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Need a little guidance on a Purchase from HEAD

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Hey all,

first time post, and im new to epic ski

About me - Im int-adv and I am 182 cm, and 175lbs.

I want a well rounded ski to take on what the hill has to offer.

I can get a sweet deal on Jimis and isupershapes at the end of the season, so pure powder and pure carve are crossed off... now I justt need something in between.

I love to carve, but my heart belongs to Off-piste. I like powder, chewed up powder, glades and so on.... but most of the time I have to pass through cords to get there.... and sometimes its a bit icy...

So, what should I be getting folks? Something that can handle the off-piste, but its gonna crap the bed if im stuck on-piste.

I was thinking of Peak 88s, or John 94s....

any suggestions? is there a better suited ski for me then the two mentioned? Am I not clear enough with my needs? Am i being a big baby and demaning too much from one set of skis? help me out, let me know. Get me fixed up with all your awesome opinions. Im looking frward to finding out as much as I can before making the purchase.

THanks a bunch.


PS. if this is a re-hash of my earlier post. im sorry.... I didnt think it worked.

Oh, and I havent skied many skis... so I can probably adapt pretty easy. Im curently riding a park and pipe ski, but do no park and pipe. My Fischer racing SCs are kaputt... so thats basically my experience with skis. Park and pipe and carving.
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 Where do you ski?  If you are in the West, John94 is a solid choice. 
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I own the Mojo 94 which is the same ski as the John 94. I also own the IM 88 which is the pre cursor to the Peak 88. The IM 88 was one of the great crud busting skis of all time. If you ski Tahoe, this ski IMO is the best ski ever for the afternoon of a powder day when everything is already skied out, or for the day after a big powder day, when things are still reasonable soft but totally cut up. The Peak is supposedly a little less firm than the IM 88, and for me at 6 3' 185, I would welcome this as the IM 88 was a little stiff for me especially when I tried to tighten the turn radius by presuring and bending the tips.

The Mojo 94 IMO is not a great ski. It is very user freiundly but it is too soft IMO especially in the tips. It is one of the easier skis to ski especially in soft snow but if you push it hard IMO you will find it's limits fairly easily. My view appears to be different than what others have written. I own the 180 length and maybe on the 186 length I wouldn't find this issue.

I also own the Fischer Watea 94. I think this is a great ski!! By far my favorite do everything softer snow ski. It is much stiffer than the Mojo 94 but still very comfortable to ski. I ski it even in real deep fresh snow and it's great. I love this ski and wholeheartedly reccomend it.

I would focus on the Peak 88 or the Fischer Watea 94 (if you want a 94mm waisted ski).

If you are set on the Mojo, mine are for sale. 3 days on them in perfect condition.
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Just a bit of clarification,

As of right now, I ski mostly the Banff region. Sunshine, Nakiska and Lake Louise... and occasionally make the trek to Fernie.

And in Nakiska... I always try to hit up an off-piste run, as its my kind of deal.

So I ride a variety of terrain. And I once read that the Johns are a bit more flexy then the Mojo 94s were. Is this true? And is it really that shatty for crud clumps and edging? I currently ride a Mojo Mix TT... It was my first pair, and they chatter on everything.... and are soft as sin. (they are a 112-79-106). They claim to be good at off-piste, but I had better results with Monsters 82 (84s?) from the rental shop.

How do the Johns compare to the flex of the Mojos TT park & pipe?
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