday don't bring their skis back.  They'll pay for the extra day and just hang on to them for the next day.  That can keep going for days if we're in a major storm pattern.  I've seen times when every powder ski in every shop in Teton Village was rented for days on end.  The shops really can't control whether or not the renter brings back the skis, they can only continue to charge them if they stay out.

Why this is relative to ultracoach's post is that you may have called or emailed or whatever and reserved the - for example - 186cm Rossi S7 for Tuesday.  Whenever you contacted the shop, they had a few pairs so they "reserved" them for you.  Now all of a sudden the day before you arrive to get your "reserved" skis, it dumps like crazy and all the S7's get rented on Monday and nobody brings them back on Monday night because the snow is still falling.  You come in on Tuesday morning and, bum-aire, there are no S7's to send you out on.

That scenario happens relatively often when we're in a major storm cycle.

Wildernest is a good shop with a pretty large selection of skis.  I guess my only suggestion would be to go with your original idea of "reserving" what you want at the price you want.  When you show up, I'll bet they can give you what you want or something just as good. 

If you take advantage of TPJ's suggestion, however, you may be able to get the same equivalent cost through Jackson Hole Sports.  I don't know this for certain, but my belief is that they have a considerably larger selection of demo skis than Wildernest.

Good luck with the choice.
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 I have demoed from skis from JHMS, Wilderness and Teton Village Sports.  I like Teton Village Sport selection.  It has been easy to exchange skis during the day if I wished.  My last trip I demoed and purchased a pair of skis from Wilderness and found them great to do business with.  I recommend Wilderness or Teton Village Sports, they have some different skis so if you have time try them both out.
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