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Vettel + Weber + turn one = ??? I just hope Ham doesn't tangle with anybody this time.
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That was quite a long wait, but well worth it! Unless you were pulling for a Red Bull driver - they definitely did not have wings today. So all Hamilton has to do now is win the next two races and hope that Alonso and Weber don't pick up too many points.


Anyone else think Sutil should go back to playing Mario Kart? Just how many cars id he hit today? He should talk to Kobayashi, there's a big difference between racing hard and smashing into everybody in sight.

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There may be a new kid on the block (again).  Currently, Porsche competes at Lemans in the LMP2 class and Audi in the LMP1 class. VAG now owns both brands, and sees this intra-group competition as "inopportune":


“There are two classes and two brands – Audi and Porsche. We do not like to both go into LMP1 [against each other]; that is not so funny. So therefore we have to discuss whether it makes better sense for one of the [two] brands to go into LMP1, and the other brand into Formula 1. So we will have a round-table to discuss the pros and cons.”


Audi is already developing a new R8 entry for Lemans in 2011. VAG views Porsche as the flagship premium brand, and F1 as the flagship race series, so, both VAG and Porsche have recently fielded the idea that Porsche may quit Lemans to return to F1 in 2013 under the new engine regulations.  Supposedly, the decision will be taken at a VAG meeting in November.

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I don't think Porsche would ever leave LeMans, but I also don't think they would want to build prototypes to compete against Audi. The LMP2 cars are customer cars. They make money with those.


I hope they do enter F1, but I'd rather it be as an engine supplier as I'm afraid they'd embarrass themselves as a constructor. I'd love to see McLaren Porsche again, but that doesn't seem likely to happen. A Williams tie-in could work though especially since Williams is already working with Porsche on the 911 Hybrid.

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I wil stay off topic with you exstreamtv,


I watched a 1/2 hr show on World Heli Challenge on tv the other night. What an awesome event and you are right , thaat the economic benifit to NZ would be huge. As you say the small amount of jet fuel they burn is nothing. It certainly got me more revved up to hurry up with my plannned move to the Cardrona Valley.


On topic, I was gutted when Webber crashed at the Korean GP but elated when Vettels engine blew, minimising the damage to Webbers title hopes. It will be a great battle with Ferrrari for the last 2 races.

Originally Posted by exstreamtv View Post

hey epic- 

good point in webber's universal appeal. it is not like us kiwis to back an aussie openly, but the guy is all class

to head off on another tangent, a personal " hobby horse"


funny thing in NZ ,our media and "funding bodies in officialdom " are so obsessed with Rugby Rugby Rugby (esp currently RWC 2011 ) that other sports don't get a look in.

Motorsport really suffers in the funding and exposure departments, in fact many young drivers are funded by parents or well heeled sponsors to give them enough cash to progress. Scott Dixon is one example currently in Indy cars.

I have had personal quotes from govt officials who say "we do not have a motorpsort pedigree here" so no money for V8's or Rally NZ or Drags, Bikes ,FMX sorry.. .mmmm so they clearly havent heard of Denny Hulme,Bruce Maclaren,Chris Amon have performed well in F1 in yesteryear, Levi Sherwood ranking well in X Fighters to packed out stadiums all around the world.

They also said Motorpsort is an "Aussie thing so we don' want a bar of petrol heads and balck tshirts being showed to the world " 


As for getting funding for A World Heli Challenge that shows off NZ landscape, its natural beauty and demonstrates our adventure tourism to the world - that  is another story.

Cop this the line from Tourism, they felt the Heli Challenge "was not good for our carbon footprint- ie using all that fuel and pollution from the chopper" !Well hello TNZ the total fuel bill for a week of WHC would not touch the amount of fuel a jumbo uses up taking off from LAX with  a plane full of tourists !


Any way go webber and red bull team and sorry for the off topic rant ! better get back to business

ciao sb

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