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Whats in your pack & pockets (patrolers)

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Wondering what kinds of stuff everyone carries, I've been patroling in ontario for almost 20 years, i used to carry a stiff neck collar before the patrol had them readily available, but now i ski with a vest so i have paired down for the past several years.

Other than the norm, i carry a bp cuff/scope, a large military field dressing 6x6, instrument holster for scissors/pen light/ forceps, oral airway set, and multi tool.

In my jacket, always have extra med gloves, mini mag, zip ties, side cutters for tickets, 5lb poly bags for giving ice packs, utility beaner, roll of fibre glass tape for splints, extra trail map for the xc trails in case we get called out off alpine.

I used to work with a women that carried 32 triangulars with her, so she could do 3 full back boards if needed
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K.I.S.S.  We have full-on trauma packs at our stations and our toboggans have splinting materials and C-collars, so my vest is pretty much just loaded with things I'd need right now - think Airway, Bleeding, Circulation.  Medical: an airway set, NPA, CPR blob mask, pads/dressings - 2x2 to 8x10, tampons(!), kerlix, triangles, Spiderman bandaids, shears, baby aspirin, glutose, gloves - 3 pr, plastic bags (including bio-hazard), flashlight, disinfectant wipes, medical tape, saline eye wash.  

Non-medical: small vise grips (with wire cutters), self-evac rope and gear, fence wire and flagging, notebook, forms, pen & sharpie, trail maps, hot-chocolate courtesy cards, bad-boy cards, pocket knife, bandanna, zip ties, beacon, sunscreen, radio, whistle.  

As needed, shovel & probe, headlamp.  

I'm not near my vest so probably forgetting things.  
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Not that anyone seems to be reading this thread but I remembered/found one more good item that I have in my vest - a heat pack.  
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Just want to say thanks for starting this thread.  Thinking about becoming a patroller in the future, and this provides an interesting form of insight.
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Glucose some times gets frozen,sugar packets work well also. A couple of extra goodies I have in my pack, an eye donut.pole cutters.and a quick boot hitch for Hare Traction . As someone else mentioned,big bag in sled full of splinting stuff and backboard stuff.Patrol shack is never more than five to ten minutes away.
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  • regular first aid stuff, plus...
  • headlamp
  • zap straps
  • extra tape
  • leatherman/multitool with large philips driver for bindings
  • spare gloves
  • spare warm layer (really compressable down vest these days)
  • ski straps
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Just got back from volunteering at the olympics in whistler, they provided backpacks for us, came fully stocked with some extras ie a screwdriver with multiple bits, xxlarge flat head for turning down dins, large roll of duct tape, roll of flaging tape, oral airways, large plastic bags for ice etc, eye pads, telfa pads, i think some mole skin, a sam splint.

We also had trauma/doctor packs the docs skied with, these are alot bigger with a small o2 cylinder, airways, d-fib, intubation stuff, assorted drugs, binding removal tool, bvm etc etc.

I will try to do a write up of my time ther when i recover.
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For what it's worth, this topic is also covered in the following thread...





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