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Binding Question

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Made the mistake of going into the local shop and getting a good price on new skis (Elan 662). From my reading I was going to try the Tyrolia Railflex binding but the store with the skis is not carrying Tryolia this year (they have a limited stock of last years Tyrolia).

I've never been too particular about bindings. My last couple of skis have had Markers mounted on them and I've been happy with them. The Tyrolias were on my list because I liked the idea of the binding not effecting ski stiffness and the ability to move the bindings forward or backward depending on conditions.

So the shop is recommending Salomon 912s or Marker 1200s (I think). They seem to carry the full line of Marker and Salomon with some left over Tyrolias.

Binding pricing is between 170 and 199 with another 30 to mount them to the skis which are 495.

So should I look for a shop with the skis and bindings I think would work best or should I buy the Salomons or the Markers on the Elans?
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I have a pair of last years Marker 1200 pistons that were used a few times last year on my Volkls but the ski got bent and replaced with Atomics but I was stuck with the binding because it wasn't integrated.

Tell me if you are interested.
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First of all, I'd knock the shop for charging you to mount the bindings when you are buying skis and bindings there! Second, if the shop is going to charge you for mounting the skis anyway, why not get the skis and go to another shop that has what you're looking for and get the bindings there?
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I love my markers!
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