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True carvng ski

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Can people recommend a good advanced carving ski.  A true carver, with a tight turn radius (12.5-13) with good edge grip specifically  for the ice/hardpack of the north east.  Should be available in high 160's length. This would not be a one quiver ski and so shouldn't be an all mountain ski.  Something skinny underfoot is fine .   I'm about a level 7.
Thanks for the advice,
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Any softer SL ski should do, if you are Level 7.  Also, try the HEAD SuperShape  and the Stockli Laser SC.  The Stockli is about as narrow as a ski the you will find anymore.  Both will carve up the hard snow and ice. Both skis are great, but you have to ski in balance.  I demoed the Tigershark last year and really liked it, too.
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in my experience:
Head SuperShape
Fischer Worldcup SC
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