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Ski side of things = dull, boring, quiet, not much going on.  They did have Glen Plake on Thursday.  I had Klaus Obermeyer in stitches last night at the Obermeyer booth.   A few years ago someone from the Leno show wandered through Aspen interviewing people.  They ran across Klaus and he went into his yodeling routine.  The Leno people had no idea who they were interviewing.

Snowboard side of things = loud, noisy, exciting, elaborate booths.  Nidecker had Pamela Anderson in their booth last night but as I was standing next door in Jones Snowboards broshaking with Jeremy Jones, I pretty much ignored Pamela.  He introduced himself as Jeremiah and told me in detail about two of his board models.  After two models, he apologized and said he had to go leave and do this movie introduction (for Transworld Snowboarding booth).  I'll be demoing those boards on Mon-Tues at Winter Park.

Here's a photo for the skiers.

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