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Not that it's any big deal, but I'm going on the road for a few weeks and will be out of touch with this forum.

The reason it is a big enough deal to say it, is that I want you folks to know, how much I enjoy visiting with you--both the talking and the listening.

You're a great group of friends, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity of making some turns with you next season.

Back in a few weeks.

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Have a great time, and, it's great epicski decorum to announce when you'll be off the air.

Then we know one isn't miffed!

Safe travels.

Where are you headed?
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While we are at it, I'll be in Europe from Wednesday until middle of June...

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Will you be anywhere near London?

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No, WTFH, we are flying to Venice and I'll have three days to drive around, haven't made up my mind to where. Ann wants to go to Florence and surroundings and I want to go to the Dolomites, Cortina and such and then down along Lake Garda.

But we have been most places bafore, not to say we can't find anything new. Then we take a week's cruise to Greece and Croatia and after that a few days more in Venice, it should be a nice trip.

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Ott-You said you were broke and couldn't make a second visit last winter!!!!!

By the way....10,000,000 turns and stii going!;t=000900;p=
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I've got to go to the Home Depot and then to the hardware store in Boulder.

Does that count as a trip?

We awoke to 4 inches of snow and the mountains got 6-8 yesterday.

Too bad all is closed around here. May go to Trail Ridge Road and ski a bit next week. The mountains were beautiful this morning while running.
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>>>By the way....10,000,000 turns and still going!<<<

Rusty, you were there when we made those turns, I tell ya, I had so much fun with you and Bob that day. It was just a shame I couldn't smuggle you into the Club Med dining room that noon.

But the Club Med SSD got all swooney over Bob being there and meeting him.

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Safe travels Weems and Ott! We'll be looking forward to hearing about it when you get back!

Rusty--when were you thinking of skiing? I'm still in a turning mood.... This season was unfairly cut short! Normally, we'd have Arapahoe for another month-and-a-half, sometimes more. Yes, we had nearly a foot of snow yesterday and the evening before. Ironically, I was at Arapahoe last night for a CPR refresher course. It looked like winter, for sure--one of the biggest storms they'd had all season! Alas....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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So break out the skins!
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HEY!!!! Haven't you guys heard of internet cafes??? I'm kidding, I'm kiddin' ya'.
Go with love! We will miss you both! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Bob- I've gotten mixed reviews about the skiing off Trail Ridge Road in/above Estes Park.A bunch of folks from Eldora usually take trucks up there when the road opens and give it a try. I have to go to the east coast for work Tuesday night and will return Thursday night.

We might be able to get a group to go this weekend or next week.
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Ott- I later skied with that guy at Loveland at the end of the season for a half a day. He's a good skier. He remembered you and still got faint when Bob's name was mentioned.
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