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The right ski for me? HEAD skis

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Hey all,

New to epicski, and just looking for a little guidance.

Im 5'11, 175 lbs and would consider myself an intermediate-advanced skier.

I love powder, chopped up powder, crud, off-piste, groomed.... well, basically everything besides park and pipe.... and freakin ice.

I can get a good deal on the new 2010 HEAD lineup, and im just wondering what I should be looking into getting.

I can get a sweet deal on the Jimis after season end (the nice and big powder only ski), so I can hold off on a pure powder ski for now. I also can get their isupershape for speed at a decent price. So I got the pure powder and pure carver under my belt. Now that leaves everything in between.

I want something that I can manage in some powder, but I can still manage to take a decent carve on-piste. Something a bit lighter to manage between trees and potentially in mogully areas. My dream would be permenantly off-piste glading things up, but I normally gotta ski the groomed, and often icy parts to get there. Whats everyones opinions on the ski for me?

I was kinda thinking rather the Johns 94 or the peak 88. Is there another HEAD ski thats better for what I want? Will i be coevered for everything I need between just the Jimi's and the isupershapes (aka am I being greedy)? Which one is better for what I want?
Is the powder fairy real?

these are some of the questions I need a bit of help answering. I figure umong you out there... someone has tested, or at least knows a thing or two about the HEAD line-up enough to guide me to a ski I will love.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate everything you guys throw at me.

Also note... I haven't skied a whole lot of models... so i can probably adjust pretty easily to either. I have only ridden Fischer racing SCs, HEAD park and pipe MOJO, and some form of Volkl unlimited.
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Hi, Dreas.

One bit of info you left out of your post is where you ski the most.  I've skied all the skis you mention and I think that a 3-ski quiver of a SS, a Jimi, and a __?__ would be just about perfect.

If you ski somewhere out West where it snows a lot and soft-snow is the predominant condition, I think I'd suggest the John 94.  If you ski back East and harder snow is your "normal" situation, I think the Peak 88 is the better choice.

Either one would make a great "middle" ski in that quiver.

Good luck.

Edited to add that if you do a lot of park/pipe stuff, the 94 would be the better choice.
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