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World Cup Winning Runs 2001-2002

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My copy of the new USST World Cup Winning Runs 2001-2002 showed up today. For those who care, the soundtrack is somewhat improved, although it still sounds like someone is playing with all of the effects noises on their new Casio keyboard.

At any rate, I was wondering if anyone had any comments on the techniques present and how they compare with the previous tape. Seems to me upper bodies are more on a level plane in slalom, with less up-and-down evident.

Good shots from Kitz and some of the other classic downhill courses on the tape as well.

I don't know if it's my copy or what, but there are more than a few spots where it looks like the tracking wasn't good, because it "vibrates", blurring the video and the USST logo at the top left. I haven't played it on another VCR, but I was curious if anyone else had that problem. The reason I ask is the soundtrack doesn't seem to be affected. Also there are a few sections where the video quality leaves much to be desired and skiers are washed out against the snow.
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I agree about slalom. I think the torso will tip in more in a deeper, rounder turn. But generally, they have to stay pretty level to be quick turn to turn.

I love these tapes. They're like my main training device. I get on the spinner, and just spin and watch. It's fun to just let that rhythm sink in without too much analysis.
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Where do you guys get those tapes from?

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The US Ski Team site has a store that sells educational materials like books and video tapes. It's not on the main page, but if you click on the Media Center link on the lower left of the main page, you should find the link listed on that page. They hid it pretty well.

I also suggest the Canadian Ski Coaches Foundation's 2003 World Cup Tape. It's basically a bunch of World Cup skiers doing drills on a glacier, but it's an extremely well-produced tape that shows the various on-snow drills some athletes do. Plus, the music is better than the USSA tapes.

It looks like it was my VCR and not the tape after all. I've been spending a lot of time on the elliptical machine working out, and the Winning Runs tapes definitely help pass the time.
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I usually don't buy them. In the past they weren't always the best examples available. Frequently the "winning" run isn't the fastest because of a first run lead.
I tape as much as I can myself(all of OLN & ESPN)(my antenna reception is lousy so the network stuff isn't much use)That way I can use the really outstanding parts or illustrate a certain point I'm after. Also compare different skiers in the same areas. I give all my tapes to Team Gilboa at the end of the season and they use them for the "visualization" tape that each camper gets at Mt Hood in the summer. I'm usually left with the WC Finals and maybe the last race before, for next year's Thanksgiving Camp.
When I do team meetings I usually "T" my VCR and Camcorder so that I can switch between my athletes and WCuppers in the same event.
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I dont know if they've changed the format over the past two years, but my tapes have the fastest times for that particular run, even if that person didn't win the race. On the current tape there is a race where both run winners lost to VonGruenigen.

I taped as many OLN races as I could, but I missed more than a few this year. The hour-long format works great with working out. In fact, that is the one complaint I have with the CSCF 2003 World tape- it's too short.
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That is different than the ones I've seen. Maybe I need to take another look?
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