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 Can someone tell me how to get the toe piece of the XTO binding system in the correct position??


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Never mind that. How do you set up the bindings? The numbers for the toe and heel are different. If I have a 315 mm boot sole, where do I set the front and back?????? The goal being (I ASSume) to have the boot centered on the ski and the "V" on the heel piece in the correct spot.
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I set the toe to the setting closest to the bootsle length. Then adjust the heel so the arrow is within the 3 ticks.
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Sounds too easy.

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Can you tell me how to get the arrow on the three ticks?  Thanks.

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Hi Doug,


I was facing the same problem. There is one magic rule there (good to know). Montage line of binding have to fit exactly to montage line of ski boot. See picture.




Ernest from SlovakiaBinding montage.jpg

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