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Masters Race Clinic

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I just started getting into racing GS this past season and loved it. Now I want to get better and faster. Are there any race clinics for adults just before the race season? I'd love to go somewhere in December for a week and just work on gates, drills, and video analysis. At 42 years old am I nuts or just incurably addicted?
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Killington runs a 5 day race clinic that is worth doing, or you could check out www.cardenaliskicamps.com, or the ASRA or USSA events. Of those, I recommend the Cardenali camps, but I think they're all worth doing.

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I'd second the cardenali camp. In early December it's at
Stratton and is either 3 or 5 days long whichever you want. You can also check the master's racing east page and they often have annoucements there.
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Michel Pratte runs clinics for adults at Copper, CO in November and Tremblant, Canada in December. The Tremblant camp is $725 US, which is just about as cheap as you can get when you consider the price includes lodging as well. I'm attending one of his Whistler camps this July, and from what I've heard they're outstanding.

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