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Review K2 Crossfire and Xplorer

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I brought some soft fat skis to the hill today. Unbeknownst to me it was 45f yesterday and at 12f this morning I found some cold refrozen snow. So I decided to try some demo carvers today and the on mountain shop seems fond of K2 this season...

Me 200lbs Advanced skier.

Skied mostly hard fast groomers and some refrozen / wet crud off trail.

K2 Xplorer 177cm: 84mm under foot and cap construction. Very good grip and a smooth refined feel with a bit of energy. Huge sweet spot. Skis great on groomers. Has good torsionall rigidity but seems less stiff tip to tail. The ski gives back a bit of energy coming out of the turn and skied with good rhythm. I also liked this ski in the refrozen ungroomed mixed salad. Where I found the ski really just wanted to keep gliding smoothly form turn to turn. I never really had to think about this ski at all and no matter what I asked it responded capbaly wiht out complaint. Overall, its a better crud ski and a better groomer ski than either my 179 PEs or the 184 legend 8000. The only ski I like more form the mid 80s is the im88, but my xposure to skis 80-90mm is probably alot lower than most gear whores on this site. 

Thoughts on sizing... I think I could and probably would look to buy 1 size up... but!  I never really felt like this was not enough ski.

Rossi Phantom 87 SC 178: Skied like a crappy intermediate level midfat. poor grip and never felt solid on edge. Could have been a bad tune.

K2 Crossfire 177cm: The ski seems to have changed from a few years ago now it is 122-74-106 sidewall laminate ski. Superb grip with a nice mix of smooth stability and responsiveness. Its failry stiff and more demanding compared to the Xplorer, but the cross gives subtle hints and does not smack you in the face. Nearly as unflapable in the mixed salad as the Xplorer. A bit less of the cruiser feel and a bit more responsive. Even better on the groomer runs. Seems to prefer long and medium radius. Seems about on par with the PE in bumps. They remind me of the Nordica hot rod top fuel that I demoed many years ago. I really like these skis as a versatile hardsnow ski that seem capable enough for whatever I might want to throw at them. 

I remember demoing a pair of Recons quite a few years ago and hating them as basicly dead and boring. Either K2 has changed their formula or I have changed my tastes... either way both of these skis agree with me very much. I am tempted to look for a pair of crossfires in the next few months...
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 I have the Xplorer and recognize what you are saying about this ski. Good review! I am also very happy with it. Normally I ski Voelkl or Dynastar. I was very lucky to ski te Xplorer in snorkel-pow (Utah). They did surprisingly well. Could keep the tips up pretty easy.
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