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Big Sky area conditions?

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Have a chance to get out to the Big Sky area in Feb (dates a bit nebulous at the moment) - Anyone been skiing around there recently?  How are the conditions?
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1.  Yes.
2.  Good.
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A group from work went there Wednesday.  They skied the tram and Dakota territory all day.  They said coverage was good and you can get around Lone Peak without worrying about rocks.
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A friend has offerred to put me up whenever I want to come out to ski.  Haven't skied Montana since I was a kid, so I was just wondering what was considered the "optimal" time to ski out there.  I know that Summit County is way behind in snowfall this year, just wondering if the northern Rockies were suffering the same fate or were doing better.  I realize that freshies are always a bit of a crapshoot, but does Big Sky get more snow in the later months of the season like CO does?  Just thinking that I could put this of until early March if there is better chances of seeing some spring dumps.  Thanks!

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Yes.  I recommend waiting until early March unless you have a way of booking at the last minute.  Spring break, while busier, is nothing like it is in CO.  Otherwise, if you can watch the weather and jump on a plane within 24 hours of a major storm starting, then it might be worth it.
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The longer you wait the higher the chance of snow.  Some of my best days at Big Sky have been in late March and early April.  On the other hand, the longer you wait the higher the chances of the mountain turning to mush.  This is an El Nino year so that is something to worry about even more.  I'd aim for early to mid-March for coming out.

PS - While you're in the nieghborhood you should do Bridger for a day.
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