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All Mountain Twin Tips

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Hello everybody.

First of all, I am new to these boards and am excited to see what I can learn here.

Here is my first question for you guys:

I am looking for twin tip skis to be used for the following purposes (in order of frequency):

1) groomers/on-map runs (anything from tearing down blues with less skilled friends, to skiing bumps on designated double black runs..dont want something too stiff for bumps, and want something that does well through the trees)
2) park/freestyle (not much pipe, but everything else, including skiing switch)
3) occasional deep stuff, but not too much

I am thinking I need something around 125-90-110 or so..any other thoughts/opinions? I am open to all suggestions as I begin my search for the perfect all-around ski for me.

Also, I am 6'3" about 180.

As far as price range, I am not willing to spend a fortune, but am not needing a 200 dollar used ski either, so I am keeping my options open.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I do 95% of my skiing in Colorado
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 Volkl Bridge is the best one I've tried in that category.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post

 Volkl Bridge is the best one I've tried in that category.

Funny you should say that, that is one I have looked at quite a bit, although it seems to be geared more towards pow and crud than bumps, thoughts?
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I am a big fan of my K2 Extremes (they are the new Public Enemy, 118-85-109). I just got them this year, and I have put in 7 days on them at Alta, Snowbird and Solitude and a few more back home in the Midwest. I found that they could do pretty much anything I asked them to do on the groomers. They would hold on to big ripping turns, but are also quick and turny if desired.  I really don't spend any time in the park, however, so I have nothing to say about them in that regard. I have heard that they do just fine, though. They are pretty much middle of the road flex wise, and not damp at all. Finally, they do surprisingly well in powder. They certainly won't preform like something 100 or more in the waist, but they are still very fun. Overall, I think they are a solid and versatile ski. They don't perform any one task exceptionally, but they seem to do a bit of everything quite well. 
Hope this helps in some way. 
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