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SORE (not stiff) legs?

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Paging medical workers.  If your legs are SORE (not stiff, but in pain), should you take the day off?  I am talking about NOT INJURED, but sore  and in pain from working the muscle out too much, especially at the beginning of the season.  I took like 3 vitamin pills that had potassium, but the next day my legs were still sore/in pain.

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Not a medical worker, only experiential based knowledge, but the best thing to do after a hard day is get your quads (assuming this is the area) massaged well and as soon after exercise as possible.  You have to move the lactic acid out of the muscle.
A recovery drink like "Endurox" will help some, but again, as soon after exercise as possible.
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Everybody's pain threshold is different.   Your's might be very high.  If it is it might be a good thing to take it vwey easy.  I think so long as you haven't injured your legs, like through a bad cramp, you could probably do with LIGHT exercise.   Too much exercise will only put you two steps back instead of one step forward.  That mean's skiing is ok, but hard skiing is not.  Do you think you can resist? 

Too late to close the barn door after the horse has run off, but I find a cool down exercise helps to get that lactic acid out of there.  Of course, now that I'm old and out of shape, my whole afternoon is basically a cool-down exercise :) .

Massage is great if you can get it.

Just my opinion; I'm not an MD. 
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 A short walk(20 min )  when I get home from the hill helps me. If it's to late/dark/ cold when I get home I'll do it the next morning. 
Good for the mind too IMO.

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Cyclists pay more attention to warm up and cool down and varying effort levels during the work out than skiers. But skiers would benefit from a similar approach. Read what you can find on the subject in cycling mags and sites, really.

Self massage is easy and helpful. Use a long strap to hold your heel back a bit (knee up) while laying on your back. Rub your sore quads, front and side, toward your heart, slowly. (Shave your legs and use oil)

A spin bike or bike on a trainer, indoors, would be a great way to work out some of the lactic acid after skiing.

Ski easy runs to start and end your day. If you're not smiling all the way down, it may not be an easy run.
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Foam Rolling ,light exercise ,lots of water,ice bath
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Originally Posted by loboskis View Post

Foam Rolling ,light exercise ,lots of water,ice bath

what's foam rolling. I picture a rolling pin you work over the quads?
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With large muscles like your quads,you could use something harder like a rolling pin /plastic pipe.
FYI it is not comfortable.
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also ,get a few lacrosse balls.
Use them for rolling out your calfs,hip,butt ,shoulders.
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