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Discount Steamboat Tickets

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We are heading to Steamboat in early February and was wondering where/if anybody is offering discounts on Steamboat tickets.  After having been spoiled with the Epic Pass its hard to justify spending around $100 dollars a day on Steamboat lift tickets.

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Steamboat is the worst place in Colorado to find a deal.  We have an entertainment book that you can buy on line but, they really only save you 10-15 dollars a day on a multi-day purchase ($85 instead of $95).  Hard to believe that a company (Intrawest) about to go bankrupt would be this way because many people feel that they have turned their backs on the front range skiing community.
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When we went to Steamboat a couple years ago the only way we got discounts on tickets was to book a room and lift ticket deal together -- and get multi-day tickets with that. Still wasn't a great deal.

We're going to Utah this year. It's nice to see reasonable lift ticket prices.  We would have gone back to Steamboat - loved it there, but too much $$.
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 Check King Soopers, Idk if theyve got em for steamboat but they have them for most vail resorts. Got the college six pack last year for steamboat, 100 bucks for 6 days. Only deal ive ever found at steamboat
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I get 49.00 Lift Tickets on Saturdays
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