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Utah 2/15-2/22 anyone gonna be there?

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Finalized my plans will be staying in Midvale for a solid week. Arrive Presidents day at 10 am out Tuesday at 12:05 am (red eye Monday night really).Wanted to do the quick start at PC on 2/15 but it ends on 2/12. Bastages!

Anyone else gonna be out there then? I'll have a car may do Pow Mow one day as I like that place. Solitude at least once probably twice and Alta too. Gonna hook up with Vince F. for a day at DV and anyone else who will be there if theywant to do some turns.

Anyway anyone gonna be out there and wants to hook up let me know. I'm an good intermediate but no cliff jumping for me. My heart is in it but my knees are a different story! Getting old stinks!

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We (my girlfriend and I) will land at SLC-airport on the 15th of February. We'll stay a good week at PC and then drive for another week to Jackson Hole (with an stop at Powder Mountain). In Utah we plan on skiing Alta/Snowbird and Solitude. Our last day we gonna ski somewhere around PC. Probably PC or The Canyons. Unlikely Deer Valley.
We are good skiers on the groomers and pretty safe skiers in powder. Yet to learn a lot there. Also no jumpers but that's on my wish-list for this year.
I am not sure on which day we drive to Jackson but 2/22 sounds like an option. Let ya know. See if we match ski-wise, OK?
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I also arrive on 2-15 with my 17 yr old son. Our primary purposes are sking and getting him familiar with Univ. of Utah where he may go next year.  Will sort of play by ear as to where we end up sking. May ski with some kids from Univ. as well. Probably will concentrate on Cottonwood Canyons if I had to guess.
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What's that week like as far as crowds go?  I am going to be skiing the 18th thru 20th.  I was planning to ski Snowbasin and PM to avoid the PC and Cottonwood Canyons crowds.  Hope we get more snow before now and then!!
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I'll be there all week (sking 2/14 thru 2/ 20) with my 17 year old son and a friend of his.  The friend is a snowboarder, so probably no Alta for us.  Tentative plan is Snowbird 4 days, Solitude 1 or 2 days, Snowbasin 1 or 2 days, maybe redirect a day to Brighton.  We are mostly looking to challenge ourselves, but I'd also enjoy doing a social run or two, or lunch, or hanging in the evenings. We are staying down in the flats near the mouth of the Cottonwood canyons.

I'm expecting/hoping crowds won't be too bad other than weekend and Monday, since it is not a vacation week for the locals.  I'm planning on making our Snowbird days midweek, since I'm guessing its the most crowded.
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I'll be there arriving 2/17 til the 24th.renting a house in Sandy with 6 other guys.Planning on at least 2 days at alta, then snowbasin, powder mtn on the weekend, also solitude and want to try snowbird for the 1st time, it'll probably kick my butt-will be skiing that with a 30 yr old-half my age,rest of the gang mostly do groomers slowly-
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Wow! Busy week! Sounds like we can have a mini bears meeting. Sounds like we have skiers of all levels going to different places. Meeting for dinner might work then if anyone wants to hookup they can.

Does the idea of dinner on 2/17 sound doable? Looks like everyone that replied will be in by 2/17. Maybe somewhere in Midvale or Sandy? Open to suggestions on where or date. Whatever works.

It would be nice to meet some of you in person.

Okay everyone start to snow dance.

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2-17 is the only evening I can't do dinner. I will be going to a Univ. of utah basketball game that night. But go for it. Conz, are you solo?
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Hey Steve th 18th would be just as good. Lets see if anyone else is interested the closer we get to that week. I am sure some of us will be able to hook up.

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ANy evening works for me.  Steve and I have traded contact info, and we are going to try to  ski together (though havent figured out where or which days yet)   If anyone else wants to trade cell numbers, drop me a PM.
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Originally Posted by dirksuchy View Post

We'll stay a good week at PC and then drive for another week to Jackson Hole (with an stop at Powder Mountain). 

Revise this to stop at Snowbasin instead. PowMow, has old, slow lifts and flat terrain.
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Anyone skiing with younger kids?  I'll be there 12th-17th with my 9 year old. While he might appreciate hanging with a bunch of 17 year olds, I doubt they would appreciate it. We'll be in PC at the Marriot. Probaly ski the 3 PC areas then play it ear. Nothing beyond blues for him, so no reason to go to Snowbird. Might consdier Alta, but the lack of safety bars are an issue.
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My kids are off school that week- I'm technically working but will be up on PCMR once or twice, probably Monday and Wednesday. My girls are 7 and 11. There are tons of terrain parks at PCMR including a world cup superpipe and some rediculously big kickers... I'll shoot some pics sometime, you really have to see this stuff to believe it. In any case, it  really sucks up the boarders and teenagers. We mostly zoom groomers although my 11 year old is getting pretty good at the steep & deep. With luck the snow will keep up.
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After seeing some pics of Snowbasin in another thread, that looks like a place to try.
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post

Revise this to stop at Snowbasin instead. PowMow, has old, slow lifts and flat terrain.
Thanks for the tip! We'll consider and see if tickets aren't bought yet.
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Originally Posted by theconz View Post

Hey Steve th 18th would be just as good. Lets see if anyone else is interested the closer we get to that week. I am sure some of us will be able to hook up.

Any evening works for us. Would be great to see some bears in person.
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Snowbasin is great. One of my favorites for a lot of reasons. However, Powder Mt. is cool in a retro kind of way. Also, great snow, vast terrain, and easy to get untracked for a while after a storm. While it doesn't have the lifts, lodges or food of Snowbasin, it should be checked out. P.S Oh yah, or the BATHROOMS.
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MDF, I WAS gonna trade contact info with you but then I read your profile. The northern suburbs of Boston? Isn't their a double A baseball team up that way? Plays at an old broken down stadium with wood seats? Geez, their name escapes me at the moment but I know Bill Buckner played with them once...........

Naw, just teasing. Sent you a PM. Besides the Yankees need the Pink Sox around so they can stay sharp for the Series every year!

Maui, whats the deal with peeing at Snowbasin? I saw it in another thread now I want to go make some yellow snow. Ok time to sign off. I have to listen to my digitally remastered downloaded copy of "Apostrophe' ". Worst ways to spend a Tuesday eve.

If you want to hear some REAL guitar playing listen to the live version of "Muffin Man" off Bongo Fury. Doesn't get any better than that. See if I can link to it somewhere. I know, I digress. Call me a gaper!
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Best I could do on short notice but should tide you over for now.
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I know it's a long ways still, but the trends of the weather models seem to be improving our chances for fresh powder during this trip. That would be nice. 
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Yup. I was watching the Weather Channel last night and they said that there are a bunch of storms in the pacific, heading east in the next few weeks. So maybe so. Fingers crossed, snorkel ready!
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Snorkel packed! 
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I'll be skiing Snowbasin Feb 19-22. If you guys get there during these days let me know.....


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I hope those weather forecasts are true! I just booked my (first) trip to Utah for 20th-24th. A good dump would take it from awesome to mind blowing I'm sure. Haven't figured out where on what days yet, probably staying in Midvale, and doing Solitude on Sunday but from there who knows (Probably Alta, something in PC, then a half day God knows where)
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I leave for SLC a week from today, 2/10 - 2/14 at Snowbird for a conference (it's always nice when work pays for the trip).  The meetings are conveniently from 4p - 7:30p, so we get all day to ski.  

I already have lift tickets for 2/11 at PCMR (no meetings that day).  Will probably split the other 3 days between Snowbird and Alta.  Intermediate/Advanced skier when in Colorado, but this will be my first time skiing in Utah.
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okay, this is what I have so far.

Dirksuchy + girlfriend     2/15 - ?                       ski PC/ BCC/LCC/Snowbasin-PowMow
Maui Steve and his son  2/15 - ?                       ski BCC/LCC
mdf + son + friend         2/14 - 2/20                   ski BCC/LCC/Snowbasin
bteamer                       2/18-2/20                      ski PC/Snowbasin
Headskiman                 2/17- 2/24                     ski BCC/LCC/Snowbaisin/Bird/?
Rather Play than Work  2/12-2/17                      ski PC/maybe Alta (maybe Solitude?)
Mr. Crab                       local (lucky dawg!)        ski PC
cfr                                2/19-2/22                     ski Snowbasin
bnferguson                    2/20-2/24                     ski BCC/LCC/PC
theconz                        2/15-2/22                      ski anywhere (within a houror so)
Vince F., whom I met on here last year and was kind enuff to take me under his wing last season and show me around, will also be skiing probably 2/18-2/21 if possible. He and I are going to do DV one day (Vince has season pass) if he can. Other than that I am wide open. 

Solitude may be a place where we can cover most folks. I saw that mentioned in a number of posts and thats a good choice. They have lots of greens and blues, and some good black stuff off of Honeycomb Canyon. No lift lines, really its unreal. Not crowded and very laid back. Its good for smaller kids, teens, snowboarders, adults, etc. Moonbeam area is first lot up BCC.
If we can swing it maybe try to hit that later in the week 2/19 or 2/20? Just throwing stuff out.

I have no schedule and do want to ski Snowbasin or PowMow too, as do some others so maybe some of us can meet there also. I'll do Alta and maybe try Snowbird. I am kinda intimidated by that place as I hear its an experts mountain. BTW I am a good skier on groomed and will do blacks fairly well if snow is good. But for every black I do I like to do 2 or 3 blues to rest! I am in the over 50 group (just barely) which means each year my arms get shorter, my forehead gets bigger, and my knees ask me to rest every couple of hours (or sooner!).

Any suggestions on a night/place to meet for grub thats conveient to Midvale/Sandy/ PC folks?

MDF is gathering contact info so if interested shoot him a PM. Weather channel still has those storms way out in the western pacific heading east............
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One thought for dinner for a big group is Bucca Di Beppo on Fort Union in midvale. It's a chain Italian restaurant, but a million times better than someplace like Olive Garden. Seems like the kind of place where a reservation could be made for a big group. Prices are reasonable and tons of food. Perhaps Thursday evening Feb. 18? Open to other suggestions tho. 
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That sounds good Steve. The linguine frutti de mare is one of my favorite dishes. I'm in if we go there. Heck I'm in wherever we go. Well, if u guys go to Ruth Chris I might have to beg off. One meal there is a couple of lift tickets! 

Lets see who else can make it.

Also ideas on skiing anyone?

This is me, hard to miss. See what I mean about the forehead?

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If people can chime in on who's game for dinner on 18th, I'll make reservation. I need a head count though. Steve
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I'm just arriving on 18th late night - so I'm out for 18th dinner.

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