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Need Some MA

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I am 4 years old.  Almost 5!  I wip but I would love any MA you gwown-ups can offer.  Trying to improve my tecnique.  I want to join the wace team next year.

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NIce. I'll leave the MA to the pros.
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Less work, more games, more mileage. Love the tipping and turning going on. Way to go Brady! (and kudos to coach too) Balance is appropriate for this age level, but that's what I would work on. The stance is a little wide, causing a bracing wedge in some turns and preventing more performance from tipping actions. But the arms flail a bit, making me nervous about trying to narrow the stance just yet. Depending on the hands/gloves/temp situation, think about experimenting with poles. Use shuffling and hopping games to improve balance and help to narrow the stance and work toward side slips and hockey stops to start developing more edge control. Recommend off season exercises include roller blade, skateboard and baseball.

Don't forget to get Brady to pull the mask down to get the smile in the next video! Getting a low five would have been a nice touch too!
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Thanks Rusty!  Good stuff as always.  He is a game little guy and we actually brought poles (big bro has them so he insisted) but it was -2 degrees on Sat.  Handwarmers in his gloves did not allow him to grip poles.

We are working on keeping our hands forward.  He does not like games that much but he does like follow the leader.  Any other games he might enjoy?
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I used Laurie Gullion "Ski Games" back in the day...would be based on straight jr skis but all the games would still work.....esp with 4 yr olds....I believe it is still avail....if Rick S. is still night supv at wa he should have a copy I would think....pretty sure he used it at Yawgoo as well.....

Might check with Nolo as well re children ski games she will have tons of ideas....I might suggest splitting the request for more games into a sep thread

I believe I already suggested the poles in the wa thread.....my oldest was using pole swing by age 4 and we were beginning to "stab the bunny" to promote blocking pole plants resulting in anticipated turns.....but my focus was on him skiing increasingly steeper terrain vs racing.....

I know you have the mileage part down, you are a great dad.....the boys are lucky to have such an enthusiastic coach!

Re balance one idea if he has the attention span have him walk a 2x4x 12 foot plank in the offseason and make a game out of it with rewards.....focus on athletic stance, stopping turning, balancing on either foot etc.....we had one in my living room for years.
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How do you get a frog off of your windshield? Use the defrogger!

Be a frog: Transform yourself into a frog and hop to turn. Start out as a bull frog and jum high and land hard. Then be a tree frog and jump long and land soft. Then be granddaddy frog and try to jump but not get off the ground.

Synchro frogs: jump at the same spot or jump at the same time

Frog tongue: Catch flies with your frog tongue (extended by a ski pole) - reach and touch the snow

Leap frog: You leap over him, then he leaps back under you. (He'll have to narrow his stance to fit)

Frog tuck turns: Find a flat trail (e.g. cat track) and be a frog on a lilly pad as a boat goes by and the wake rocks the lilly pad (i.e. a tuck position and tip to turn)


Don't forget the frog sound effects!


Did you hear about the sheep that went in to the library? It dropped a book on the librarian's desk, said "Baaaaaaack" and nodded toward the returns shelf. The librarian picked up the book and checked it in. The sheep just stood there and went "Booooooooook" and nodded toward the door. The librarian picked up another book and gave it to the sheep. The sheep took the book and walked out the door. 5 minutes later the sheep was back.The librarian was curious, but kind of busy.  So, Baaack, Boook and out the door again. 5 minutes later the sheep was back again. Baaaack, Boooook and out the door again. The librarian was due for a break, she knew sheep could not read books that fast so curiosity got the best of her and she followed the sheep. The sheep went across the street, over to a pond, and dropped the book down in front of a frog. The frog took one look at the book and then said: "Read it! Read it!"

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