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Hunter conditions

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Please report on the "real/detailed" current conditions at Hunter.

I've been checking their snow report twice a day and I'd like to know if their snowmaking efforts have truly recovered the trails to man made packed powder or if it's just a thin layer on top of the ice that was left after the last rain storm, which gets skied off in the first hour.

Planning on going Sunday, if the conditions are good (my wife refuses to ski any ice...)

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check out AlpineZone.com, lots of New England info there
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FWIW, I skied at Bellearye today (Friday) and the conditions were not good. They were great!

Whatever rain came down up there has been more than made up for with new snow.

Yes, there was some ice here and there, but nothing more than usual and there was quite of powder on many of the trails. Decent soft moguls everywhere as well.

I don't know about Hunter, but Bellearye was really nice and they were blowing snow ALL DAY.
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