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Hi all, quick question for the group.

 I'm looking for a new ski. This will be my go-to ski for powder days in bounds, as well as some sidecountry excursions and the occasional (somewhat lazy) backcountry trip. I'm a level 8-ish skier, 6', 200 lbs. I ski mostly in California. My pass is for Kirkwood and I do a couple trips to Mammoth a year. Here's what research I've done so far:

4frnt EHP 186: LOVED this ski in the powder. Plenty of float and a really fun surfy feel. Felt nice and stable and had no trouble blasting through some cut up stuff. However as the day went on I reached its limitations relatively quickly: once the snow got packed down, I felt pretty out of control. Getting back to the lift was often an exercise in frustration. I am afraid this ski might be too specialized and will leave a gap in my quiver.

Volkl Gotama 186: Liked this ski a lot too. Floated well and cut a fun arc through untouched snow. Again, nice and stable blasting through the cut up powder and such. It was a much more versatile ski and didn't make me fear for my life when I got back to the cat-track. I feel like this ski combined with my current all mountain sticks will provide a relatively complete quiver (for anything i'm interested in skiing). However, it was not as much fun as the EHP.

K2 Sidestash 181: Didn't like this one as much. It was softer than I would like. At speed, I felt like the tip deflected too much in cut up snow. Oddly enough, once things got packed down & heaped up a bit this made it a pretty competent "mogul" ski, but I'm not looking for a ski for those conditions. 

4frnt VCT turbo 182: Liked this ski as well. Blasted well, surfy, etc. Not unlike the EHP, but didn't get to test it in anything I would call powder. It was 2 days post-storm and a warm snap had caused the snow to settle & become quite dense.

Salomon Shogun 182: Did not like this ski. I felt like it did not want to initiate turns, I don't know why. I swapped this one out before lunch.

Anyways, I'm wondering what skis the bears think I should be looking at. Given my preferences above (I realize I've been trying a fairly wide spectrum of skis), does anyone have a good recommendation for skis to demo in the near future? Sorry, I guess that question wasn't as quick as I thought it would be.