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I met Wacko

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I got to A-Basin today and met Wacko and SnoKarver. I could only ski for an hour. I can't spend much time here now, however, I figured someome might want my "impressions".
Chris Easton could not go so you only have my impressions. I want everyone to realize I'm a very average skier and am merely a level 1 cert. I have one year teaching under my belt.

First of all I enjoyed meeting both of them and can say they are both nice guys. I would look forward to spending more time with both of them.

I told Wacko that he is a very good skier. I only made three runs in pretty sloppy conditions and I was trying to watch intently while dodging traffic. I was really interested to watch him ski. He is clearly very athletic and I guess what impressed me the most was his fore/aft balance. We got into some small bumps and he shined. Again, I was impressed mostly by his balance and athletic posture. He has very quick feet in bumps. I think I told him that I was particularly impressed by the fact that this is his first year on snow, although I guess he has compressed several years of experience into the first year.

They showed me a couple of PMTS "drills" and I found them interesting We really didn't delve too far into methodology.

Again, both Wacko and SnoKarver are very nice guys. I think Wacko can be best described as enthusiastic. He has a passion about the sport and you have to give the guy credit.

Now having said all this I drove home with a few thoughts. Wacko, I'm reluctant to offer you any criticism. I will say the good outweighs the bad in everything I saw and experienced today. Prior to me saying anything that you or anyone else would construe as being negative I want your expressed permission to say whatever....good or bad, about what I saw in the hour and a half that we were together. Again, the good far outweighs the bad, but I'd be less than forthright if I didn't offer some constructive criticism. If you give me permission to put "the negative" on the web I'll do so. I just don't want my humble observations/opinions, be they right or wrong, to be taken the wrong way.

I enjoyed our meeting. You both are great guys and Wacko you particularly should be proud of the progress you have made this winter. You have become an accomplished and polished skier.
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Skied with Wacko and Rusty Guy today at A-Basin. It was interesting. And fun!

I did not catch up with the forum(s) before skiing today, but I must report, it was a "light and happy event". No luck with the video camera, tho.. :-(

Got a chance to just meet, make turns, and play around with a few concepts, drills, etc. Not much of that tho puhhleeese, because...

I hate standing around in clinics. I would rather run around the mountain, trying drills/concepts/demos. Try it with everything being video taped, hand the camera around the group a bit, and stop to yak on the chair.

BTW, one of the coolest diatribes from a PSIA trainer I heard this year, is that "Skiing is an 'ing' sport", always moving, turning, flexing, extending. Never, ever, static. Then we worked on it together.

Ohhhhh, I liked that!

I was amused by your noticing the stance difference between Wacko and I. And some of the comments in other threads about wider hips and alignment.

Anybody here ever ski Mt. Evans? Rollins Pass? Independance Pass? A little hiking for late season, early morning corn?

It's not over till we say it's over!

Nice to meet ya too Rusty!

/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Just an aside..
I assume you draw on all your skills as an instructor. Using PMTS skills and drills as needed or other skills from your past or present experience and training. Unless you are a "robot" or Machine it would be impossible for any human to "delete" any training you already had. Do you now discard teachings or training you might get outside of PMTS or do you still take whatever information/training/skills you can get? I would have to assume the later because it sounds like you realize there is more than one teaching system and more than one way to learn. Thanks for your insights. I look forward to hearing more about today's experiences between the 3 of you..
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yea, I use it all. However, I will say that I am now even more inclined to focus on PMTS balance skills.

It was a weird soggy, kinda bittersweet day at the basin. Later, on Pali, the bumps were sooo mushy, that even with a light touch, they were collapsing, rotten deep corn underneath.

Pali's about had it for the season. Sigh.

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver {EMAIL]snokarver@excite.com[/email]
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SnoKarver- Mt Evans, Rollins, Independence, yes.

How about the snow field nestled between Grays and Torreys. Or the Sunrise Slalom on the west side of Trail Ridge. Mine Dump on the east side of Loveland.

But we've got a little more time on Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor here in Oregon. I think MtB will close Memorial Day. Skied Timberline with JYD Sunday. Not steep but velvet corn.

Ski it until it melts then fish in it...
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that's the Bakersville exit, then up the 4 wheel drive trail to get to Gray's-Torres?

I've been eyballing that stuff from Peru Gulch side, on the 4wd trails

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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Yep. Bakersville exit. A buddy of mine and I drove part way and hiked the rest. Too many years ago for my memories to be of use in planning your conquest. Summer of 64???

I do remember that we started too late in the morning and only had a little really nice corn before it turned to deep rot. Still good skiing for July/August...
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Rusty Guy, how's he doing on the 97% issue?
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Yes. Powder and I met at Hood. Agreed, there's nothing steep about timberline, not even Palmer, but hey! - there's still snow to ski on! Wish I could find the $$$ to wander down to Bachelor before they close the doors and turn off the lights.
PJ is a very fine and balanced skier. We kept tyring to chase the good snow, or shall I say, the best snow we cold find. Boy that stuff wears ya out, epsecially if you're out of shape like me! Right PJ?
But then skis were under our feet and that is what counts!

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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The guy has now succeeded in ticking me off. He hasn't said anything other than to suggest my three runs with him don't qualify me to comment on his technique. (see Nord's post re; # days/years on skis) I had generally positive things to say, however,I'll let his teacher/friend SnoKarver do the talking.

The guy has the uncanny ability to annoy people and we continue to engage in discourse all the while.

Tog- I think you raised the 97% claim. I would like you to pose the question to Wacko and see where he stands on this point. I would like to hear his response. I would have difficulty quantifying anything as subjective as ski technique. Furthermore, what is the point other than grandiloquence?<FONT size="1">

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