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F1 2010!

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 Meet the soon to be 2010 WCC - http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/81116

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 10 days to go.

Sadly it looks like US F1 will not be making the grid in Bahrain. Or anywhere else. Ever.
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Does that mean we get Peter Windsor back on Speed?
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 I wonder. I wonder if he'll be too embarrassed to show his face in the paddock.
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 T minus 5 days
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 Shall we start another thread to debate Schumaker's decision to return, and more, to return without Ferrari?
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Nico beats Michael!

I hope that happens a lot this season =)
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 Shall we start another thread to debate Schumaker's decision to return, and more, to return without Ferrari?


Without Ross Braun and Michael, Ferrari would have continued to be mid-pack strugglers. 

I think his decision to team up with RB on a well funded, defending champion team was sound.  Whether the same can be said of his decision to return..... only time will tell.
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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Does that mean we get Peter Windsor back on Speed?

Originally Posted by epic View Post

 I wonder. I wonder if he'll be too embarrassed to show his face in the paddock.

Okay, so no PW on Speed this year.  What's the story w/USF1?  Are they planning to develop an entry for 2011?
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Well, the race is on now.

To catch up with the red cars.
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 That was one of the most boring races I've ever seen. F1 seems intent on ruining itself. I don' want to watch cars pacing themselves around in conservation mode. I want them to go really frickin fast all the time.

As for those red cars, they won by default. Bahrain seems an odd track, and McLaren and Mercedes were in the hunt too, so for right now, there are 4 WCC contenders.
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 HA HA HA - Virgin Racing has discovered a bit of a design flaw. Their fuel tank is too small to finish a race. Not that that's a major concern with their reliability what it is right now.
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So who was it that decided to bring LH in?  Was it LH?
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 I think it was Michael Schumacher that brought LH in. Changes tires - fastest lap. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Especially when in a lower position and looking for clean air.

edit: just want to add that if he had stayed on his old tires behind Kubica they would have gone off faster than Button's since Button was in clean air the whole race.
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I was just wondering about his comment.... something like 'whoever decided to bring me in made a stupid decision'.  Kinda changes the implications if he was referring to himself.

Good point in your edit though.
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 Whitmarsh defends decision - http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/82517 It doesn't say who actually called him in. No biggie IMHO. What I want to how is how Kubica ended up in second, that's a result I would never have expected. Nice to see Massa ahead of Alonso too.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
Nice to see Massa ahead of Alonso too.

Nice to see Nico ahead of Michael....again.
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 So the first round of fly-away races is over and it's back to Spain (eventually). What a missed opportunity for Red Bull!Way to pull a rabbit out of a hat for McLaren! Terrible performance by Ferrari's motors (esp. in the Sauber), though they still managed to leave with some good points. Where did Renault come from? How does everyone like Button now? He didn't get much respect at the end of the season at Brawn - makes you wonder how good that car really was and how much of it was Button driving the hell out of it. Yeah for Rosberg! Boo for Williams! Please guys get back on the pace!
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Did anybody watch today? I want to know who was more frustrated, Rosberg or Button. I want to know if Webber was pushing at all today, or do they somehow have pace in quali that they lack in the race. I thought they'd lap the field after yesterday's domination.


Can you guys believe Ferrari is already tossing Massa out the door? He's sorta grown on me.

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Two in a row for Webber makes it an interesting season. Vettel must be wondering what's going on as his whole career he's been easily the fastest guy in the team.  He's only 22, so it will be interesting to see how he comes back.  For sure he will - too good not to.  RBR's championship to lose from here you would think.


Astonishing how they can drive around Monaco at those speeds for nearly two hours.


Imagine leaving a cover in the car's sideppod when it went out for the warm up lap.  Someone will cop a serve fo that you'd think.


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Originally Posted by sinbad7 View Post

RBR's championship to lose from here you would think.

Well, they made a big effort in that direction today.  So who's on Sebastian's side and who's on Mark's side?


Looked to me like SV was in the lead when it was time to turn in and MW failed to yield the right of way.  Judging by Mark's two handed explanation to Lewis during the podium interviews, he thought differently


Fun race though.


Anybody planning a trip to Austin in a couple of years?  Loved Bernie's explanation as to why this venue was chosen, "They are prepared to do what we want."  Darn those Indy folks with all those silly ideas of their own.

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It looked to me like Sebastian moved over onto Weber. I'll take it either way. Thank you Red Bull! I'm just thankful that Lewis and Jenson did not repeat it!

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Yeah, I agree that SV did move over but I'm thinking that he had the right of way to do so at that point.  Yes, it was gratifying to see the McLaren team mates going wheel to wheel for such a long time with no incident.


Oh, and now I know why we never get to hear Nicole Scherzinger speak.

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Totally disagree.  The next corner went to the left, so there was no reason for Vettel to move across.  He was half a car in front and had the corner to himself at that point.  Webber continued straight expecting Vettel to brake and take the corner in front.  After the corner they would then be nose to tail with Vettel in the lead.  They were being pressured by Hamilton, so Webber's not going to slow down to cede a piece of track that Vettel didn't need for the next corner; why would he?  What he din't expect (and reasonably so) was for Vettel to jink to the right.  Vettel's fault 100%.

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Yeah, Webber is no angel, but you can't pin this on him.

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we need to appreciate that the dudes with the most cash and toys win this series. or the team that can bend the rules the best !

as a red bull racing fan- of course i am biased although given webber is an aussie i do like to support the down under driver.

on a lighter side here are some links with some cool F1 content.


 F1 pitstop video that was a stunt pulled off in London - kinda cool considering the hype and ballyhoo of F1 normally engenders.




and Vettel on an F1 simulator practicing hard- 





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Originally Posted by exstreamtv View Post

. or the team that can bend the rules the best !

bend the rules, or bend the car?


Looking like good times ahead for the Aussie. No matter what nationality you are, you have to like Webber, but I do hope the McLaren drivers can spoil his party.

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Great thread Epic,


What a bonus to get back home from the mines, click in to EpicSki for my latest ski fix, and too also get an F1 discussion.


Mark Webber 2010 F1 World Champion.


Sounds good to me.


PS . And Casey Stoner won his 4th Australian Moto GP in a row. Lifes good.

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hey epic- 

good point in webber's universal appeal. it is not like us kiwis to back an aussie openly, but the guy is all class

to head off on another tangent, a personal " hobby horse"


funny thing in NZ ,our media and "funding bodies in officialdom " are so obsessed with Rugby Rugby Rugby (esp currently RWC 2011 ) that other sports don't get a look in.

Motorsport really suffers in the funding and exposure departments, in fact many young drivers are funded by parents or well heeled sponsors to give them enough cash to progress. Scott Dixon is one example currently in Indy cars.

I have had personal quotes from govt officials who say "we do not have a motorpsort pedigree here" so no money for V8's or Rally NZ or Drags, Bikes ,FMX sorry.. .mmmm so they clearly havent heard of Denny Hulme,Bruce Maclaren,Chris Amon have performed well in F1 in yesteryear, Levi Sherwood ranking well in X Fighters to packed out stadiums all around the world.

They also said Motorpsort is an "Aussie thing so we don' want a bar of petrol heads and balck tshirts being showed to the world " 


As for getting funding for A World Heli Challenge that shows off NZ landscape, its natural beauty and demonstrates our adventure tourism to the world - that  is another story.

Cop this the line from Tourism, they felt the Heli Challenge "was not good for our carbon footprint- ie using all that fuel and pollution from the chopper" !Well hello TNZ the total fuel bill for a week of WHC would not touch the amount of fuel a jumbo uses up taking off from LAX with  a plane full of tourists !


Any way go webber and red bull team and sorry for the off topic rant ! better get back to business

ciao sb

Edited by exstreamtv - 10/23/10 at 1:24am
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Red Bull, Ferrari, Renault and (last but ot least) McLaren all on the pace in practice. Should make for an exciting quali. I expect Red Bull will reveal more pace. I also expect that at least one top driver writes off a chassis. I'm hoping Ham's rain-meister skillz translate into a pole on a slippery green track.

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